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Galloping Horse @ Soft Opening - 31st January 2014

Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Lost Trip to the World of Tambun

While most of my friends went back home during this weekend, Serena, Sze Mei, Lian Hung, Wee Kheng, Yi Herng, Lim, Yong Jenn and I have spent our Saturday going to Lost World of Tambun, a mini theme park in Ipoh.

Even though it is not as popular as Genting Highland and Sunway Lagoon, we truly enjoyed our day. Plus, it has been a long while I didn’t go to water theme park. The last time would be in Bukit Merah, Perak which was about 7 to 8 years ago. In my opinion, Bukit Merah is the best water theme park that I have been to.

Anyway, we played Tube Raiders, Cliff Racer and Adventure River. Then, we went to Dragon Flight and Stormrider to dry ourselves.

We didn’t take many photos since we were dealing of water. Our camera is not water-proof. *sad* But for sure the experience has been an enjoyable one.

A little something to share on that day:
Later in the evening, we went to Kinta City, Jaya Jusco. Serena, Sze Mei and Hon left earlier. The rest 5 of us (Yi Herng, Wee Kheng, Lim, Yong Jenn and I) went to play bowling. We have two games that day. I was sucks in the first round, only managed to score 44. So, I was kinda losing motivation to play for the second round. But, we played just for fun. Don’t know why, something odd happen. This time, I can score better than before, I mean, way much better. I got 3 (or 4, can't remember) strikes and 2 (or 3, can't remember also) spares, score 143 in the second around. From last in the first game and first in the last game. Weird. Another thing, this was only my second time and third & forth game throughout my whole life.

A little conclusion:
“When I am unlucky, I will be so all the way; Likewise, when I am lucky, I will be lucky all the way.”
My dear Malaysia,
Happy 51st Anniversary.

You have achieved so much since the day you were born back to 1957.
Up, down, all that you have gone through.
And yet, still standing until today.
This proves that you are tough and nothing can stop you from achieving what you want to.

Despite of the several incidents lately,
I still have my faith in you.
Because I believe you will be able to turn the situation around,
to make our country a better place than before.

Don't betray my trust on you.
So, I can confidently affirm that

Happy 51st Anniversary!

Yours truly,

Friday, August 29, 2008


My Personal Favourite Picture


My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion

I have been listening to this song since I was seven years old. I get to know this song before I know the movie itself. Until now, I am really thankful to my aunty for introducing this song to me last time. Otherwise, I will never have the chance to know Celine Dion as well. Gosh! She is really a diva with such a unique voice, I must say.

Composed by James Horner,this is the only theme song of Titanic that has lyrics while others are only music. Until today, My Heart Will Go On remains in my own list of most favourite songs of all time. I will never get bored of it and will keep on listening to it over and over again.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just Excited

Yay! 4 weeks to go I will be going back to Bintulu. I am just excited since lots of new things happen there when I received call from my mom before. Just excited. That’s all.

Updates/Upcoming events
1. My parents bought a 3G handphone for my brother. *grr*

2. New pet, hamster. Yippi!

3. Newly-painted rooms.

4. Daddy’s birthday – grand pork feast! Yummy!

5. Visit Malay friends’ house aka collect green packet if I am still eligible. I think so, I am single not married yet. Still a student.

6. Reunion with old friends.


Boring University Life so far.....

I received a comment, verbally from my friend said that I posted too much about songs in my blog. Well, music is a part of my life, and this blog, is particularly about my life.

Oops! I almost forgot that UTP is a part of my life too. Damn it! I guess I have held back my studies life way too long already since ConvoFair.

Here you go, few of recent updates of my pathetic challenging life as a university student.

1. I have just sat for my Chemistry test last Friday as you all know. I score 31 out of 35. More than I expected despite of the fact that what a lousy Chemistry lecturer I have with zero-lecture that I have attended. I think I can survive through Chemistry without her.

2. My madness is here. Engineering Mathematics quiz last Monday. The questions were easier than I thought. Calculus, derivatives, differentiation. *faint* (I mean, you) I think can score full *cough* (and you) mark for that *cough* (yeah, you again).

3. ICIS lecture is getting boring. And, we have assignment to accomplish: create a website. Pretty hard I guess since I am outdated and dumb about this thing. Even posting into this blog sometimes also goes “hair wire”. It is a group work, by the way.

4. Upcoming drama presentation. Final draft is yet to be finished. Few weeks to go will be revealing the fake talent in me. Featuring Chua Wee Kheng, Chan Yi Herng, Laura Tiong and Tan Xiao Ci, in a drama entitled, "........". Coming soon.

5. Physics? Let me put it this way. I swear to my self that I will never sit stand again, thank you very much. I have had enough of this.

Last but not least, tomorrow will be the monthly IPOH Day.

Till next time.


It’s the single from Gareth Gates’ album “Pictures of the Other Side” that I have mentioned in the older post. It has been released since 9 April 2007. “Changes” charted at no. 14 but the following week dropped out from Top 40, breaking Gareth’s streak of top 10 hits. No wonder I have never heard of this before. Being left behind and overtaken by other hit songs as well as being dropped out from charts too soon at that time, I never have the chance to know that this single does really exist! Look at the view of the embedded music video below, it is pretty obvious that the release of this single is rather disappointing than satisfying.

After listening to the song a few times, it is a nice song. The melody is nice. I myself actually like the verse part. It has something in it that hooks me. The lyric, on the other hand, is worth to listen to. It is well-composed, I think. I may not be expert enough to criticize but perhaps the flow of this song is not really the fit the taste of the majority of music fans of the world who seem to adore songs like “Touch My Body”, “Bleeding Love”, “No Air” and so on which could remain in the chart from weeks to months. This might explain the failure of this release but it can be other reasons, I don’t know.

"Changes" received generally positive reviews from critics, although many noted its obvious similarity to "No Surprises" by Radiohead and half-jokingly suggested that Thom Yorke receive a co-writing credit. Most people have reviewed that the music of Gates is more mature than the "cheesy covers" done in the past. In the chart commentary in Yahoo Music UK & Ireland by James Masterton, he rated that "Changes" is a fascinating single certainly. Meanwhile, the Sun stated that "his voice sounds good on the ballad, which washes over the eardrums very pleasantly".
Adapted from: Wikipedia

Hope we can hear more of him later despite of what happens. I am not a big fan of yours but I believe You can do it, Gareth!

I can't run, if you can't hide
And I'm allowed to change my mind,
But if I find a way to erase,
Turn the page on what we've left behind,
Cause I can't breath, when your round with my sight,

I, I don't believe in shame,
but it's alright to feel the pain,
everybody feels some pain,
I know, I've seen it in your eyes,
everytime I see you cry, I realise,
I've seen your tears too many times,
We going through changes,

I know I'm wrong I realise,
It's not my place to try and justify, what is right,
I'm not that knife in your side,
cos I'm shedding that skin that I'm in,
it's not my fate to live a life without you in,

I, I don't believe in shame,
but it's alright to feel the pain,
everybody feels some pain,
I know, I've seen it in your eyes,
everytime I see you cry, i realise,
I've seen your tears too many times,
We going through changes,

we're going through changes

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thank God I Found You

Every time I listen to this song, I will never get bored of it. That’s one thing.

At the same time, it always makes me to think of you.

I feel so grateful to be given the chance to know you.

You may not be around me right now but I will always treasure our friendship.

I wonder what my life will look like if there is no you.

I am really
Thank God I Found You!

Thank God I Found You
[Mariah Carey & 98 Degrees)

I would give up everything
Before I'd separate myself from you
After so much suffering
I've finally found unvarnished truth
I was all by myself for the longest time
So cold inside
And the hurt from the heart it would not subside
I felt like dying
Until you saved my life

(Chorus - all)
Thank God I found you
I was lost without you
My every wish and every dream
Somehow became reality
When you brought the sunlight
Completed my whole life
I'm overwhelmed with gratitude
Cause baby I'm so thankful I found you.

(98 Degrees)
I would give you everything
There's nothing in this world
I wouldn't do To ensure your happiness
I'll cherish every part of you
Because without you beside me
I can't survive
Don't wanna try
If you're keeping me warm each and every night
I'll be all right
Cause I need you in my life

(Chorus - all)
Thank God I found you (I'm thanking you)
I was lost lost without you (so lost without you)
My every wish and every dream (every dream, every dream)
Somehow became reality
When you brought the sunlight (brought the sunlight)
Completed my whole life
I'm overwhelmed with gratitude
Cause baby I'm so thankful I found you.


(Mariah & 98 Degrees)
See I was so desolate
Before you came to me
Looking back I guess it shows
That we were destined to shine
After the rain to appreciate
The gift of what we have
And I'd go through it all over again
To be able to feel this way

(Chorus - all)
Thank God I found you
I was lost lost without you (lost without you baby)
My every wish and every dream
Somehow became reality
When you brought the sunlight
Completed my whole life (whole life)
I'm overwhelmed with gratitude
Sweet baby I'm so thankful I found you

(Chorus - all)
Thank God I found you
I'm lost lost without you
I'm overwhelmed with gratitude
My baby I'm so thankful I found you

I'm overwhelmed with gratitude
My baby I'm so thankful I found you

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This clip is embedded in the TITANIC:DELUXE COLLECTOR’S EDITION that I have mentioned before. You may have seen this before or you may not. Anyway, I just wanna share this with you. Have fun watching!


*More TITANIC OBSESSION is coming!*

Monday, August 25, 2008

The End of Beijing 2008 Olympic

24th August 2008

The final day of Beijing 2008 Olympic

After 16 days of tears and joys, everything eventually comes to an end

With 51 Gold medals, China makes it to the top of the ranking, seems to be easily defeating the first runner up, USA which has only 36 Gold medals despite of the fact that USA has won more medals than China. Rusia Federation at the third position managed to grab 23 Gold medals.

As for Malaysia, we managed to get one Silver medal through Badminton event via Lee Chong Wei, world no. 2 badminton player in men single. Even though he lost in the final yet it is still an achievement to be proud of. This proves that Malaysian athletes are able to be compatible with international athletes.

We are proud of you,


For those who miss the closing ceremony like I do, click here to view.

Congratulation to China for holding the biggest event in the world.
It is truly a great success!

See ya in London 2012.

*Beijing 2008 has much more creative and self-identity logo, I must say.*

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Titanic 2: Beached Beauties

While I was browsing through the E! website (I can say today is just a lucky day for me), I spotted something that get my attention. “Titanic 2: Beached Beauties”.

Titanic 2?

As a Titanic (fanatic a bit but almost can memorize every line in the movie) fan, for sure I went to click on it. At the moment I saw it, I thought we are going to really have the second movie of Titanic. It will be so great if that come true. Actually, it is not.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are going to light up the theater screen, not as Jack and Rose definitely, in the movie, “Revolutionary Road” which is directed by Kate’s hubby, Sam Mendes. It has been a long while we didn’t see these two celebrities act together ever since the biggest movie that ever made. Leo and Kate have a great chemistry in Titanic, I must say.

Frankly, after Titanic, I hardly can see Kate Winslet acts though. The latest news that I know is she stars with Cameron Diaz in a movie, The Holiday. I haven’t watched the movie. Leonardo DiCaprio, on the other hand, keeps on hitting the cinema every year. Nevertheless, my favourite role of his will be the one in Titanic as Jack Dawson, same goes for Kate Winslet.

I am anticipating the premier of “Revolutionary Road". Really miss them acting together.

*again, Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave is playing in the background while I am posting this.
Really can’t get enough of them both*

Gareth Gates - extra

6 hours later, I received 2 comments for my “Gareth Gates” post. They are not really comments but actually updates that I ask for. Thanks, sara & anonymous! =)

I don’t even know that he has a girl friend. I do some search on them and apparently they have been together since year 2002. To my surprise also, they already get married last month. They have just finished honeymooning in Hawaii and LA. Well, I have nothing much to say but only congratulation to the newly-weds and hope their marriage lasts long.

Gareth and Suzanne

I watch E! and have seen lots of divorces that occurred among the Hollywood celebrities. Frankly, I am sick listening over this kind of news since there are lots of them. One comes after another. They even make some sort like Top 10 list for it. Oh my! Is the marriage life of celebrities’ couples really that fragile? It seems that marriage is just like a playing game to them. When they get bored of it, they can just simply quit! I guess no matter how much money they spend for their weddings, it will never guarantee the success of their long-term relationship as husband and wife (this may include the gays and lesbians couples, but so far OK, I think?) I hope this thing will not happen to Gates.

By the way, how come I never see reports about Gareth on E!? They do broadcast the news of other English celebrities and models but I don’t think I have seen one about Gates. Since I have been in University for quite sometimes, so I never have the chance to catch up with the recent updates. Well, I know there is a website exclusively for E! but due to slow internet connection, I will hardly get the chance.

Ya… ya…. I know, I should focus on my studies. Come on, give me a break!

His last album which has been released last year, I hardly know about it. I don’t think I have listened to his songs last year, not even once except for my own collection of his old songs like “Anyone of Us” and “Say It Isn’t So”. I can say is “Say It Isn’t So” is the last song that I ever hear from him, which has been released about 4 to 5 years ago. After that, no more. I have a hard time to search for the name of his last album and eventually manage to get it, “Pictures of the Other Side”. Kinda a long name for an album.

Tracks listing:
1. Changes
2. Pictures of the Other Side
3. Lost in You
4. New Kid In Town
5. 19 Minutes
6. Can’t Believe It’s Over
7. Afterglow
8. Angel on My Shoulder
9. Electric
10. Taking Minds

I never even hear one of the listed songs. They even highlighted “Changes” and “Angel on My Shoulder” but seriously, never come across them before. Do they hit the top charts? I have no idea.

Anyway, I would like to express my utmost appreciation for the updates. Thank you!


Gareth Gates

Don’t know why, despite of the fact that I went to bed very late last night, I mean, this morning, I have the urge to wake up early today. Well, not really, it was around 9.30 am and all of the sudden, something woke up me up but not sure what it was. So, here I am.

Do I have to talk about the Chemistry test that I have yesterday? I don’t think you may even bother about it. So, let it be.

While I was checking through my Nuffnang account, I spotted that readers from United Kingdom has stopped by at my blog today. Later, I clicked on the keyword part, “gareth gates” was displayed. I felt sorry for him or her or them to click on the link to my blog as there is not really anything about Gareth Gates in my post, I just merely mentioned his name in “3.22am of 22 August 2008”. As an appreciation for them to read my blog (even though it has been disappointing and I believe it is), I guess I just talk about Gareth Gates right now.

Gareth Gates is an English singer who was born on July 14, 1984. So, he is like about 24 right now. (I am not implying that you cannot calculate his age on your own. My pure intention is to save your time. It is everyone tendency to work out the age when they see a birthdate so I just want to help out a bit. :p) Still young. Is he single, not sure and I don’t care because I am not gay. Haha! Nothing much about it. to view more about him, click here. For those who have Facebook account, you can sign up as fan in his page to get know more about him.

I have listened to Anyone of Us, Too Serious Too Soon, Sunshine and Say It Isn’t So. I think Anyone of Us is nice, the melody is nice. I am not a composer but as a listener, I think the lyrics some how is a bit off, not really fit into the whole song. The usage of words in some part is not really that satisfying.

Anyone of Us
I’ve been letting you down, down
Girl I know I’ve been such a fool
Giving in to temptation
When I should’ve played it cool
The situation got out of hand
I hope you understand

It can happen to…
Anyone of us
Anyone you think of
Anyone can fall
Anyone can hurt someone they love
Hearts will break
’cause I made a stupid mistake
It can happen to…
Anyone of us
Say you will forgive me
Anyone can fail
Say you will believe me
I can’t take my heart will break
’cause I made a stupid mistake
A stupid mistake

She was kind of exciting
A little crazy I should’ve known
She must have altered my senses
’cause I offered to walk her home
The situation got out of hand
I hope you understand

It can happen to…
Anyone of us
Anyone you think of
Anyone can fall
Anyone can hurt someone they love
Hearts will break
’cause I made a stupid mistake
It can happen to…
Anyone of us
Say you will forgive me
Anyone can fail
Say you will believe me
I can’t take my heart will break
’cause I made a stupid mistake
A stupid mistake

A stupid mistake
She means nothing to me (nothing to me)
I swear every word is true
Don’t wanna lose you

The situation got out hand
I hope you understand

It can happen to…
Anyone of us
Anyone you think of
Anyone can fall
Anyone can hurt someone they love
Hearts will break
’cause I made a stupid mistake
It can happen to…
Anyone of us
Say you will forgive me
Anyone can fail
Say you will believe me
I can’t take my heart will break
’cause I made a stupid mistake
A stupid mistake

You may not get what I mean but this is just merely my opinion. Perhaps you have different idea. Who is going to judge us anyway? One thing, I dislike people being judgemental. Sometime it is way too much and I find that I get irritated if others do that on me since they don't really know me. Okay, back to the topic.

It has been a while that I don’t listen to him. Does he still sing? Any new songs from him lately? Updates! Updates!

First time when I get to know him
a bit "boy-ish"

"it can happen to anyone of us..."

Growing up....

"Say it isn't so... tell me you are not leaving....."

I think this is the latest him. Long time no see ya, Gareth. Getting sexier, eh?

Saturday, August 23, 2008


I was browsing through my friend’s blog and spotted a really catchy post. It was a post from my university senior, Henry Yew in which he was comparing my university, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) with National University of Singapore (NUS).

National University of Singapore versus Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS by Henry Yew

Although it has been posted for about 5 months ago, but all what he said still remains until today. No one could even describe the condition of UTP better as he did. As the Malay saying goes, UTP is just like “indah khabar dari rupa”. In other words, it does not appear as it supposes to be, the so-called most prestigious university in Malaysia.

Nevertheless, UTP has been set up only for 10 years. I guess that there is still a room for more improvement to make this university as sophisticated as it sounds. For that, we will see later.

It may be a little too late to say this but anyway, “Good job, Henry!”

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Genting Highland Trip

The trip was held on 15 August 2008, which was on Friday. In other words, we skipped lectures for that particular day. The matter the most, we truly enjoyed our weekend!

Waiting at the Skyway Terminal

View from cable car

Me & Serena

Spinner time

Flying coaster

Floating boat ride

Water boat ride

Starbucks time

Chemical Engineers in Genting Highland

All of us!
For more details of the trip, click here.
*more pictures in my Facebook*

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Discriminalise Prostitution

Hold on a second. Don’t get too excited over the title. I am not providing any prostitute service around here. Frustrated? Blame your own uncontrollable lust and sexual desire.

It was the motion of our debate competition. And, we were the government side. Interesting, apparently we need to support prostitution to be legalized. That means, we have to defend the prostitutes of what they are doing. (How hypocrite I am for saying this) By the way, I guess you know what a prostitute is. Do I need to define it for you? The simplest way of explaining it is a person who “takes money for sex” (recall the lawyer in “Losing Isaiah” said this. Nothing much about it, just for fun)

Our points for arguments:
1. Harm Principle – everyone has the right to do anything he or she wants, provided others are not harmed. So, a prostitute is free to use his or her body for sexual desire with the clients without interfering others.
2. Reduce crime rate. Less rape cases as the man can go for the prostitute for the service.
3. Sex tourism – no idea.

We lost. I guess we should. Or else, it will be more prostitutes around here (I am not implying there are prostitutes in UTP here. But in other big cities, I have no much comment about it). It will be heaven for those lusty men or women. Have a different idea? Share.

Nevertheless, I feel sorry for the lost though as what I heard the difference of our score and the opponent only 4 marks away. I am sucks for being the first speaker as this is my first time joining this kind of debate, only 30 minutes for preparation. More to spontaneous speech. I failed in carrying out my role. Oh well, just hope for the best next time (as if I will be joining it again!)

A little something to share.

“If you wanna have sex, get married and do as many times as you want.

Don’t want to get married, go get a girlfriend (s).

Don’t have a girlfriend, masturbate!”

No offence!

It’s the forth week and I can feel the heat of buzy-ness starts to be rolling in.
Check on my To-Do-List. You know what I am talking about.

English debate competition
(I am a poor debater)

Postponed assignments and tutorials exercises
(Lazy to get them done earlier)

Going to Genting
(*no comment*)

Orcheastra performance during Convofair
(may be joining but seems to be I have to, can’t say more about it. One thing for sure, I am sucks in Er-Hu-ing)

Upcoming Chemistry test
(I don’t even give a damn care about this since I never get to understand what lecturer lecture)

Engineering Mathematics Quiz
(Bring it on! I’m ready for it)

(You wish!)

Online aka Facebook & Friendster
(this is a must)

(after doing all those stuffs, give me a break.

Last but not least,

(or else you won’t be reading this)

Busy life huh? The so-called university life.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

It has been more than one week since the premier of this most anticipating movie (I think) after Batman: The Dark Knight. I haven’t watched Batman though. Back to Mummy 3, all I can say is it is lower than I expected. The movie seems to be lacking of something.

The story line is not really that catchy. Even the introduction of the origin the so-called mummies in China failed to have my attention. It is a bit way too long and off to me. One of my friends told me that those so-called mummies are actually the "Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses" or “Bing Ma Yong” in China. They are not really mummies like the ones in Egypt. And of course, the narrated history in the movie is actually fictitious. Well, I guess it is meant to be so as they only interested in the figures of “Bing Ma Yong” but not the actual story of it.

The special effect is just OK, not impressive. Who am I to judge about this but I think it is fair enough for me to have a higher expectation from the director. Frankly, I prefer the first and second Mummy movies which I think is much way better than this one.

Nevertheless, I like the humorous lines in the story though.

Jonathan Carnahan: Ah! My ass is on fire! My ass is on fire! Spank my ass. Spank my ass!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Best Lecture ever in UTP

It has been three weeks since the first lecture started. All I can say everything is just normal as usual. Going to lectures, sleeping during lectures, skipping lectures, going late to tutorials, going late to CALL Lab, et cetera…et cetera…. bla! bla! bla!

As a Mathematics fan, I will say Engineering Mathematics II so far is the BEST lecture ever I attend this year. Being mentioned in my older posts, we are learning CALCULUS! Damn interesting. We already learnt few topics on differentiation. Gosh! Really having fun dealing with all those questions!

What kind of questions that have my attention so badly that I am crazy about? Here are some examples:

Haha! I am not challenging you to solve the questions. Just wanna share a little thing that somehow cheers my Uni life here.

Pretty pathetic, am I? Use Maths to cheer me up. Oh well, just have fun. =)

*That doesn’t mean I am really good at it. And, if you want to answer the questions, leave a comment. Ekeke…”

Friday, August 8, 2008

The 8th post of the month:



Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
Opening Ceremony

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Buffalo, I miss you!

First day

Few days after...

When I was back

Before I left...

*frankly, I am out of idea of what subject to be posted. I do miss my pet dog though*