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Monday, August 15, 2011

Let's Be Honest

How often that you have been honest in your life? Seriously? I am speaking in terms when you have the feeling of resentment towards someone, or something, do you express it directly or choose to hide it? More often than not, we tend to keep everything and suppress it within ourselves, despite of the fact you dislike (or detest) it. So-called want to "jaga hati orang". =)

Well, I do have friends who sometimes speak their minds without being filtered and usually, the words will give you the silent "ouch" moment. These people are being critical and generally pretty firm with their own stands and like to pick up an argument when we are of the different frequencies. Sometimes I just choose to ignore and move on with my own point of views. Lol, I know it sounds like an act of a coward who is so afraid to fight back but hey, I am kind enough to let you win, am I not? Not to mention that it will be a complete waste of time if there is no one is willing to give in. I choose to be the one. Anyhow, everyone has their own personal perspective in certain things and you don't expect everyone to have the same mind like you do.

Talking about people at UTP, to be honest, I have come across few people that sometimes I don't really like. Be it among the committees of events or in the circle of friends. There are just people seem to be not "ngam" with you. As the chinese saying goes, "yuan jia lu zai", you keep bumping into these people quite frequent (more frequent than bump into people that you like. Just saying! XD) and have that awkward moment. Fortunately, the period only lasted for a short while and you can tolerate. The worst part is; we will all continue "gossiping" after that. Lol. What if he/she would have stayed longer, what would you do? Will you just "chao" with some excuses or continue to entertain? If next time you come into another accidental meeting, "oh man, the annoying guy again", your mind whispers but not your mouth. Honestly, it happens to me. =/

But seriously, if some people say such thing to you, how will you react? I mean, they are just being honest, no? As much as I don't like people lying to me, I will also be a bit offended by those who are being a little too honest. There is a wide range of vocabulary, you can choose the nice words and yet, you choose the one that hurt people's feeling. Come across a quote saying that "telling the truth and hurting people's feeling are two different things" is indeed very true. We can always be true to one another as I believe, hiding the truth doesn't permit the need of telling lies.

But being honest to a person that is not worth to be true to? Oh well, we just tolerate then. Real friends can handle the truth. =)

"There are things not meant to be changed.
Instead, they change us."

Final round of tests and assignments for the remaining 2 weeks! Have good news to share (some of you already know) but I need to wait for it to be really confirmed first then I will let you all know. Hope it doesn't give me false promise.


To end this post, I have this video to share with you all. Enjoy! xD

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Friendship Day

It is first Sunday of August. Not many people actually aware the existence of this "Day". Other than second Sunday of May and third Sunday of June, this day is one of the days that I am looking forward as well. :)

Friendship has its ups and downs. It is just the nature of it. Sometimes it just remains down when no one is willing to give in. I would always wonder why my friends are having conflict and unable to reconcile. When I was in the same shoes, just realised, it wasn't that easy to get out of it. When self ego consumes yourself too much, refusal to compromise, thing won't revert back to when it used to be. Been there, done that.

I guess I am pretty sentimental. I don't know how many times I have involved myself in problems (as if I want to, lol) and despite of the resentment that I have in these friends, over time, reminiscing the memories that we have, slowly, I forgive all their wrongdoings and move on as usual. The period of recovery may differ and we may not be able to relive moment as much as we used to have, I still regard them as my friends. On the other note, this makes me to learn to tolerate better, overlook their mistakes, hoping to keep the friendship. =)

Cease to believe that friends should spend lots of time together to be close. I believe that regardless of the boundaries, time and distance, friends who are being true to another are sufficient in becoming real close friends. No one can be a perfect friend but the least we can do is being a true one. :)

*Remaining 40 days* Looking forward for more great moments for great memories!

Friends Forever! =)

"I know I'll see you again I'm sure
No, it is not selfish to ask for more
One more night, one more day
One more smile on your face
But they can't never have yesterday..."
-Yesterday by Leona Lewis

Friday, August 5, 2011


"everytime I breathe I take you in
and my heart beats again
baby I can't help it
you keep me
drowning in your love..."
-Drowning by Backstreet Boys

Really drowning right now with all these assignments. They ain't those small assignments; 30, 40, 50-paged report to be done. One due next Wednesday, another on next next Friday and the final one will be the last day of the semester. These exclude the mini assignments, tests and quizzes. *and yet I am so free typing this post right now* But this isn't the post that I want to rant about my busy life. Rather, I use this channel to escape from those commitments for a while.

I hate it when it comes to sleeping time because I can't just fall asleep directly like some people do. It takes so much time for me before drowning into my dreams. I just tend to think and ponder about the days that I have been living through: The choices that I have made. The people that I have interacted with. Have I hurt anyone? What I have said? I have to admit: I am an over-thinker. I guess I shouldn't be so mindful of what I or others have done. Sometimes I just want to let go but it is not easy. It's irony to know that deepest scar is not caused by your worst enemy but is by the one who you thought were your dearest friend. Just saying. :)

*switching subject* Parting is a part of life, no matter among family and friends. No one can stay forever, not just due to the fact they are not immortal. Something will surely pull them away from you. I start to believe that parting is necessary, as it will make you to learn to appreciate one another better and enhance their presences within yourself, even though they are not physically with you. People just tend to grow apart and when they are apart. But not when you carry them in your hearts, and hoping that they will do the same thing, too.

This is so random. Happy weekend!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ipoh Marathon

Have to admit, I play a little too hard this semester. Back in Foundation, I would go to Ipoh, like once or twice per month. Come to first year, well, the frequency didn't change much. Second year, still the same. Only when it comes to third year (this year itself), I have been visiting Ipoh nearly every week. Started to go "mamak" late at night... and later, this semester, my nightlife has evolved into much crazier activity... *no further comment* I'm spoiling myself, much?

The marathon started on last Tuesday, when we went Ipoh, sort like a farewell outing for my friend, Shian Ee who will be leaving to US for student exchange program. Upon his returning to Malaysia next year, I will still be away for my internship. When it ends, it will be his turn to leave for internship. I guess the next meet up will be during Convocation 2013! >.<

Anyway, went for dim sum lunch and singing karaoke at KBox. Same old same old. Lol, but the dinner experience was new as we dined at Eurohouse. The environment was completely different from the usual restaurants that I have visited. It was not fine dining but I would describe it as semi-club atmosphere. From 5-11pm (Monday-Thursday), if I am not mistaken, is considered Ladies Night and the girls can have free flow of red wine. -.-

The entrance

My meal: Salmon steak. Not bad. It's worth the price!

Five of us: Shian Ee (in the middle), my very first UTP friend that I am going to miss before leaving for internship. =)

To end the night, we all went watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (second time for me since they have not watched it). It's worth for me to watch it again at cinema. It still touches me. It has been a long time for a movie to capture my heart so deeply since Titanic. The triumph of good over evil, loyalty in love and friendship are well-narrated and beautifully concluded in the finale. Have been googling "Harry Potter" and it is interesting to read them. An official big fan of HP! :)

Wednesday: I didn't really have any intention of going down to Ipoh, AT ALL. For some reason, I just did. I would call it an impromptu visit to ZERO. Stay there for 2 hours. To me, it was not enough lo. Boy, I lose count how many times I have visited the place already. XD

Thursday: Planned the day to watch Captain America. It was not a movie that I am really looking forward to watch. Nevertheless, the movie turns out to be unexpectedly good. The story line is pretty fresh and not a typical superhero movie. The humor is totally out of my expectation. The acting of the featured casts are pretty well done. I was fooled by the director few times in predicting the next scene. Just like when the bad guy holds a kid for hostage and the hero chases after them. When he throws the kid into the water, you would expect the hero to save the kid, forget about the bad guy. THAT'S NOT THE CASE. Okay, no spoiler. Overall, it's worth to watch!

Captain America: The First Avenger!

Friday: The bowling gang of my batch invited me to go play bowling, since they might not be going again for next month since it will be fasting period. Played 6 rounds of bowling and we went to sing karaoke, again. I think I am addicted to rap Super Bass at KBox. We sang the song, twice!

*Boom badoom boom boom*

The day ended by visiting Barrom / Club 9. With different gang of course. But DJ was little sucky, I was damn disappointed. Expected it to be better but...

Okay, that marks the end of my 4-day Ipoh Marathon. I think I am all pumped up for the remaining 4 weeks of the semester! kot..

When I am about to lose hope for my overseas internship placement, an email came in last Thursday and asked me to go for an interview this coming Tuesday. At that instant, I see a little glimpse of hope. Not much, but it's there. There are 20 candidates though, for vacancies in which I am not aware of how many there are. Pray hard for me. I am fighting for this. Wish me luck. It is going to be a life-changing interview. Well, if I get it. Even if I don't get it, I have secured a placement back in my hometown, which is a not bad option either. Let's see how thing goes.

1st August of 2011 signifies the beginning of Ramadhan month for the Muslims. It's time for fasting. Last year's Raya memories still remain in my mind so vividly and didn't realise another year has just passed by. Anyway, wish all my Muslim friends Happy Fasting and God bless you all in this holy month.

4 more weeks before study week commences. Not much time left! Happy August, everyone!

"There can be miracles
When you believe
Though hope is frail
It's hard to kill
There can be miracles
You can achieve
When you believe
Somehow you will
You will when you believe.."
-When You Believe by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey