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Galloping Horse @ Soft Opening - 31st January 2014

Monday, August 31, 2009

Less is More

Perhaps this is the concept or principle that I am trying to uphold at the moment. A good example will be blogging. I used to blog everyday but not anymore: hectic schedule, impromptu tasks, resting period (I mean, real rest as in napping or sleeping) keeping me occupied 24/7. And, quality is more worthy than quantity. =)

Sound ironic but these three little words, “Less is more” has its own huge significance, in almost every aspect of lives. People are greedy. They always want more. Just to say, I am one of them sometimes. I complaint things are never enough. Yesterday for example, I was so down. My emotions were overwhelmed. Merely because I didn’t get the things that I want. I was sort of tired. Tired of waiting. Waiting for things to happen. I am so hard-headed, if I am allowed called myself like that. I think I am, anyway.

I get to realise is the least moment that I get to spend brings the utmost importance part in my life. Wish I could ignore all these negative thought.

And, you have made my day again. ^.^


So, ya, today is 31st of August, our national Independence Day. The heat of celebration is not felt in my campus. The atmosphere is very silent and could only hear miserable fireworks (quote from Eric) from the town nearby. It is just getting dull, year by year. But, actually, this Independence Day is only true for Peninsular Malaysia since Sabah & Sarawak only joined on 16 September 1963. This is 52nd Independence Day but this year is just 46th for East Malaysia.

I have nothing much to say. No country is perfect. We would always admire developed countries but we will never get to know what are their internal conflicts and riots behind those glorious achievement. Have to admit, our country, well, has a lot of dramas but don’t let this blind you from all the good things it has. Accept and tolerate, and stop complaining. This is where you were born and raised. Our leaders could be stupid but as long as we are not being misled and not be as stupid as them, then things will be just fine. :)

Wish Malaysia HAPPY 52nd BIRTHDAY.
May my beloved country will strike to achieve its vision, whoever the Prime Minister is. HAHA.
Does PETRONAS Twin Tower make you feel proud? =)

*Oh, it is almost 5.00am. Going to wake someone up.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

More Than Just an Outing

This post is long overdue. Should have it done few days ago but I was so busy with preparation for Book Fair and I don’t have time the time for it.

Last Saturday, which was on 22nd August, I was hanging out at Ipoh with Yi Herng’s high schoolmate, Justin. If you have read my post last year, you would know that Justin and I get to know to each other through online. After viewing each other’s profile in Friendster, a new friendship begins. From Friendster, to Facebook, then blog and we spend time to chat in Plurk. Now, it is no longer just virtual encounter as we get to meet each other, again that day. What a journey for a friendship. :)

Yi Herng was not available since he was involved with 30 Hours Famine event. So it was only me and him. At first, I was quite sceptical about the outing since the previous one, which was back in October last year, if I am not mistaken, we hardly talked. Things were still awkward and odd. That time, Yi Herng was around, but not this time. I was like, “how am I going to spend the rest of the day if the same thing could happen, again?” Even so, I never think of not going for the outing since I am the one who was sort of initiating the whole thing. I just told myself, “I will just hang out with a friend, what could be worst?”

I was waiting for him at Medan Kidd since he would be driving there to fetch me. Then, received a call from him and I didn’t know where to find him because I didn’t know where is Cameron Bus counter. -.-“From afar, I saw a familiar face, it was him. Get into his car and get the day started. After buying his KTM ticket, we headed to Ipoh Parade.

Thing went well and better than I expected. Awkward and odd moment was a no-no. We started to chit-chat on random stuff. Well, mostly would be about studies and all, in which I was so envy of him who will be studying in States. But, it was the time that we get to spend matters. :)

After having my brunch at Junction Kopitiam, we planned to watch movie but “Orphan” was not broadcasted. The premier was on 20th. I wonder what was wrong with cinema there. Changed of plan, went to play bowling at Ampang Superbowl. Huh, bad day for me, can’t score well that day, below 100. But Justin scored even lower, since he kept on getting “Fault” for stepping on the line. Haha. After walking around the mall, we dropped by at Starbucks. I have promised to treat him Starbucks, a promise made online one year ago. Finally, I have the chance to do so. Promise fulfilled. =)

Next, went to JUSCO. The intention was actually to check whether “Orphan” is broadcasted at the cinema there. But no, it was not. Disappointed again, playing games at the arcade. Justin didn’t play, just watching me. A bit “paiseh”, dare not to play for too long. After losing and winning one round of games, we left. All we did was just merely hanging out around the mall, checking out things. Other than that, just random conversation. Around 4 or 5pm, my other UTP friends happened to be going to Ipoh as well and I planned to go back to campus with them. Some more, Justin still has another outing with his other friends. So, I bid farewell to Justin and managed to take photos at the parking lot before leaving. Last minute. Haha.

It has been a great outing. Looking forward for another one and many more to come. =)

UTP Book Fair 2009 was finally over 2 days ago. Will really the moment throughout the preparation and the event itself. Thanks, guys!

*Thought it was going to be a bad day but fortunately, it is not. No one can give me the warmth felt in the heart as you do. ^.^

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Before Ramadhan Begins

It has been busy week for me ever since the week started. Labs on Monday, hectic Tuesday, Public Speaking workshop on Wednesday; but nothing was on Thursday and Friday, it is just that I am lazy to type posts lately. I need time to sleep. Need sleep desperately. And so, sleeping time is over. Now it is about time to back in assignment mode. Lots of assignments, have to say.

I am not sure what to update in this post. Need inspiration to keep this blog alive. Alright, let begins with Monday.

Attending my first Fluid Mechanics Lab. My experiment was about Fluid Mixing in which I have totally no idea what is it all about since our lecturer has not covered the topic yet, or will he? I mean, I am not sure whether this is part of the syllabus or not. And “Oh My God”, the experiment was damn boring! A bad start for first experiment. All we did were just sitting there and looking at beads spiralling in the water. Plus, it consists of 6 sub-experiment and each of them need to repeat few times to get different reading. Well, supposedly to be like that since 4 hours are allocated for the lab. But, my eyes were damn sleepy. (Remember, I typed PETRONAS Twin Tower post on the same day, 5.00am). We sort of persuading the lab demo (kind of lousy demo, didn’t get his intention) to skip some. Some of the results would be only smart guesses. Report? Have 2 weeks to complete it, mind about it later.

Class started at 8am and ended at 4pm, with 2 hours gap in between. When night falls, I have rehearsal for Public Speaking Workshop at 8.00pm. Done with the rehearsal, I have to attend English Language Club Meeting at 10.00pm and it lasts until 12.30pm. Long day. And, it was Chua's Birthday. :)

Finally, Public Speaking Workshop was held. I would say it is a success as we managed to attract more than 100 students to attend the event. As a Ceremony and Protocol Committee, I am glad that everything went smoothly with hardly any unnecessary problem.

Typical class hours with impromptu meetings and task. Always in on-call status, sort of.

Life has been getting hectic lately with all those works, be it academic or events. Not complaining, have to say, enjoyed this kind of busy-ness because when it comes to working world, things will be worst than this, that’s for sure. I take these all as training for my future’s sake. Sound like a prospect but really, experience does matter, not only your first-class honour degree scroll.

Something personal rolls in: Thursday night, I was a bit emotional. Doubt pouring in and I was overwhelmed until certain extend that I could cry my heart out but no, I didn’t. Bad habit, hard to erase. Negative thought, negative minds. I may always put smiley faces there but it does not really means that I am in happy mood all the time. Everyone has their emotional side. There is nothing wrong for a guy to express his emotion. Oh please la, man! Don’t be so ego.

In the end, things are actually okay. It is just that me think too much. I should have known. Perhaps the feeling of loneliness hits its peak right at that particular moment. And also, missing you. :)

For the weekends, I will be dealing with my ELC matter: Recruitment Drive and Book Fair rehearsal. My dedication and commitment, is all for the club. Screw those harsh comments about our club, no club is perfect anyway. :)

Till here for now. Stay tuned.

*Either you are here or not, it does not really make difference anymore, unfortunately because I truly realize who I really care most about.
**Should have appreciated the old times after doing flash back. Hope that I am not too late.
***I know, posts without pictures are dull and boring.

Wish all my Muslim friends

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunway Pyramid & PETRONAS Twin Tower

Perhaps some of you know that I have spent my last weekend at Kuala Lumpur and I just reached UTP around 5 hours ago. Cannot have my work done during the two days off but I did enjoy the time I get to spend with my parents. My parents are in KL for my dad’s 20 years service award with PETRONAS. The ceremony will be held this morning. I cannot attend the ceremony anyway as only staffs are allowed.

I departed on Saturday morning, using 9am bus from Taman Maju. Thanks to Calvin for his willingness to fetch me there, despite he was just back from clubbing. Since my parents would only reach at KL around 5pm, I have contacted Chrispian to meet him up to spend the day. Have to admit, I miss him a lot. It has been more than one year didn’t get to see him ever since the end of Foundation First Semester. It is still fresh in my mind, the last day when he left UTP right after final exam. Nostalgia.

After putting my luggage at KL Central, I used KTM to Setia Jaya as he directed to get to his place. Waiting at the entrance of the station, a familiar figure appeared. Still can recognize him from afar, from the way he walks. Nothing has changed. =)
Except for the red spots on his face, it has worsened. Curse the bad air quality in KL.

Went to have lunch at Indonesian stall near to his apartment and get to meet his Indonesia friends there. Indonesians those I get to see there are so different than those in UTP. Here, they are so similar to local Malays; there, they look like Chinese. New exposures for know-nothing guy like me, perhaps.

After that, we went to Sunway Pyramid to hang out. First thing was we went to watch movie. Not G.I Joe. Not Harry Potter. We were watching District 9, a movie that I hardly hear about. It is more or less like a documentary but it is fictitious. It is about the invasion of foreign creatures from outer space (aliens, in another word) onto our planet earth. The whole movie was okay but I just can’t stand the graphic scenes. The people died so disgustingly, crushed into pieces right in front of your eyes. Eww...

When the movie has ended, it was already 6pm in which I suppose to meet my parents at KL Central to go to the hotel that we would be staying. Instead, I called them that I would go there myself later on and so, Chrispian and I continued to walk around the mall. Do some window shopping. Limited budget, although it is mega sale, still hardly afford anything. Comes to dinner, we went to Korean Restaurant somewhere at Asian Avenue. Ordered Ramen On Fire and it was spicily hot. Tried Korean tea and it tasted burnt. It was around 10pm and it was about time to leave to catch up the last KTM. Before that, Chrispian showed his college around, only ground floor where all the kitchens are located for him to have his cooking class. And it’s farewell time. It’s hard to say goodbye after not seeing each other for so long but we will definitely meet up again. =)

Next day, which was Sunday, my dad went for his rehearsal. My mom and I planned to walk around the city with some of her friends. She expected me to be the tour guide since they didn’t really get used to Monorail and all, fancy technology which can only be found in KL. Berjaya Times Square was our first stop. I wonder how many shops that my mom has entered to look for her shoes. Four, five or may be six, may be more but still didn’t buy anything. I was following her, all the way. Tired but what to do, I have always followed my mom. :)

The highlight of the day would be the visit to Sky Bridge of PETRONAS Twin Tower. It is an eye-opening experience to be in one of the wonders in the costruction. The iconic building may lose his title to be the tallest building in the world, but it is still the tallest TWIN building in the world.

Alright, just let the pictures do the talking.

View from afar

View from the side

View from down below

(While waiting for lift)
mommy and daddy

mommy and me

View of Sky Bridge from 40th floor

View inside of the bridge

me and mommy in the bridge

View from Sky Bridge. haze... -.-"

Side of the bridge

Look up!

All the way down.

Me, mommy, daddy, uncle, auntie

The tour ended around 6pm.

Did our final shopping spree of the day at SOGO, I was ready to get back to campus by using 10.30 bus from Puduraya. While leaving, the situation was a bit overwhelmed by emotion. As the bus departed, familiar liquid drops and right after that, I texted my parents that I miss them already.

So now, I am in UTP, again.

*Happy moment passed by very fast. Wish it could be longer but the short moment means a lot. It is true when you are with your beloved and special ones. ^.^

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An Okay Restart

How much I expect it to be a good start for the day, it never turned out as I want it to be, unfortunately.

Anyway, this issue should have been settled last week but due to the unforeseen circumstance, everything is delayed. Suppose to be having my first Fluid Mechanics Lab today but the timing clashes with my Engineering Graphics class which will be in the evening. So, I have decided to go for the morning slot. And so, our "hot" FM lecturer appeared and clear things up. I will only have my lab session next week. Woke up early for nothing, except for laundry. I don't really bother waking up early although I went to bed quite late last night, deprived of sleep. It is a good habit to wake up early. No more waking up in the afternoon. Erase this habit out of me is a must.

Hard to fall into sleep when back into my room despite my eyes were heavy. My laptop somehow just kept me awake. Doing last minute EG work (manual drawing really gets on my nerve!), Facebook-ing and of course, "The Sims 3"-ing, my new past time routine, for now. Not so addicted to the game, yet. I still can refrain myself from playing too much of it.

Engineering Graphics class for today was interesting where we started to use AutoCAD (or AutoDesk). Just introduction of drawing straight lines, circles and all. Oh well, it is way better than manual drawing anyway. But, stupid DELL desktop at block 2, it gets lagged when I want to save the file into my pendrive and then, it was sort of, "dead". Need to restart the computer and redraw! -.-"
Restart everything, huh?

Went jogging with Chua at 6pm. It has been months that I didn't jog and I think my stamina has degraded. Felt tired after running for 2 rounds around the football field. A sign that I need to jog more.

Basically, this is how my first day goes. Lame and typical but what makes it different is, well, it feels like first day of semester, again. haha

A little announcement or information for my readers:
Words or sentence with asterisk (*) that I usually end my post is something like post-script a.k.a PS. I think it is pretty obvious. But, to be specific, it is usually random thought that suddenly pop into my mind, a bit of my philosophy or view or certain things.

Monday, August 10, 2009



Start the post with greeting since I am typing this post in the early morning. My laundry has been abandoned for one whole week ever since the escapade but it was not possible to bring them all. Plus, I never thought that I would be flying home and might be staying at friend's home. No way I am going to bring all those (a full pail) dirty clothes. My point is: I woke up early today just to do the laundry.

Anyway, the campus reopens since Thursday but I am only back yesterday, around 6pm. Used the earliest flight from my home, at 11.35am (although I would have wanted to stay later at my hometown using 4.00pm flight but that would be so late). One week impromptu break passed by, so quickly. Days and nights seem to love slip away within the blink of an eye. Even so, I do enjoy the time that I get to spend at home, where family members are all around. Can actually feel the love in the air. :)

Reopen of the campus, this time, I would say it is a whole new start. Well, it is more like a RESTART. It's a refresh. Just hope the things go better and smoother after this, despite of the busy schedule that is approaching due to the "holiday" and everything is brought backward. And, I should start jogging starting this week. :)

Alright, that's all for now. Catch up more with you all later. And, I won't be blogging as much as I used to, as in like daily updating. I only post when I have the time.

*Happy that you called, although I don't have the gut to do so, sometimes.

Friday, August 7, 2009

H1N1, Hot, Haze!

Everything is started with H1N1. Initially, the news only reported first few confirmed cases in Malaysia. Then, this number multiplied until recently, death cases were being reported. The outbreak is getting contagious and deadly. The epidemic stupid virus causes schools, higher institutions and even some companies to be closed. Our nightmares used to be coxsackie, SARS, HFM, and the list goes on. What’s next?

And, haze is back! Well, as far as I am concerned, there is always haze in KL. When I was flying home that day and the plane was about to land, surprisingly, I was unable to see what is down below. I mean, it was all covered by thick haze. I could not see a thing! LNG plants, tankers, my little hometown, are not visible like it used to be. The haze is so bad, even at night you can notice it until today. Still could see people do open burning despite of the hot weather. Oh people, wake up! Are they blind or what?

It has not been raining ever since I came home. What is wrong here? We have haze, but no rain to wash them away. Some more, the weather is insanely hot. It is so hot, until a certain extent that we would be having water crisis and everyone will be buying bottles of mineral waters, for bathing! Dramatic but it is my dream.

Contagious and now deadly H1N1;
Insanely hot weather;
Freaking thick haze!

It is not even 2012 yet!


*Some people get things but they may not really want it.
Some people want things, but they may not really get it.

People will never know the journey that you have to go through.
That is why unfairness always exists.
Learn to live with it.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Days Before Escapade

Although it is just a one-week break, some of us already whined how bored they are. Well, I have no comment for those staying in the campus throughout the closure period since they are stuck inside (I do heard some of them managed to sneak out though). Since I choose to go home, all the way to Bintulu, Sarawak, I would not say I am bored. It is not that I can go home as often as like some people. (I just left home 2 weeks ago; it is not even exactly 2 weeks in UTP yet!)

Before all the menace, I mean, the so-called freaky Friday which was on 31 July, the week was as hectic as I have to prepare stuff for upcoming events in which one of them supposed to be held today. Thanks to stupid H1N1 virus, it gets postponed, after all that dreadful last minute work. Just pray the event won’t get cancelled. Hope not. Plus, I was also responsible to take of English Language Club booth during MMK (29th-31st) for consecutive 3 days. The weather was horrible. No longer can succumb to the scorching heat, Wednesday night, I was down with fever. I dare not to go for doctor because I do believe I am not infected. After taking panadol, I was feeling better on the next day and continued with my duty as usual.


Perhaps due to lack of drinking water, fever strikes again but it was less severe. I am very optimistic that I am going to be alright. From other perspectives, I won’t want to affect those who get into contact with me for past few days. So, I told myself, I am going to recover soon, no matter what. I won’t let myself get quarantined.

By the way, I am officially becoming a blood donor. I have the "sijil" to prove that I am. :)

Well, well. It was just another normal Friday (second Friday of the semester). After attending the only lecture, IMSE, I went to Pocket D to spend last moment of MMK. It was also the time when rumour started to spread like wildfire that UTP is going to close down on that very day. And so, in the end, it really CLOSED. Otherwise, I won’t be somewhere on the island of Borneo now.

Everyone kept on pushing one another to leave immediately. To be frank, I felt reluctant to follow them. I mean, it was too rush to go, just like that. At some point, I almost choose to stay. Just stay in campus. Eventually, we went to Taman Maju to take our bus to KL. Those who followed were me, Graham, Kerry, Michael, Chua, Jonathan and Sze Mei. Mind to tell you, I only made the last minute decision to fly home while waiting at the bus station. I called my mom almost immediately. While the bus departed, my mom told me she has confirmed the flight ticket. YES, I AM GOING HOME!

Upon reaching KL, we put our stuff at KL Central first and headed our way to Mid Valley Megamall. I would always pass by KL every time I went home but I never like really drop by at the city, even just for a while except for KL Central, obviously. Anyway, we went to have our dinner at Manhattan Fish Market. It was my first time to go there. It is all about fish, and so it’s name of the franchise. I ordered Manhattan Fish & Chips and Graham tried to fool me to squeeze the tomato all over it. Thanks to Jonathan, it was his treat. =)

Manhattan Fish Market

Fish & Chip (not bad)

Later, Chua and Michael went to KL Central, I think as they have to meet up with Michael’s girlfriend. Her name is Su Fang, if I am not mistaken. As the rest of us, we hanged out around the endless mall while waiting for the time to pass.

Graham, Chin, and RM16.90 ice-cream

It was 10.00pm and Chua’s dad is going to pick them up soon, somewhere at Kelana Jaya. Graham, Kerry and I were spending the whole night at McD. It was around that time that I get to check the official announcement regarding the closure of UTP.

I need to return the room key and have to go back before 5pm for health screening.

I didn’t return my key and I won’t make it for the health screening since I only fly back on Sunday afternoon.

And so, I decided to email rector about this. Glad to receive his reply few days later.

Taking the earliest bus to LCCT, and so we waited, again. Graham and Kerry left at 7.10am and mine was at 9.05am. Two hours after that I am home. :)

End of escapade.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Friendship Day

I wonder if any of you are aware that first Sunday of August is Friendship Day. Well, now you know.

Friends, they say, come and go. Not if you stilll care for them.
Friends, they say, "friends forever". Not if you don't put any effort to keep the friendship.
Treasure the friends that you get to make. Meeting someone new, keeping the old.

I am just so-so in photoshopping but this is what I can do within an hour. Anyway, it comes sincerely from my heart. Too much photos to be included...

Wish everyone

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Guess what? Now I am home! After 2 weeks semester starts, now I am back to my own bed to sleep again. My result is fine enough and that is not the reason I am not in campus. Needless to say that as more and more Universities are being closed down, due to the contagious H1N1 virus. There has been rumors that UTP will have to be closed, it is just a matter of time. And so, it officially happened yesterday, 31 July 2009. The day where everyone went pyschotic, rushing packing their stuff and left the campus as soon as possible. Some say need to leave before 3, some say 1, some say official announcement will only be out after 3pm. Everything is "what I heard people say la..."

In such chaotic circumstance, no one really like clarifies the official announcement to check in elearning. I don't think no one is bother because thing in their mind is "HOLIDAY"! When I was able to settle down and checked the website myself, I just get to know that I have to return the room key and have to get health screening upon reaching campus when it reopens starting Friday. I didn't leave my key and I may not make it on time for the screening. Great! Thanks for the unncesssary rush in which we can still leave by today, actually. Anyway, I am home now. Still in disbelief that I am in my hometown after what we have gone through yesterday. Will blog about it soon when I have time.

Officially, I will start to run English Language Society blog. Yet, I have to explore WordPress since it is kind of new to me. So, this break won't be a break, after all. It is just an impromptu leave for me to get my work done. And also, for my own full recovery since I am still a bit unwell at the moment.

Stay tuned.