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Monday, April 25, 2011

My Heart Will Go On

“It’s been 84 years.
I can still smell the fresh paint.
The china had never been used.
The sheet had never been slept in….”

Remember these lines? Well, perhaps the next line will stir up your memory a bit..


Late evening yesterday, for some reason, when my player randomly played “My Heart Will Go On” (it always does, lol), I just remembered how the song has always been so soothing every time I am listening to it for the past 14 years, and still counting. Compared to songs released nowadays, the popular original soundtrack of Titanic will never get old.

Was chatting with a friend and talking about childhood. Just like any other normal people, I have my own personal preference of cartoons/series. I watched Power Rangers, Dragon Ball, Doraemon etc. Those were the times when I need not to worry about the world. When I was younger, I wish I could be a grown-up in no time. At this point of time, how much I wish the time would have passed by a bit slower back then. Anyway, back to the story, among all these things, the most vivid childhood memory would be the time when I fall for “My Heart Will Go On”, my very first love and still is. I remembered the time I always sing this song every night before I sleep. I still remembered when I always play with my toy as “Titanic” and sing the song along. Lol.

One of my favourite scenes in the movie: the sinking

First time watching the movie when I was 9, the perception changes when I grow older. Back then I might feel “eeew” as there are so many kissing scenes between Jack and Rose. Watching it now (in which I just did), I view it from other perspectives, in a more matured way. Humanity. Friendship. Loyalty. Love. How far you can go to preserve these? Does the fictional love story of Jack and Rose really exist? Does true love exist? By the way, I always come across this line, “If you really love him/her, let him/her go.” What say you?

Titanic, a fusion of historical fascinating actual event and forbidden unstoppable fictional love story are basically the reasons why I love this movie. TITANIC FOREVER!
And I just love the soundtracks! All of them.

Okay, move on to my next agenda for this post. This month is coming to an end and this is my second post. I was so caught up in many things and I didn’t really have the urge to blog. I have so much wanted to share but too little time (or maybe I don’t feel like sharing them now. May they eternalize in my memories). It is coming to the end of this semester. It’s 14th week already! How time flies!

Eventful semester it has been. So many happenings when the semester commenced 13 weeks ago. It didn’t really start nicely. When I was going through half of this period, it didn’t really go well either. Fully recovered (or still recovering) from these has slowly changed me, in some ways. I really learned big lessons from the mistakes that I have done. I’m not putting something that is so dearly precious to me in jeopardy again for very stupid mistakes. Sometimes I whined why these bad moments hit me but these were the times that actually make me to be stronger each day. Good moments, I am thankful for them and it is something that I’m looking forward to keep me living. Sometimes I hold on. Other times, I choose to let go and move on. I did and I feel great.

Life is short, eh? Don’t waste it. Grab every opportunity offered and don't let them slip away.
I shall stop right here. Let’s see how this very last week ends. =)

*I am not in the position to judge people. Everyone is. We observe. We hear what people do but we can just talk about it. Or maybe we shouldn’t.

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ayah63 said...

i also love this movie i've watch this movie so many times its really gooood.......