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Galloping Horse @ Soft Opening - 31st January 2014

Monday, November 30, 2009


The synopsis of the movie is pretty clear, isn't it, from the poster that you can see from above. It is a disaster movie. Well, it is about the end of the world to be exact which inspired from the speculated theory that this might be real happening during the mentioned timeline as being depicted in the movie. Nevertheless, I take this movie as a mere source of entertainment without further bothering the scientific truth behind this movie.

The movie has been in cinema for more than 2 weeks now but then I only have the chance to watch it last Saturday with my family. The movie tickets were sold like "pisang goreng" as Malay saying goes. All my friends keep on saying the movie was very, very nice to the the extent that they say it is the best movie ever, with all the lessons that could be learnt from it. -.-

Perhaps I heard too many positive comments and it is overflooding in my mind, after watching the movie, it wasn't I expected. The storyline is just okay to me. May be this kind of movie is not really my cup of tea but frankly, the plot is so dry. It is predictable except for casualties. I mean, we have definitely no idea who is going to die, in vain. Nice computer graphics, though. It is very real indeed, nicely made.

Will 2012 become a reality? Is human's life cost 1 billion euro ONLY? In order to conserve the human populations, some lives need to be sacrificed? Whose? How civilized is this? So many questions to ponder.

Anyway, my rating: 3 out of 5. This movie is just another disappointment after Transformer 2.
Talking about disaster movie, I cried even more when I watched Titanic. At least the movie is not purely about the disaster. There are more than just that.

After movie, my mum planned to bring us to have lunch at Pizza Hut but then when we reached there, we spotted a newly-opened restaurant which is just next to it.

SUSHI TIE: Your Family Sushi

The first ever sushi restaurant in the town. A bit surprised to see it there. Mum decided to give it a try. The environment is quite nice. A good start, I guess for this small town of Bintulu. Spent nearly RM90 there.

Nice family outing.

SUSHI KING is coming soon, too! =D
*Starbucks and Secret Recipe, when are you coming leh? =(

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Holidays

Every time I go home, I have always been travelling alone. It is an experience of a kind, I would say. Well, guess everyone has gone through all those. But then, surely everyone has their own way of travelling experience. Others may just need a local bus ride from UTP bus stop and then, they will be homed. Some may need few hours travelling bus ride to reach their home state. Some may use train. For me, I need additional transport, a huge one. An airplane! Lol.

I left UTP at 11.00pm by taxi without bidding farewell to my dear roommate, Jonathan, who was out to play snooker. -.- I reached Medan Gopeng around 11.45pm. But then, Plusliner bus to LCCT will be at 2.00a.m. No way that I have to wait there for that long, leaving our baggage there, I went to McDonald nearby to have our supper.

Hang out there nearly 2 hours and I were back to the station to get ready for my departure. In the bus, there were only 3 passengers including me. A bit spooky. Oh well, the three hours ride passed by very fast as we fell asleep. When I reached LCCT, it was 5.00am. still have long way to go before our flight time though.
LCCT has newly-opened Starbucks. It becomes my first pit-stop, definitely.

Odd thing is that: Only me was the local customers there. Others were all foreigners.
Having RM23 breakfast which comprises Caramel Hot Chocolate and Starbucks Chocolate cake. Expensive? It is just okay for me since I have saved enough money for this. Lol.

I stayed until 11.00am, a total of 6 hours. Sleeping a bit, playing cards, Facebooking, eating a bit, reading a bit.

We proceeded to food court to have our lunch. My lunch was horrible and I am not going to order to chicken rice again. Coarse rice and salty chicken. -.- Kerry then came and joined me along there around 12.00pm. We waited there until 12.30pm before checking in.

But then, we were separated at the main door. Why? My hand-carry luggage overweight. I never faced such enforcement before. My baggage was not allowed to pass. -.- Thankfully, there was a kind old couple who is willing to check in the bag for me which cost them around RM165 and in return, I helped them to hand carry their fragile luggage into the plane. If not, I wonder how I am going to do with the luggage. This is my first bad experience using Air Asia and luckily I get this through. Next time, I am so going to use MAS!

Reached home safely around 5.00pm. It is so good to be home. =D
Perhaps this is not too late to wish everyone happy holidays and enjoy your time at home, my Uni friends. See you all in 2010!

**Have watched 2012, finally. Review in next post! Lol. Have to say, it wasn't I expected.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Introduction To Material Science

This course has been my worst enemy. I have screwed both my test 1 and test 2. Thankfully, my assignments, quizzes and project marks do help to pull up my coursework mark a bit although I still consider it is very low for me. Oh well, I have tried, as always.

This was my last paper for my final exam. Have to say, again, the questions weren’t I expected as well. All of us studied a total of 7 chapters (may be 6 since one of the chapters is just mere introduction) but then only 3 chapters were being tested. Not even 0.1% of the rests were being touched in the final paper. No matter what, just hope for the best. What matter now is, now I am done with my final exam! *yay*

Really hope the final exam won’t screw up things real bad. *pray hard*

My final paper was on 24/11, the day I would be leaving since my flight would be on next day. It’s time to finish packing and everything. Just realize that UTP is really full of dust. It is everywhere; even in the tiniest corner of your cupboard. It is all over the place. Having a hard time packing since I am kind of allergic to dust.

It is now empty again, back to square 1.

The hostel block is getting empty since some of us finished their papers earlier. It was the entire nostalgic scene again. Perhaps this will be the last time staying there. We might be moving to new hostel, a better one, with the better toilet, I hope. =)

How time flies.

*Next: Journey to Home =)
** Wish all my Muslims friends, "SELAMAT HARI RAYA HAJI".

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Christmas Carol

*This post is long overdue but I have promised to post this up. :)

Went to Ipoh last Friday (20 November), with Graham, Michael, Yi Herng and Chua. Graham drove, first time sitting his car. Not that the car was his. I mean, the car being driven by Graham. The last day out to Ipoh for this semester and the year, 2009 itself. Sound so nostalgic. lol

First thing, we went to have breakfast at, eh, I forgot the place's name already. -.-
One thing for sure, we were having "dim sum" and it costs RM70++ in total although the food that we ate come in minimal sizes. Ipoh is famous for its food. But then, I still forgot where have we eaten. Yi Herng treated us. Thanks, Yi Herng. =)

Afterwards, we headed to JUSCO as we planned to watch movie. Want to watch 2012 but, the tickets were sold out until 12.00 midnight! Until now, I am yet to watch the movie in cinema. T.T
In the end, we decided to watch A Christmas Carol, in which I never heard of.
The movie was nice, I guess. It is about how an old man's perception changes about Christmas. The main character was voiced by Jim Carrey, by the way. The 3D-animation looked so real. Worth watching. Still, want to watch 2012!

Before we proceed, there is another story going on before we went for out movie. Yi Herng and I have planned to meet up with Justin. By right, we should meet up at JUSCO. Miscommunication problem, I guess, when the movie was about to start, we just realized that Justin was at Ipoh Parade. He was at the wrong cinema. We just told him that we went to watch movie but we didn't specify which one was it. And, the reason he went for Ipoh Parade's one instead of JUSCO's is because I planned to have Starbucks. My bad, I guess. -.-
So, he was late for the movie.

After buying stuff at Yee Hup (a shop which sells Ipoh's delicacies such as "xiang bing" and all) to be brought back home, we went to Ipoh Parade.
Yi Herng and I went to have for our hair cut. Chua, Michael and Graham planned to go back early so they left first. Chua helped me to pay for the car rent. Thanks, Chua! =)

Justin and Yi Herng can't stay for long also since Justin has to be homed before 6pm. Went to Starbucks to be treated a drink. LOL! Thanks, Justin! =)

Before leaving to UTP alone by bus, I went to Secret Recipe to have my dinner there. Tom Yam noodle I ordered. Perfect taste of food for cold weather which has been raining for the past few days. Also, buying a slice of "durian cheese" back to campus.

Almost miss the last bus back to UTP. General last bus was at 6.40pm and I was there around 6.45pm. If I didn't get to ask sooner, I might use taxi back already. I went for Roadway Bus instead in which the last bus has already on its way. I was running in the middle of rain and traffic before getting into the bus. -.-

What an outing it has been.

*Next: Introduction To Material Science
**Finally, I am homed at 5pm on 25th November. So glad to be back again. =)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Material and Energy Balances

Done with Material and Energy Balances (MEB) paper on Wednesday, a 4-credit hours course. I would say it is the most fearful course among all. Every time we went to our tutorial classes, we hardly can solve the questions. Typically there are 3 questions and sometimes it took nearly an hour to finish one question. We never finish all within the 2-hour tutorial. Final exam: Allocated time is 3 hours and there are 5 questions. -.-

Looking through all the tutorials, assignments, quizzes and tests. MEB does not have much theory to be read on except for few terms that we need to know to solve the problem. MEB is all about calculation. It is just like doing problem-solving in Maths. In fact, it is way easier than Maths. The only thing that makes this course a bit tough is to really understand the questions so as to identify the needed variables and all. MEB is actually fun!

And, we need to know how to read data/values from this chart. Pyschrometric Chart.
So many lines but trust me, it it easy to read them. =)

When it comes to final exam paper that day, frankly, the questions weren't what I expect. It is scarily easy. It is not that I can solve all of them but I expect more challenging questions. 4-credit hours, what? The questions are WAY much easier than the usual problems we did in class. Way much. Anyway, hope for the best.

Final battle: INTRODUCTION TO MATERIAL SCIENCE (24/11) - 0900-1100 [my worst enemy]

*Going to Ipoh tomorrow! =)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Structured Programming and Database System

Done with my second paper around 1 hour ago, STRUCTURED PROGRAMMING AND DATABASE SYSTEM aka SPDS. At last, I am free from SP (I hope) despite the paper has been killing me throughout the exam period. Frankly, the questions weren't easy, but not so hard to the extent that you can't answer at all (because there are SPDS assignments that I totally have no idea how to solve them. -.-) The C++ program especially which is case-sensitive, I dare to crap my statements. I wonder how will the marker be marking my answer which is so messy with a lot of insertion since that I keep on forgetting that I have to define and initialize some of the variables. If you learn SP, you will know what on earth I am talking about.

Have been reading the notes again and again, for how many times I can't remember to really get the concept right. Still, some questions really have challenged me. Perhaps this is what SP for. Brief lecture notes that I have and wondering, "How hard could it be?" and now I know.

Argh! Will get it over soon.

This is not the only news for today. Coursemarks for IMSE has been released as well. Expected outcome. Well, I guess I really have to go all out for my final paper next Tuesday.
Alright, no much time to waste. Gotta hit the book again.

Next battle: MATERIAL & ENERGY BALANCE (18/11/2009) - 0900-1200


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tick Tock

"Don't stop, make it pop!
DJ, blow my speakers up!
Tonight, Imma fight.
Till we see the sunlight.
Tick tock, on the clock.
But the party don't stop, no

Tick Tock by Kesha.

Punishing myself for sleeping too much during day time. This song makes me stay awake the whole night. I get to study and do my revision. =)

Just to say that songs nowadays focus much on being catchy rather than on the lyrics. Still, Lady Gaga rocks! Wait, her songs are real good, both melody and words. She super rocks! haha

I love studying Material & Energy Balance (MEB).
I don't like Structured Programming & Database System (SPDS).
Introduction to Material Science (IMSE)? I haven't touched.

Currently, I am dying to watch this movie. T.T
Ipoh next weekend? =)

*Being so random today, huh? lol

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th occurs when the thirteenth day of a month falls on Friday, which superstition holds to be a day of good or bad luck. In the Gregorian calendar, this day occurs at least once, but at most three times a year. Any month's 13th day will fall on a Friday if the month starts on a Sunday. In 2009 this applies to the months of February, March, and November. The next instance of this appears on the calendar for the year 2015. [Source: Wikipedia]

Can Wikipedia be trusted? That is the question.

My next paper will be on Tuesday. Now is Friday night. Seem like still has many time for it but insecurity creeps in if I don't start now. Structured Programming, what to study? Other than lecture notes, I have no other sources. Even I have revised all the chapters, I feel like it is not enough. Have this have-not-studied-at-all kind of feeling. -.-

Another problem, throughout the exam period, I tend to sleep more. I mean like, way more! During typical lecture weeks, I can sleep for 4 to 5 hours and to include naps during day, 8 hours of sleeping hours per day. Now, 12 hours of sleep is not even enough. I wonder what is going wrong with me? Fatigue? Is that it? Have no idea. The bed keeps on calling me. -.-"

IRC is not a real solution. It is not an ideal place for me to study. It is way too cold. When it is cold, I feel sleepy. When I feel sleepy, I will definitely sleep. Furthermore, it has been raining every day. The weather is way too nice to study. Where are the rain when I need my sleep?

Challenges and temptation during this time is really testing my limit. Wait, what is the limit? I am way exceeding my sleeping limit. Okay, fine. Gosh, start to crap already.

Last word: Hold on. It will be over soon. 12 days!

*You choose to let it happen, don't you? You can stop it from happening. Still? Perhaps, that is the way for you to get attention from everyone.
** Bad Romance by Lady Gaga is awesome. The video is even hotter! Check it out! Lady Gaga is my new addiction!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fluid Mechanics

Fluid is a substance that lacks the ability of resisting deformation. Unlike solids, fluids undergo distinguish changes when shear force is applied. Eventually, the final shape of the fluid is no longer the same as the initial one. Mechanics is the study of forces and motion. Fluid mechanics is a study of fluid either at rest (fluid statics) or in motion (fluid dynamics) and the subsequent effect of fluid on the boundaries.

Okay, enough with long-winded introduction. Finally I am done with my Fluid Mechanics paper. FM paper is the first paper that officially launches the final for this time. It is not that easy. Not to say, it is hard either. I just didn’t get to answer the questions that I didn’t to get to revise. Even the topics that I have been reading on for how many times, I could not remember, I am so sceptical with my calculation. One simple mistake can be fatal. Worst thing is, I have memorized the most complicated formulae that I ever seen in my whole life in which I don’t know how it is derived, is not being tested, at all! My mind was so saturated with formulas, for nothing. Look at the bright side; at least I get to learn new things. Studying is not just for exam. But, I only study when there is exam. -.-"

Oh well, let bygone be bygone. It is pointless to feel sad (I am not) or disappointed (I am not, either) or worried (a bit, lol) because there is nothing we can do to change it. Look forward! All I know that I have tried my very best for it, which matters. =)

One down, three more to go. Next will be Structured Programming & Database System. I am sort of flipping through the past year papers. Gosh, I don’t even know what the questions want me to do. Psychotic! T.T

Anyway, policy of mine: DON’T BELIEVE IN PAST YEAR PAPERS!

Guess everyone is so stressed up throughout this period. Bear in mind that, this moment is just a VERY, VERY small part of our life. Don’t fall so easily. Don’t give up. Hold on. Fighting till the end. Make your every single effort worth it. =)


It was a bit too quiet for me just now. Guess I mind too much. May be I am tired. Despite that we didn’t get talked too much (like we used to), it is already good enough to have you there. To give the calm and warm feeling beneath. The moment is never awkward. How I wish if we could spend more time together though.

Anyhow, I have always accepted and respected your decision. You are my special friend, that matters. =)

*Can’t wait for this semester to end! 13 days on the countdown.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pre-Final Exam

Today is Sunday which signifies the last day of study week. In fact, there was no study week. Last class was conducted on last Thursday. Friday until Sunday, it is not even a week. It is not even more than half of a week. Typical last minute me, only starts doing my revision today. This time, I am motivated! =)

This time I have 4 papers for my finals.
3. MATERIAL AND ENERGY BALANCES (18/11) Note: 4 credit hours! *gulps*

Then, I am done! I will be flying home on 25th. Counting days to go home, not for finals. Final exam is not everything. Home is forever! Still, have to work hard. A promise made shall not be broken.

Last Friday night, we were having Chindian Outing at Ipoh City. Was having dinner at Hoi Seng Restaurant if I am not mistaken. It was held in conjunction with the celebration of November and December babies which are Fang Yee, Graham, Kayn-U, JJ, Lawrence, and Kerry. Also, for me, it is the graduation from first year, a transition phase into second year. It costs us around RM16. The dinner was splendid. The money is worth to spend, if you are sick of eating the same food every day.

Afterwards, we went to JUSCO as they planned to go for singing karaoke. To get the cheap price, we have to wait until 12am. How to kill the time? Well, there is a chain of stories leading us there. First, movie anyone? Went there and unfortunately, it was either nice movie with wrong timing or nice timing with wrong movie. Lol.

Next, we proceed to Bowling court. Lanes were full. Disappointed. Somehow I forgot what happened next. I just can recall that we went to Coffee Bean and then McDonald. Later on, they planned to give bowling another try and this time we managed to get three lanes for ourselves.

12.00am. Singing time. My first hand experience definitely. This nightlife is something new to me. Clubbing? It is a big no-no! Karaoke is still acceptable. It has been fun though despite that we were not really singing (some are) but more to screaming? “NEXT! NEXT!” -.-"
And some awkward dances, I would say. Last song of the day was: Love Story by Taylor Swift. Lol.

Back to campus around 3am.

Guess what? 6 hours later, which was on Saturday I was heading to Ipoh again by bus, alone. This is not for self-indulgence. I just want to buy bus ticket. I am saving money at the moment. Refraining myself from spending too much this time although temptation of Starbucks, Secret Recipe, Big Apple etc are like screaming out loud in me. Control, Steward. Control. -.-

Now, I shall proceed to my studying spree. Lol.
Everyone, ganbatte yo!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Different Boats

We are not in the same boats as you claim. You may come here with the same reasons. But you have no idea of what I am going through. I don't know yours either. So, don't use my words back at me. It is totally annoying me. We may in the same boat but we are on different parts of it. =)


Oh yes! Finally, I am done with all those assignments, quizzes, tests, projects, reports etc although I am yet done with my final exam (in which all my friends in others Uni already finished theirs and at their home sweet home already. T.T) Despite of the cancellation of study week, I manage to arrange time to do my revision. Thank you to Mr. Timetable which my paper commences on 11 November and ends on 24 November, I can indulge myself for next few days without touching books, except Facebook. Give me a break after the torturing weeks that I have gone through ever since the semester starts. I hardly catch my breath, literally.

Not going to be so emo and within 3 weeks, first year is coming to an end. Gosh, we are getting older. Seeing so many juniors coming in, at the same time, seeing so many seniors leaving for their internship or even graduating. Just a matter of time, all these are going to end soon before the new chapter of our life begins.

As I have mentioned previously, we went to Bukit Merah last Sunday. Some of the photos are being posted here.

I like this jumping shot the most. =)
And ya, we went to the haunted house which cost us around RM5 each. It was not scary at all. All the effects are done manually. So obvious you can see the operators who plan to scare you. -.-"

It has been fun to spend time there. Escaping from UTP life!



*Admin, is our blog dead?

Sunday, November 1, 2009


November is finally here. You can't freeze the time like Hiro-something-something in Heroes can do. In reality, it is impossible. Or is it? Point is, treasure the remaining time that you have before you regret it. Although there is a saying, "better late than never", it is not applicable in all situations, unfortunately. How I wish it is. -.-"

It is the month of final exam for most of us, especially for UTP-ians in which will commence in one week time. Sad case is, final draft of timetable yet to be released. Want to book my flight ticket. The fare has increased since the last time I checked it. T.T

No much time left. Tomorrow suppose to be the beginning of our study week but due to H1N1, it is cancelled to replace the lectures and all. Everyone may curse about it but nothing much we can do about it now. Just accept it and move on. We still can do it!

Alright, I have to study for tests. Blogging just to de-stress. Same wish from me:
Ganbatte yo~

*Just came back from Bukit Merah around 7.30pm. Have so much fun! Will get the photos soon! =)