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Saturday, December 4, 2010


Oh, it is already 4th December, the very last month of this year. I have been saying this repetitively but yeah, time flies. Another 27 days, year 2010 is coming to an end. Frankly, I am not looking forward for 2011, yet. There are just so many happenings: Engineering Team Project (ETP), Industrial Training and most importantly, my brother is going to embark his new journey in university this coming 2nd January, which falls on his 19th birthday. That's a lot in one year. =S

Oh, talking about ETP, that means I will be in my junior year in 2011. Sophomore year, was, erm, a bit disastrous for me, in term of everything. I involved in quite a number of events for the past 2 semesters and put my studies in jeopardy. I considered myself quite lucky for being able to maintain my performance, I guess, for the first semester. I am not sure about the recent semester though. I can only cross my fingers. Next year, it will be my forth year in UTP. Wonder if I could relive my high school days?

Oh, this semester break will be my last longest break ever. I mean, a real last one as for the next 2 years, I won't be having any long break due to the 7 months internship and this continues until the end of degree studies, which will be in the end of December 2012. Hopefully, I will get a proper job after my graduation. I don't think there is any company gives you that long leave, do they? Well, unless I am a woman, there is a chance of 2-month break if I get pregnant and have a maternity leave. Lol, that's random.

Oh, thanks to my brother, I have been listening to Korean songs ever since I am home. I used to listen to Wonder Girls but apparently, they are not out with any new singles yet. For now, I switch my mode for Girls' Generation instead. This song was released in the beginning of this year. The title of this post, that's the song I am listening to. Very catchy and undoubtedly, the singers are cute. Last time it was "Gee" that brings me to them. I guess they are good with one-word-title song. Lol.
Sexy outfits but not the hair.

Oh, on the other note, Western music nowadays are more into hip hop and clubbing kind of songs which are not really cup of my tea (I do miss clubbing, lol). Seeking for soothing ballad music. Been listening to Katy Perry's now, though. I am not really looking at her when she released her first single, which was "I Kissed A Girl" and I was like, urgh. Apparently, she just gets better. Her new album totally changes my impression towards her. "Firework" is the current addiction.
Snapshot of the music video: Firework out of her chest. -_-

Oh, I am back in playing The Sims 2. My "The Sims 3", apparently is the earliest version and I can't install the expansion packs and it's not free to upgrade it. Of course, I can get the pirated one but, erm, I am just lazy. Lol. But, my brothers managed to install the expansion packs for the previous edition of The Sims and currently playing it. So many features to be explored. So yeah, occupying my time by playing game.

It's snowing. Happy December! Merry Christmas in advance.

Oh, the plan for this semester break is basically to gain weight. Seriously. Trying to expand my appetite and eat more than I usually do. It is easy for some but not for me. =S

I guess that's about all for now. I blog less and less nowadays and I only blog when I am bored and yeah, when I am emo but this is not an emo post. Bad thing though, all people around me think that I am a strongly emotional person due to my posts. To think again, I don't post that much, do I? Occasionally, once in a blue moon, I am experiencing the low point of my life. I guess everyone does. Don't lie. =)

Oh, this marks the eighth "oh" for this blog. Simply, that's the number of "Oh" in last part of the song. Lol, bye for now.
And oh, Happy Holidays! That's ninth.

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
ppareul saranghae
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
manhi manhihae

*It was the darkest time in my life. Ironically, that was also the time for me to realise the source of brightness, which always makes my day brighter than the midday sun. I am not going to let it go away.

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