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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Shot of Starbucks Mocha

13th March 2010, Starbucks Coffee, LCCT
A shot before flying home! =)

*checking the date of my previous post*

Gosh, it has been nearly 2 weeks since my last update. Now I don't even know where to begin with in this post. (-.-")

All I can say is that I have been busy with my University work. I didn't realise that this semester I take up too many events to handle, various posts to take care of. The events that I joined aren't that big as other mega projects that people normally indulge with. Nevertheless, the workloads are unimaginable and unpredictable. People will just simply throw work at you and you will never know it is coming. Seriously, sometimes I am a bit stressed up with this situation. Oh well, the most suitable term is "f**ked up". Yeah, I learned to curse when I come to UTP. Screw UTP. >.<" (I feel so sorry for myself)

Things don't seem to go as the way I want it to. There are always obstacles to reach for things that I want. There is time that I thought that I can catch my breath. Apparently, there wasn't any! They just don't let me. On the contrary, I am wondering I am being pushy myself. =/ I have no idea. I hope not. Haiz, I don't have time to ponder about this even. Sad me. Now I am started to crapping.

If to talk about studies, oh dear, because of the things mentioned above, I have no time to study. For once in my life, I feel that I need a break, a break to STUDY, seriously. I am so far behind right now and is struggling to catch up. Before the tests last week, I was so stressed up because I don't know anything. Enough with the stress of handling events, together with this pressure, I thought that I couldn't make it. However, I know I have tried my best. At least I didn't give up, that's the thing. No one's fault except mine if I failed to manage my time properly. I can't use this as an excuse if I don't do well because obviously everything that I do is due to my own choice. It has always been so.

At the same time, after going through all these, I start to learn to let things go. I can't always hold things for myself, anymore. It is just so unfair, to myself. Sometimes, we need to be selfish. You can't always follow what people say. Learn to be rebellious. =)

Ah, enough said. I need to wait for another 3 weeks and I am done with these and can focus more on my studies already. I hope. *cross fingers* Anyway, I am having mid-sem break and choose to stay at home, due to all the work. I am overloaded. *sigh* Well, get to see mum, dad and all my bros is the best thing that can happen during holidays despite of the pressuring work.

I am wondering when the next update will be. *thinking hard* lol

**A little promotion, lol. RED SONATA FIESTA 2010 is coming on your way! If you are around Ipoh from 23th until 26th March, do come to UTP for a visit.


在那角落。。。 said...

baba.. i feel d same as u~
wat mk me pissed of is.. whn u r so hardworking on tat stuffs, and working hard and thinking hard.. ppl still think u r FREE.. as not much outcome~ din c at d process and hardwork paid to~

damn sh*t~ learn in utp oso~ haha

Steward Baba said...

Yalor. They din see the sweat that we perspire and how much work we have done. What to do??

Ah ha.. shit, normal to me lo.. hahaha