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Galloping Horse @ Soft Opening - 31st January 2014

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The last day of June and tomorrow is the first day of July. Talking about July, it just reminds me that new semester is going to start soon. Leaving home on 21st July, meaning I still have another 3 weeks to be at home. I shall maximize the remaining days of freedom by doing something beneficial. I wonder if sleeping for 12 hours in a day counts? Lol, seriously, back in campus, I have been sort of lacking of sleeping and I need to pay those debts. Hoho~ Urgh, what else can I do?

Anyway, as most of my friends know, I am kind of crazy over Lady Gaga. (lol!) In the beginning, I do detested her for being so bizarre in everything. Nevertheless, over time, as my friend suggested, perhaps I have conditioned myself to accept her over the top personalities. I just admire her personal interpretation of arts in the form of music. Some people may find it is disturbing but being a little open-minded, she is just being herself.

Oh, about her latest single, Alejandro. I am addicted! The music video, I do think it is way too disturbing though. I do like the choreography which is better than the one in Bad Romance. But, I prefer Bad Romance music video over this. Lol, both songs are equally entertaining.

Don't call my name
Don't call my name
I'm not your babe
I'm not your babe
Don't wanna kiss
Don't wanna touch
Just smoke one cigarette and hush
Don't call my name
Don't call my name

"Telephone" sucks though. It is disappointing. The video is even worst. *_*

Came back from jungle tracking and jogging few hours ago. Need to work on my stamina really. If my plan goes well, I will be hiking Mount Kinabalu next year.

4101m high


Let's welcome the month of JULY.
Half of 2010 has passed.

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Daphnee said...

steward! hahaha me leaving too on 21st. what time ur flight? mine 3pm. cause all sold out. damn sad. how how u? hehe