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Monday, May 31, 2010

Heat in Motion

Chapter 1:
Equation of States
Van de Waals Equation
Virial Coefficients
Compressibility Factors
Heat, Work, Enthalpy (Isothermal, Isobaric, Isochoric and Adiabatic Conditions)

Chapter 2:
Maxwell Relations
Residual Property
Entropy Balance

Chapter 3:
Energy Balance
Engine Cycle
Carnot Cycle
Brayton Cycle

Chapter 4:
Phase Equilibrium
Mixing Properties
Chemical Potential
Fugacity Coefficient
Activity Coefficient

Chapter 5
Extent of Reaction
Equilibrium Constant

A brief summary of THERMODYNAMICS that I can recall after studying for one semester. The paper was tough and yet I keep myself cool (lol) although I can’t answer some of the questions. Hope for the best la, can’t do anything. At least I tried my best. =)

One more to go!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Just realise that I am a person who is very, very sensitive towards people around me. A little act by others can cause emotional turmoil. Lol, I am not sure if this phrase "emotional turmoil" does exist. Oh wait, it exists. I just googled. haha.

Being depressed so easily over small matter. Tend to be in "emo" state. Everyone says so. =.= Okay la, I admit that I "emo" too much. I guess I mind too much, sometimes. Can't help it, it just happens. =(

It is exam season eh. Shouldn't let this affect me so much. Keep my mind clear, think of the right thing, aim at the realistic goal. But seriously, Thermodynamics and Process Heat Transfer are damn scary subjects. It is harder for me to conquer these two compared to the last two. Wish me luck! =D

Friday, May 28, 2010

Calculator Maniac

Computational Methods or we called it in short, C.M. was the paper yesterday. Had it at Chancellor Hall. Frankly, I was rather disappointed. No, it is not because of the paper itself. The paper was, hmm, up to my expectation. Made some careless calculations though. It is just so typical in Maths subject. I miss the time I used to get perfect score for Add Maths back in high school. XD Hmm, if my steps are counted in marking, I could get 100% score too. =D

Oh, back to the disappointment. Nah, nothing much. It is just that the hall wasn't as icy cold as it used to be. LOL! I was sitting in the front row and I felt nothing despite that the air condition is right in front of me. Prepared my only-bring-it-here-for-exam-in-chancellor-hall-exam jacket was in vain. Okay, I am so blur. I have no idea or what I suppose to talk about. -.-"

Anyway, 2 papers down, another 2 go. Next paper is on Monday. THERMODYNAMICS, nightmare!
And I am slacking right now. This is not good. Roommate is studying hard besides me. :S

Can someone give me some motivation, please? IRC closed today due to Wesak Day, that's why no mood studying lor. What an excuse! >.<

*Computational Methods = C.M. = Calculator Maniac = Careless Mistakes XD
**I need to learn to let go. I can't possibly hold on to everything. I just can't. =(
***Another one week to go leh. Wish the time passes by a bit slower right now.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Every cloud has its silver lining.
Credit given to Google Images for the photo. lol

Just done with my first paper 7 hours ago, which was Separation Process 1. Frankly, it was the first time ever I feel so good after finishing a paper, plus it is final exam paper. Perhaps this is the first time I didn't encounter any blank point while answering the questions just now. Basically, I can answer all of them! Well, not 100% accurate but at least I know what to do. After screwing all the tests and quizzes, finally I know I am doing and what I suppose to do. lol. My coursework mark for this subject is the lowest among all and seriously, there is hardly any chance to get that A. I wish I have studied earlier. Ah, let keep the finger-crossed. =)

1 down, 3 to go! Woohoo~


Monday, May 24, 2010

Critical Point

My friend told me that I am not updating blog as often as I used to. Well, if you have been checking my past posts, back in 2008 and 2009, I updated my blog almost daily: be it random, informative, emotional posts, anything that I would want to blog. As time goes by, the urge of blogging is slowly fading. Just like a graph of function ln x, my passion in blogging is getting less and less. Oh, if you have no idea how the graph looks like, I have the picture to show you. lol xD

As you can see, the gradient is approaching zero. This is just how I feel about it. I guess I am reaching the critical point. Ah, I am talking so "mathematically". Pardon me if you don't understand. hehe...

Not just blogging, this also applies to all my other internet activities. I may be login into my Facebook, but I just merely check on the updates from my friends and leaving posts or comments on Friends' Wall. I no longer play the applications which sometimes I find it is kind of time-wasting. Last time used to play My Heroes Ability and Restaurant City and stayed up whole night playing just for the sake of leveling up. Duh! =.=

Anyhow, I will always keep this blog updated from time to time to keep you all updated. :D If you see the bloggers list in the right column, some of their last updates are like 4-6 months ago. That is even worst. XD Mine at least has a minimum of 2 posts in a month.

Oh ya, my current update. Well, study week has come to an end, a week ago to be exact. As I mentioned in my previous post, I am having 2-week of study week. My first paper will be this upcoming Tuesday. Ah, it is tomorrow! Woohoo~ lol (-.-") Despite of the disappointing coursework marks, I do try to think positively as much as I can for things that happen. It was my fault for not doing well in my studies. No one to blame. No point regret also because it cannot change anything. So, from now on, do my best in everything to cover up the loss (lol) and be optimistic. I am looking forward for my final paper. No guarantee I am well-prepared but at least I try. =D

25 May - Separation Process 1 (Proses Pemisahan 1)
27 May - Computational Methods (Kaedah Pengkomputeran)
31 May - Thermodynamics (Termordinamik)
2 June - Process Heat Transfer (Process Pemindahan Haba)

Saja-saja with the Malay name. XD
2 days after my exam ends, it will be OBS for one week in Lumut. (5 - 11 June). Kind of excited. Just hope I can stand the heat and get through all those vigorous physical activities. Well, I am FIT to go though. lol

I will be flying back home on 12 June. Can't wait, another 3 weeks. This is my main driving force to keep me going right now. =)

I guess this update will stop here. Wish me luck in final, I wish you all luck in final. Strike for the best. Ganbatte yo~

*Went to Ipoh on last Saturday. Budget to spend was RM1oo and in the end, I spent up to RM200. The joy of overspending. lol
**I am not sure why. Just food for thought: Is there anything wrong if to have a close friend? I can't really understand why some people make fun of it as if it is some kind of joke. You think is it easy to manage relationship and keep things together constantly? It is not, I tell you.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Got You

It has been a long while I didn't update my blog. *check the date* Gosh, it is more than 3 weeks already. Guess that I was way too busy. Even if I have the free time, I was just too lazy to blog. I need to rest. Plus, I can now access YouTube via LAN. After listening to the same songs again and again over the weeks (still, I love Lady Gaga!), my life is back! =D

Where to start? Oh, I guess most of my readers are aware (at least my friends in real) that I was turning 20 on 27th April. I can't believe that I am already in 20's. I am still feeling young! lol. This year celebration is somewhat different for me compared to last 2 birthdays in UTP. First time I was being pranked on my birthday. Thankfully, it was "clean" and "sweet". A mixture of detergent and cola says it all, that is what I tasted at least.

Photo taken by Hon

They said my response is rather disappointing. In fact, I was sleepy at that time. -.-" Still, thanks guys! (Duh, it is like few weeks ago already. lol)

2 weeks before my 20's day, we had an outing to Ipoh to celebrate the April babies which were Hon and me. The group consisted of Jonathan, Sze Mei, Fazlee, Chua, Yi Herng and Kerry (a non-chemy people, lol). Been hinting that I want to the Body Glove shirt so dearly, so they bought it for me! xD

And so was everyone else buying Body Glove merchandises in which in the end the total bill was up to RM300. I am now a Body Glove member!

So that was my birthday celebration for this year. When I am typing this post, it is already 2nd day of Study Week. Yup, you heard me, study week finally commences. Damn it, time flies super fast. Study week simply means final exam is coming. On positive note, at least I am now free from dragging tests, quizzes, assignments, reports and so on. This semester I struggled to cope up with my studies. Things ain't that easy anymore. =( I start to feel that second year is the time that really tests your passion in your studies. Frankly, I doubt about mine. I am kind of sick of it already. I am sick of studying. I am mentally tired. T.T I think I am talking about the freaking same thing during this period of time. =.= Hurm, every cloud has its silver lining. I try to believe in this right now. If I can get it through last time, why not now? "haiya, just bear with it la... lol"

Registered for 6 courses this semester, I am only having 4 papers for this final exam. The other 2 courses are coursework mark-based, which are Professional Communication Skills (PCS) and Modern Music. I miss PCS class. It was among the most entertaining session by listening to people's presentation but not during my turn. =.= Modern Music, I was playing trombone and actually get to perform during co-q day! My first ever musical performance, perhaps the only one too. lol

4 papers for final exam may sound good but not the timetable. My paper will only start on the second week itself, which means I have 2 weeks of study week! Personally, I don't really believe in study week. The extra one week is just plain waste of time. My last paper is on 2nd June. I can't go back for Gawai this year! Damn sad la weih, how would you feel if final falls on CNY for Chinese and Hari Raya for Muslims? Thing becomes worst when OBS comes in. My batch is from 5 until 11 June. T.T It is not that I am not looking forward for OBS but the timing was a bit wrong. Haih, too many things come in a single time. I was so disturbed for the past few days. Then again, things happen for reasons. I just need to get through this phase, need to hold on just for a bit longer, thing will be okay in the end. *cross fingers*

Counting the days for final exam, OBS and I am done with January 2010 semester. Looking forward for next semester already though. I am in High Committee for English Language Club and UTP Choir Group. Tentatively, these are the only commitment for the next 2 semesters. It is more than enough. This semester I am kind of regret for taking up so many events. This is one of the factors that I fail to catch up with my studies. Haih....

Enough ranting. Right after this is hitting the book time. Studying mood is ON! I need serious catch-up! Till then...

**Got this song that keeps on playing in my list lately, I Got You by Leona Lewis.