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Galloping Horse @ Soft Opening - 31st January 2014

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Busy Life

Just a little update.

In spite of the tests were over, I still have lots of other stuff to deal with and catch up. And, I will be leaving this Thursday morning, so I have to finish everything by then. No much time left. Gosh! These few nights I cannot give sleeping time a chance.

This blog may stop for a while. Just a while. Be back here soon as I get everything done.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My First Tag!

This is my first post of "tag", though I am not really sure what does it really mean. The only "tag" that I know is "name tag". =.="
It seems that I have to answer the questions that have been posted by the "tagger", something like that.
Anyway, I was tagged by a new friend of mine, Justin Wai Khan, a friendly guy from Ipoh.

*I would like to apologise if I violate any rules, codes, ethics or whatever it is regarding to this tagging thingy. It's my first tag, what?*

Here it goes.....

1. What is the relationship of you and her/him?
We never meet each other. How do I get to know him?
~He is Yi Herng's high school friend.
~I viewed his Friendster profile.
~He viewed me.
~I messaged him.
~He replied and added me.
~I added him in Facebook.
~Then, I linked him in my blog list.
~So did he.
~Eventually, he tagged me.
~I answered to his tag.
Online friends, I guess. Nevertheless, I hope we can be more than just merely "online friends". =)

2. Your five impressions towards him/her?
As I said, I never meet him. From what I heard and what I can see and interpret on my own. Ceh.....:

3. The most memorable thing that he/she has done for you?
He added me in Friendster. :)

4. The most memorable thing that he/she has said to you?
We never talk but we do leave comment in Friendster. I am not sure whether this count or not.
".....Anyway great 2 know u.. I never had a Iban friend b4... Some more u know chinese.. Cool.. =)"

5. If he/she becomes your lover....
I am not gay.

6. If he/she becomes your enemy.....
God, please don't let this to happen. Amen.

7. If he/she becomes your lover, he has to improve on.......
Before that, I think I myself has to be a real gay first. =P

8. If she/he become your enemy, the reason is.....
I will forgive whatever mistakes or things that he does that may offend me, with condition he won't repeat them again. Other than that, FRIENDS FOREVER. =)

9. The most desirable thing to do on him/her is?
I have nothing in mind to do on him. Hope I can meet him someday. :)

10. The overall impression of her/him is.....
a friendly guy.

11. How do you think the people around you feel about you?
They judge me from what they see. Most of the cases, they get me wrong.
"What you see isn't necessary what you get". That's all I want to say.

12. The character of you for yourself is?
Helpful, I think.

13. What do you hate about yourself?
Being too EMOTIONAL and PESSIMISTIC, then end up as a pathetic guy.

14. The most ideal person that you want to be is......
like Oprah Winfrey. Smart, intelligent, humble, wise, helpful, caring, vocal.... A well-rounded figure.

15. For the people who care about you and like you, say something to them.
Thank God I found you. My life will be gloomy without you. This comes sincerely from the bottom of my heart. =)

1o persons to tag:
1. Chriss
2. Chua
3. Jasmine
4. Margaret
5. Phebe
6. Amelia
7. Eric
8. Mohd. Najwan
9. Cathy
10. Graham

Who is no.2 having a relationship with?
He has friends and family. That is the only relationship that I know. Unless, he hides something from me. Chua....... XD

No.3 a male or a female?
A pretty female, as pretty as her name. :)

If no.7 and no.10 were together, would it be a good thing?
Unless Malaysia accepts gays, lesbians, or any homosexual relationship. One thing for sure, God won't allow that. So, it is not a good thing.

How about no.5 and 8?
Not sure. Perhaps can or otherwise.

What is no.1 studying about?
Culinary arts, in becoming a great chef. Chriss, the Chef. :)

Is no.4 single?
I think so. But I don't think she is available right now. =P

Say something about no.6
A beautiful smart girl who is now studying in Australia.

Okay. That is about all. Happy tagging! ^_^

I'm Proud to be a Sarawakian!

That's all I want to say.


Thursday, September 18, 2008


For this one, I will be answering my own poll. *If I were to be asked by those questions.*

1. Heard of Titanic?
You must be joking. Who hasn't?
This movie has been released for more than 10 years and it will be ridiculous if anyone never heard of it, unless you were just born yesterday.

2. Your favourite character is....
Jack & Rose Dawson.

3. Which part of the movie that interest you most?
Both of them - Sinking Titanic & Love between Jack and Rose
If Sinking Titanic alone, it will be boring as we may not have the chance to witness the misery of Titanic's victims through these two main characters. Plus, I am attracted to the true love in which they portray in the movie.
If Love between Jack & Rose alone, then it will be no different compared to other love movies. Mix these two together, MEGA MOVIE!!!

4. I cry after watching it. You?
Why Jack has to be dead in the end? Why?
Even though, I have watched Titanic lots of times and I know Jack will die in the end. This may sound ridiculous, everytime I watch the earlier part of the movie, it will never cross my mind that Jack will die, at least before the ship hits the iceberg, and I will be hoping that he will survive till the end of it. (That's simply impossible, unless they change the ending for the sake of me. Haha....) It looks so perfect in the beginning but ironically, the ending is a sad one.

5. How many times have you watched Titanic?
Before that, I realise that the figure in the poll may be a bit exaggerating. I think no one get fanatic as I do. (Is there?)
I start watching Titanic since it was first broadcasted in Star Movies back in 1999, 0n 31 December. I would never miss it ever since every time the movie hit my TV screen. No one can stop me! Few years after, ASTRO didn't broadcast anymore, until today. When TV3 showed the movie again while I was in form 3 during the Valentine Dayif I am not mistaken, desperate me looking for the VCD in town. Manage to get it, watch it every day. It has been like a routine for me to watch it daily. I can even memorise the sequence, scene, and lines of that 3-hour movie, errr...., may not be completely, almost though.
How many times I have watched it? COUNTLESS!

First MoonCake Celebration in UTP

3 days ago was my first time of celebrating Moon Cake Festival in UTP. Nothing much about it. It was just another happy moment to be cheered with Uni friends. My friends and I were attending the Moon Cake Festival held by International Cultural Club (ICC) at Village 5 Cafe. Overall, the whole event was just OK, and I believe there is still room for improvement in the future.

Anyway, back to the programme, the event was started with performance by Orchestra Chinese Musical (OCM) and all of the players were my batchmates.
1. Yang Qing - Stephennie
2. Flute - Hoo Pei Ying
3. Er Hu - Graham Tan
4. Double Bass - Vyner
5. Cello - Jia Lin
6. Guitar - Harold <-- I am not sure why guiltar is included but anyway, the performance was still great. They played three songs and I only know the title of the first song, a song by Teresa Teng, which is "Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin" and the other two, I am not so sure.

There were few mini games after that. Passing rubber (more like almost-to-kiss-but-never-get-kissed game), act and guess (lame) and tissue game (??) A little lantern parade after that, led by ICC seniors.

Last event of the day was lucky draw and gifts presentation. The usual unlucky me was lucky enough to play with lantern and ate one slice (one little petite slice) of moon cake.

End of the day. Well, not really. There was a little water-splashing game after that, only among us while we were on the way back. The victim for that day would be Yong Jenn. Poor Jenny! Hahaha~~~

No pictures were taken by me. Lousy camera and shy-shy me. =,="
My first tang-long in UTP. Hahaha~~~

Oh my! I miss my moment celebrating Moon Cake festival with my brothers, back in Bintulu. We used to walk around the neighbourhood with our lantern and eat moon cake (for sure more than one slice) after tired of walking. I wonder if I have the oppurtunity again, for the next 4 years. :') *OMG! Here emotion comes again*

*2 or 3 days to go, I will be FREE! Yay!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sweet Memories of SMKBB'07

To all my high schoolmates, especially class of 5B 2007, SMK Bandar Bintulu, I have provided the following link to download the video that I have posted in YouTube two months ago as some of you come to me and ask for the copy of the video. For sure you guys know which video that I am talking about.

Click here to download

Miss you all so much! =)

Simply the best class ever!

From former student of SMKBB,