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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad, R.I.P.

I am not sure if any of you know about her but she was one of the renowned nation director in which her works are not just recognized locally but also internationally. Films like Sepet, Gubra and Mukhsin are among her masterpieces. Some of the PETRONAS famous adverts were directed by her as well.

Sad to hear she was gone, may her soul rest in peace.

*It's like exactly one month after Michael Jackson died. Wonder who's next?


So, weekend ended, for this week. Second week of lectures, will start in few hours time. Tomorrow I will be having my first lab session for Engineering Graphics course. For now, we have to use graph papers for the first one. -.-"

Guess have to take thing slowly. Anyway, this coming week will be packed for me as I am involved in Minggu Mesra Kampus which will start on 29 July. Also, Public Speaking Workshop on 4 or 5 August, it is like less than 2 weeks from now. Need to real catch up with things.

That's all for now. :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I find it is very hard to be a good people, well, at least internally. At the same time, it is not easy to be a bad people either, for someone like me. It is not that I want to be a bad person but I just cannot control my feeling, sometimes. Perhaps my EQ level is very low but that is not the point anyway. People that I get to meet in Uni really open my eyes.

People that annoy me:
1. Those who ask you stop doing something in which he is doing exactly the thing that you are doing.
2. Those who change just want to get along with other people, change to a certain extent that one is losing their own identity and I will never get what kind of persons are they.
(I may change a little, but not until a point that I am losing myself.)

I am not sure if I myself am annoying though. Oh well, if you think I am, just say it. But I won’t specify who annoy me because I just won’t tell. I am a good friend who will never hurt my friends’ feeling. Sorry if I have done that to anyone. :)


Sleeping and gaming, my routine for the day. I sleep quite a lot lately. First week, no assignment, no quiz, no labs, nothing except for introductory lectures. Timetable for this semester, to me, is way better than the last one with no night class and free after 5pm. But, the venues for class is horrible. Location for few consecutive classes can be like few blocks away. This can be very exhausting.

Playing 2 games at the moment. DoTA does not make it into my list, FORTUNATELY. Been playing The Sims since the first one, now I am playing the third edition. It’s pretty cool as my Sims can explore more than just their own homes. One thing I don’t like is that sooner my Sims will die. I know I can deactivate the aging process but what’s the point of playing if like that. It will be so less realistic, except for the money cheat. Haha

O2Jam, due to the installation of The Sims 3 into my laptop, has made me sort of abandoning it for a while. Anyhow, I am still playing and sort of straining my own fingers. -.-"

Random: TITANIC orchestral music is the best!

Yes, I am a TITANIC fan. I wonder how many times I have repeated this? Countless.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Photos in my N70

March, April, May, June & July babies cake (Chindian Gathering on 22nd)

UTP's sun.

I didn't turn off my handphone in flight. It was offline.

My Ruby, on 18, the day I went back to UTP

Reflection of Jonathan and I

Similajau National Park

Eric :)

Kerry's dog, Blacky (I think)

Didn't realise I keep this one too.
Me and Graham (during STE)


IMSE class for today, it was so packed. Most of our juniors bring forward this course and ended up the seniors have to take chairs from other rooms since the place that we have class has not enough. Hope this will get fixed soon. Or else, I will suffocate and die in the crowd.

*Friendship will never know what is boundary. Will never know what is distance. Friendship will always be there. Always. ^_^

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

First Year, Second Semester

Done with the lectures for second day. The day did not start off well, I would say. During my first lecture, there was something wrong with my stomach but I just hold on until the end of it, went back to my hostel and get it settled. Need not further explanation for that.

Back to the topic, time flies, as usual, I am now in first year, second semester of my undergraduate studies and two years from now I will be having my internship. A bit early to talk about it now though. Unable to add any courses this time, I have only 14 credit hours. It's a blessing, I guess. At least I can focus more on non-academic matter. I plan to learn for my driving license this semester.

Courses for this semester:

MEB is the basic course of my program. It is a pre-requisite for courses of upcoming semesters. Cannot tackle this subject well, then my Uni life sure will be doomed. Yet to start our first lecture or lesson since the lecturer only gave a slight introduction and some more, came late for the very first class. Oh well, mostly did since we have no idea the lecturer would want a combined class as we are divided into two groups. Talking about lecturer, the slang reminded of my nightmare during Foundation, Physics lecturer but this one is a better version of him. haha

FM, interesting course I suppose. Our lecturer is new as he has just graduated from Netherland. He is bald, just like my dad. It turns out that he is Sarawakian. A funny guy, that is my first impression. Looking forward to enjoy the class as much as I could, although this course is so "Physics" to me.

EG is claimed to be the easiest course for this semester, supposedly. We'll see later.

SPDS, still could not figure out the rational of learning it but I think it will be a fun course, I hope. Young lecturer, and frankly, hardly to understand my first lecture. Too many terms. I am not so IT-minded. -.-"

IMSE, no idea because class only starts this Thursday. But, heard from those who were taking this subject last semester, it was not that easy. Well, good luck with that.

MEB, FM, SPDS, and EG, all these courses have labs session. This semester, mostly more on practical, I guess. Exciting semester! Courses sound cool, sound so "engineering". Haha. Timetable is yet to be finalized. Three things for sure: No night class, no class after 5pm and no class in Friday's evening. Cheers for that.

Wise lecturers we have this semester, make thing better. Now, I am contented. :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

First Day

Seem like someone expect me to update blog. How touching. haha

Anyway, lecture starts today and has attended my very first lecture, Engineering Graphics. What I heard from seniors is that this is the easiest course for this semester. Well, hope so. Also, my name was the first one to be called by the lecturer, lucky number one. Oh my! He can remember my name. Is my name really that, unique, can stick into someone's mind?

Whole evening was free and I get so bored in the room. Nothing to do. When night falls, I have meeting and need to do the minute. Now I started to get busy. At the same time, I have to arrange timetable for my group. Have it done few moments ago.

Feel so lazy now. Details in later posts. Tomorrow class at 8am. Great! Some issues need to settle as well with the management regarding our timetable, some obvious clashes and wrong timing. So inefficient.

*Sort of disappointed and upset with the arrangement. Will get it over soon.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

PETRONAS marriage policy

I am not sure if any of you know about this whole new policy but it is a hot issue now, I guess especially among our seniors who are yet to graduate and get employed by PETRONAS most probably.

1. An employee cannot during his/her employment marry anyone who is a recipient of an education loan/scholarship from PETRONAS or who is bonded to work for PETRONAS or who is already get employed by PETRONAS.

2. In the event an employee marries anyone who is a recipient of an education loan/scholarship from PETRONAS or who is bonded to work for PETRONAS or who is already get employed by PETRONAS, the employee or his/her spouse will be required to resign forthwith.

Does that mean I cannot find my lovers in UTP because mostly are PETRONAS scholars, well, if I were to work with PETRONAS, I could not afford to pay if I am not. This policy somehow tests how strong is your love to your someone. PETRONAS or marriage? Your choice. Wow, this is interesting. haha.

That means, I need to find someone who is non-PETRONAS. To think again, a typical housewife will do. Worst scenario, I could stay single for life.

*Couples of our batch, has any planning yet?


I am now at LCCT, sipping a small cup of Ice-blended Pure Double Chocolate at Coffee Bean waiting for 9pm bus to Ipoh. Will be in campus around 1am, if there is no any delay. How ironic. Last time when I was here, the day was getting brighter. Now, it's getting darker. It's time to accept I'm back to reality.

Will post more when I am back in UTP. See you all.

*Can't wait to see you! :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sarawak Trip: My Story

After conquering the island of Penang and the highland of Genting, this year, our University friends flew across South China Sea, landed on the island of Borneo to have our 10-day SARAWAK TRIP. Those who joined the trip were Lim (from Kedah), Fang Yee, Pei Ying, Shih Gin, JJ, Jia Lin, Eric (from Penang), Yi Herng, Jay Sern (from Perak), Xiao Ci, Wee Kheng, Michael (from KL), Liang Yi, Yong Jenn (from Johor), and with all the Sarawakians, Kerry, Graham, Vyner, Suria, Andrew (Kuching), Laura (Sibu), Serena, Sze Mei, me, Hon, Jasmine (Bintulu), Lawrence and Harold (Miri).

Since Chua already blogged pretty much detail about it, I would only mention or add on a bit my side of story. I only joined the trip on 1 July night since my flight that day was a bit late. So, I didn't get to join them to visit Sarawak Museum, Waterfront and Friendship Park. Been there before though but the experince to go there with friends would make a difference. Get to see the gang at The Spring. I stayed at Kerry's home with Wee Kheng, Yi Herng, Jonathan, Eric and Jay Sern. The girls stayed at Graham's with Michael. Lawrence and JJ were at Vyner's. Get to visit Cultural Village but they missed Iban longhouse since everyone was rushing for the cultural show. Anyway, it has been a great visit. For students, the entrance fee is only RM15. Remember to bring your student card. Went to Semenggoh Wildlife Centre to see "orang utan", cat museum to see LOTS of cats including Tom (as in "Tom and Jerry"), Main Bazaar for souvenirs, and also, Kerry's uncle shop for brunch of "Kolo Mee" of course.

Semenggoh Wildlife Centre

Cat Museum

Sarawak Cultural Village

Nice picture. :)

Kerry' uncle shop

Oh ya. Forget to mention, we were having BBQ at Graham's home. And, for the first time, I drinked a gulp of alcoholic drink, whiskey. It burned my tongue and around my neck, it got hot. Unique experience. Haha. And, JJ kept on saying, "More romantic than that...".

On 4th July, the groups started to split up. Graham, Michael, and the girls (the girls group) went to Sibu while the guys went to Bintulu. Since our flight would be at night, Kerry's Dad was kind enough to bring us around Kuching city to take some photos, especially at famous landmarks of Kuching like the cat statues.

Old Brooke's court (not really sure, forget already)
Water front
Cat Statues

Upon reaching Bintulu, the guys group was divided into two groups again. Jay Sern, Kerry, Yi Herng and Wee Kheng slept over at my home, while the rest at Sze Mei's. Good for these four guys, they were warmly welcomed by my friendly youngest brother. Within a short time, he managed to learn some "BK" words from them as well. -.-"

Next day, we went to Popular Corner Restaurant to have our breakfast and took some photo around the Council Monument. Walked around Tamu to look for Sago Worm but failed. Get to buy some local delicacies like Kuih batik and kuih jala (in Iban, we called "ruti semut" because it looks like ant nest). Dropped by at the riverside and temple, too. Afterwards, went to the only Mall in Bintulu, Parkcity Mall. Oh well, Bintulu is not famous for the shopping spree and all. It is famous for its belacan, the shrimp paste.




Have I told you Kerry was the one driving my dad's car, the green Matrix car? Get a bit dramatic when we were heading anywhere because it's my dad's, not his. haha. Anyway, later in the afternoon, we stopped by at Hon's home. Eventually, the girls arrived from Sibu and we met at Taman Tumbina. Yi Herng kept on saying he is so eager to see the hornbills. So, finally he has the chance. Then, we hang out at Tanjung Batu beach before going to Serena's home for BBQ.

Hun Pin was joining the BBQ as well. He is currently working at MLNG and is in the same department with my dad. What a coincident. If Hun Pin was there, so was Jenny. Jenny Ngu, not Jonathan's Jenny. My mom was responsible for the "manok pansoh", the bamboo chicken, Iban's food. :)

On 6th morning, we went to Similajau National Park. The beach there is seriously nice and I never know Bintulu has such beautiful beaches (pronounce it correctly). Since the guys (except for Jonathan) were rushing for our bus to Niah at 1.30pm, we only spent around two hours there.

Similajau National Park

We failed to find Sago worm at Tamu that day, but I didn't know that my mom has the cooked at home, and so, I asked them to give it a try. For the first time also, I ate it, just for the sake of them. But, still, Jay Sern refused to eat one. -.-"

The girls stayed at Bintulu until 7th and went back to KL. Jonathan and Sze Mei went to Sibu and flew back to JB on 9th. As for the rest, the trip has not ended yet.

We headed our way to Niah but only started our adventure on 7th. It was a 5 hours non-stop walk from 10.30am in the morning. Get to see the Great Cave and all. Eric said it was not that nice but it is good enough for me. Perhaps this is my first visit to a cave and so, I have nothing to compare with. But, the creation there is really magnificient. Hand-made structure will never beat that, at all. What makes the cave special is that it is the place of the beginning of human civilization. Who mind about no electricity at hostel? Niah, it is all about nature, not about comfy bed or may be nice shower. :)

Take this photo using my 1.3 Megapixel phone camera, not bad, eh?

Perhaps Mulu Cave will be much better. Save it for the next trip.

Later in the evening, the guys continued their trip to Miri City and I went home. Sort of regret didn't join them though. They left on 10th.

Anyway, it has been fun in spite that I only took part in three quarters of the trip. The best vacation with friends ever.

To end this post, let me show you the picture of Sago worm.
They are eatable and juicy, high in protein. They taste like chicken:)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Good Start

Well, I hope so. Result has been announced in the middle of last night. Finally. After all the rumors and unconfirmed news regarding this matter, the butterflies in my stomach can really stop flying, at least less vigorous than before.

The outcome is out of my unexpectation in which I thought I have screwed my final. Get a bit disappointed over some of the papers for not getting the result I desire for, but I am still grateful. It could be better. Anyway, it is just the beginning of undergraduates. I have another 3.5 years before graduating. Surely, I would like to graduate with first-class honour degree. There are still times for me to prove myself that I can do it. Everyone can.

Oh ya, forget to tell, I get into Dean's List by the way. :)

*Aim for 4 flat for next sem until my final year. haha

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ipoh Mali

A brief update after back from my exhausting yet great trip with University buddies. Will update soon if I could, yet to get the photos from others since I didn't bring along my camera. Still in the state of settling down at the moment. Will back to blogging in a short while. Getting busy at the same time with stuff and all, since less than 10 days time I will be back to UTP. Frankly, can't wait for that. :)

Anyway, today is about my dear friend from Ipoh, Yi Herng, my coursemate, the chemistry king, a part of the DoTA clan of the batch and the list goes on. It is his birthday. Just drop by to wish him a very happy birthday. He is currently in Miri. Sarawak Trip has not ended yet, at least for the guys. Sort of regret I didn't join them.

Surely he has a great moment today, a birthday celebration at East Malaysia.

Me and Yi Herng at First World, Genting Highland last year

Chan Yi Herng,