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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Eternal Contentment

Okay, it is about time to update my dear blog. I have abandoned for nearly a month already. I used to complain that my friends don't update theirs. Ironically, it is me now don't update mine as often as I used to. Kind of lazy to blog nowadays. If not, I am just too tired. Urgh, just want to express my thought around here right now.

Not sure how long will this post be ever since the last post. Apparently, I have not talked about my new semester yet. So, let's start. It's already in the mid of the forth week of second year second semester. That line again, "how time flies" keeps on popping into my mind. Talking about the subjects, a total of 18 credit hours which comprises 6 courses:

1. Reaction Engineering
2. Separation Process 2
3. Introduction to Management
4. Process Safety & Loss Prevention
5. Probability & Statistics
6. Process Instrumentation

The schedule this semester is damn hectic. I don't mind about early morning class but I don't really like the idea that the class ends so late in the evening. My lecture marathon ends at 6pm, 5pm and 7pm respectively for the first three days of lecture. It's torturing. *_* Thankfully, there is no class in the Friday evening, can rest well and prepare for the weekend.

Maths is my favourite subject so, I enjoy the PROBSTAT class most. Our lecturer is really funny, have that a grandpa kind of figure to me. The rest, are just okay. Some lectures can be so boring. Typical lo.

Studies set aside. Talking about non-academic commitments. I have 4 clubs/event commitment this semester. Crazy! First and foremost is my dear English Language Club.
I am the secretary for this new term. The workload isn't that much but I dearly passionate about ELC. So, it is not really a burden for me.

Also, currently holds the position of co-editor of Heart of Tronoh (HOT), the very first newsletter in our campus. It is a collaboration of ELC, MEDTECH and SRC. Thought of quitting next semester. Still under consideration.

Next, unbelievably, UTP Choir Group.
I am in the Management Team, acts as the secretary, and also sort like PIC for disciplinary actions to look after the members commitment towards the group. Actually I went for the audition. I wanted to sing but sadly I didn't pass. T.T Plus, there are lots of members are having my kind of voice which is tenor for the boys. Sigh, no chance lo.

This one is kind of last minute. I am also a part of CONVOFAIR 2010 committee, under my roommate's department, Exhibition.
Zero experience. Not used to do the calling and stuff. It isn't really my thing. Hope I have done well so far for the first timer. *cross fingers*

What else I can update here? Oh ya, you might be wondering what's with the post title? May be not. Well, it is something like lifetime goal of mine, in which I believe I won't get there but I am going through the journey that leads me there. It can be either be sweet or bitter. As I said, you have to go through the journey of bitterness to know how sweet life can be. Tired of being emotional, I need to implement this in my head so that I can be more open hearted to perceive what I am facing now.

Enough ranting. Hope you are updated with my latest post. Wish to know more about my recent updates just visit my Facebook page lo.

Bye for now. See ya!

**Being mad and care about you at the same time just drive me nut. I am not really sure what to do sometimes. And now, I am missing you~

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