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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Luxurious Meals

Was hanging out with my friends yesterday, Chiang Jinn, a junior from Daro and Siew Ching, my classmates since form 1. We went to Ipoh Parade (IP) as the girls wanted to shop for their new shirt, new shoes, everything. I tell you, it was tiring to hang out with girls because they just shop, shop, shop but then after browsing through for a certain period of time, they didn't buy anything. =.= Well, I am kind of get used to it already.

Talking about meals that we had yesterday, it was the most luxurious meal that I ever had which is not available in UTP. lol Upon reaching IP, we went to Starbucks for our breakfast.

I had Hazelnut Hot Chocolate! It costs around RM12.50. It tastes bitterly sweet.

As for lunch, we went for Sushi King!

I have 2 plates of Salmon Fish which costs a total of RM10 and a bowl of ramen which costs RM12.90. Spicy Jigoku Ramen is my favourite now!

By the way, IP is lacking of food franchises. For me, the only good things there are Starbucks, Secret Recipe, Body Glove and bowling! =D

Before heading back, we went to Secret Recipe cake for our tea break!

I ordered chocolate cheese cake. Super delicious! I wanna try all the cakes there! >.<
Oh, Chiang Jinn and Siew Ching were a bit "sakai" when I asked for skyjuice which turns out to be only cold plain water. lol!

Fully utilized my money on food yesterday.It is not even up to RM50. If I were to eat like this every day, I don't really mind since I am struggling to gain weight. haha. Just realized that we went to all food franchises which initialized with letter "S". Seriously, we didn't plan it, AT ALL. It just happened. lol

It was tea time back at night, in UTP. =)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Back Into Reality

After 2 months of holidays, finally I am back into the campus, none other than my dear Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS a.k.a. UTP. This will be just a short post while the internet is still alive. lol Currently I am staying in new village, Village 5. The room is smaller and warm during days. We have free futsal show almost everyday. I am not a fan of futsal anyway.

This semester will be busier for me. Fuh, hope I won't drown.
Talk more later!

Lecture starts today! *excited*
*I live so far away now.....

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Sabah Trip

Finally I am back in blogosphere! It has been 2 weeks I didn’t update my blog. As some of you are aware, I have been away for my Sabah trip for nearly 10 days, just get homed last Tuesday. Then, result was out last Friday. Upcoming Tuesday I will be leaving home already to start my new semester in second year. A bit exciting to go back to campus but don’t like to leave home… =( So many things happen within a short period of time and I hardly can catch my breath. Now, I am about to blog about my Sabah Trip. It has been awesome! =)

To begin with, it is not 100% Sabah Trip frankly since I went to Miri first to resume my unfinished Sarawak Trip back in July with my Unimates. I departed on 4th January to Miri using 4.30pm bus and reached there around 8pm. Lawrence came and picked me up. Then, we have dinner at Bavaria café. Chrispian was there too! =) Since it was a bit late, malls were closed and these two tour guides have no idea where to bring this poor tourist. Lol. In the end, we head all the way to Lutong just to have a drink there. Lol. I stayed at Lawrence’s home for one night.

Next morning, three of us went out for breakfast together. Then, we hanged out at Imperial Mall and at the same time, I was actually hunting for a birthday’s gift. But I find nothing is suitable there. Then, Law suggested trying to find at Belle’s bookshop. Next to it is actually a gift shop and I just found a perfect gift! =) Right after that, since I have to rush to airport to catch up with my flight, we sent Chrispian home and getting my luggage, we went straight to the airport. Luckily, I get there on time or else, I would have missed my flight. Urgh, Air Asia, bear with it.

My flight was at 1.40pm and finally landed Kota Kinabalu around 2.15pm. It was a 30-minute flight. At that moment, it was still kind of hard for me to believe that I am finally in Sabah. Eventually have the chance to set my foot on the Land Below The Wind after being neighbor for 20 years!

Next day, we went to 1Borneo. I have been always anticipating going there ever since I saw the poster at LCCT. Expect it to be grand like what the advertisement suggests, I was rather disappointed though. The concept is like Mid Valley back in KL by having section like North Atrium and all. But 1Borneo is rather, hmm, does not meet my expectation, since it is claimed to be the biggest Hypermall at Borneo. The bowling lanes there, have to say, is similar to the one at Jusco Ipoh. Those been to Jusco Bowling would know what I mean. It is just slightly better in terms of the atmosphere and the technology. Lol!

Oh, we were the first customer on that day.

But then, I have my first hand experience to play archery there! By right I should be right-handed but since I cannot wink my left eye, I have to be left-handed in playing archery. Lol. It was fun! Obviously, my arrows didn’t hit the bull eye.

Bought nothing there since the stuff are so expensive. But then, I bought a pair of shoes in the end since my sandals spoilt. =.=! Bought a pair of shoes at Oxford. Lol. And oh, have our lunch at Manhattan Fish Market and they have a 2-storey Starbucks there!

 Went to few malls there and bought quite a lot of stuff, I mean, me. I bought a new pair of long pants at Tong’s at Wisma Merdeka and two collar T-shirts at Centre Point. These few things cost me nearly RM150!

View from water front: Pulau Gaya, I think, I mean the island that you saw from this picture

Me with waterfront as the background. Nice view of South China Sea.

Dolphin & me. lol

Centre Point! xD

KK City

On Friday, we went to Labuan by Ferry. It was a cold 3-hour journey before reaching the destination. We went to the only mall there, the so-called UK (Usaha Kewangan) Mall that has always been mentioned by my school friends who went there for their matriculation studies. Gosh, the place was… =.= Later at night, we went for Tom Yam and Ikan Bakar dinner.

Next day we went to the bird park and chimney tower. For this, just let the photos to do the talking for a while. Lol.

Chimney Tower

View from inside

Before leaving Labuan, we managed to buy chocolates there. As you know, Labuan is a duty-free zone. So, the chocolates are cheap! Haha. This time we used speed boat and the ride was very bumpy!

On Sunday, we went to Sacred Heart Catholic Cathedral for my Sunday missal.

Sacred Heart Catholic Cathedral

Church compound

Then, we went to the famous Gaya Market along the Gaya street. You can buy anything there: from souvenirs to even pets, like puppies, kittens and hamsters! Afterwards, we went to Pasar Filipino and Plaza Wawasan to buy some souvenirs.

Gaya Market

They are for sell, seriously.

Pasar Filipino, a place to buy souvenirs.

The best part of the trip is yet to come. No, it is not climbing Mount Kinabalu, unfortunately. =( But Pulau Manukan is not a bad place either. We went there by boat. The beach seems nice with crystal clear water but not the one near to the shore. Can see some rubbish floating there. And, we tried snorkeling! Didn’t have much fish there but at least get to see some. Lol. And the coral reef looked scary!

On the boat ride

The beach

Me snorkeled!

By the way, get to see some topless so-called beach models. Lol, they are just so opened about themselves! Before leaving the place, we walked around the island while waiting to board our boat back to KK.

It was Tuesday, 12th January: My last day there. We didn’t go out of the house. We decided to just stay at home after exhausting outing for the past few days. In fact, both of us get sunburn!

I was back in Miri after leaving KK. I was only homed on 13th. Before that, Lawrence brought me around Miri: to the newly-upgraded Parkson, Boulevard and his shop. Mum asked me to “tapao” Big Apple donuts back to Bintulu. Lol.

The trip has been fun and I dearly miss the time that I get to spend with friends, especially. Sometimes it is not about where you have been. It is all about who you have been with. =)

*There are more than just of what have been posted here. More photos in Facebook. As for the rest, they shall remain in memories.
**UTP, here I come!
**The Fame Monster by Lady Gaga rocks!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Opening Post of 2010

Alright, today has been the second day of this new year 2010 and this is my very first post. My countdown was done at my grandma’s long house. You may think it sounds boring but you have no idea how the night was. Long houses are getting so modern now; it is the youths nowadays modernize the lifestyle in a place which is away from civilization. Lol. All my peers there were dancing, drinking, and singing, just like what you do in a club, I would say, just that different atmosphere. I didn’t join them though. And, I can’t stand the firecrackers played by the small kids; it is not even fireworks. I wonder what is so addictive about the “pop” sound, it is just so irritating and it pollutes the air.

Oh well, that was on 31st December 2009. We are about to enter the 3rd day of this year. Clock won’t just stop tick-tock-ing, will it? Stop looking back but I will dearly miss the great moment that I have last year. Moving on, hope for the best out of this year. I am not sure about my resolutions but I do know about things that I want and not to mention the things that I need.

First thing first, I want a camera! lol, any recommendation? I am just so outdated now since I don’t have one now. Camera seems like to be a necessity at the moment. I have few models in mind and they cost like around RM800 up to thousand. Guess I start to have my saving, again for this. I am going to get myself one by the end of this year. Hah, this is one of things in my want-to-have list. I don’t mind if it is given as my 20th birthday gift. =)

I hope I can be more positive in my thinking and stop being too emotional. Well, I guess it is okay to be negative once in a while, I can’t pretend to be strong all the time. At least I will be one when I am alone, when no sees. Lol. New semester is coming in 3 weeks time and hope that I can work harder this time. Damn, I keep on saying the same thing before every semester but I never really get it done. Anyway, pray hard for my result which is expected to be released on 15th Jan. Good or bad, I have to deal with it. *nervous*

What else? Hmm, just let it pour out when the time is right, shall we? That is all for now, for this opening post of the year. Again, wish you all a Happy New Year 2010. May this new year brings all the best out of you all. To those who are returning to school especially my dear brothers, good luck in your studies and your journey is still long way to go. To my high school friends wherever you are, wish you all the best in your endeavors. To my Uni friends, see you all in UTP! Counting the days now, another 16 days! =)

Oh ya, before I end this. I will be going to Miri this Monday, resume unfinished Sarawak Trip back in July. Lol. If Air Asia does not cancel my flight, I will be in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah from 5th until 12th January. Most probably will be backing home again on 13th. Really looking forward for this trip and feeling super excited now!

Okay, see you!