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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thank you, SEPRO!

Anticipation has finally come to an end when the result of my last semester was released yesterday. Feel like it was two days ago though since I was staying awake until midnight on Thursday which eventually transitioned to the following day. Lol.

I get what I deserve. I am grateful enough that I still manage to get into Dean's List for the fifth time. Huh, last semester was a hard one for me. I was kind of losing my way before final exam. Lazy to recall back much of it because it is all history now.

You might be wondering what's with the title of this post. Ah well, SEPRO which stands for Separation Process was formerly one of my nightmares last semester. I screwed up my quizzes and tests. Assignments, all were copied blindly from my friends. True, I am not lying and this resulted in very low mark for my overall coursework. At that point, I was sort of depressed. It was the lowest among all and to ace in this subject is just like wanting the pigs to fly.

Somehow or rather, I didn't give up just yet. I managed to catch up during study week and just realised that there was nothing hard for this course. I was regret that I didn't study earlier. When it comes to final exam, I managed to answer all the questions without encountering any blank point. I am not boasting. =)

Just to tell you, I need score at least 90% in final in order to get that A in this subject. Sound rather impossible and guess what? I made it. =D

Despite of the disappointment of other courses, getting that A in SEPRO is all that matters because it makes me believe there is always hope, no matter what kind of circumstances. All you need to do is to believe.

Done with my story. Haha. Another 4 days before leaving home. Savouring every single moment of it. See ya!

*GPA is just numbers, after all. It is a little bonus for you by giving the sense of excitement for your temporary achievement.

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