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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gaga's Haters and JLo

All little monsters (just in case you don't know, little monsters refer to Gaga's fans, in which they call her as Mother Monster. I am not sure whether I am a little monster. lol) surely anticipate her upcoming third album, Born This Way which will be out on 23rd May 2011, that is on Monday! Few singles were released earlier prior to the release of the album which include "Born This Way", "Judas" and "The Edge of Glory". "Judas" is currently my favourite track of the album. The music video is super brilliant. It is a masterpiece and the supremacy can't never be challenged. Lol, that's going overboard.

The album cover is little disturbing though. She is really into darkness images lately but her music is still rockin'.

One thing I don't like about Gaga is her haters. Been reading the comments on YouTube, Facebook and any other websites. Those rootless accusations really disgust me. They all call her names, saying her worshipping satan, mocking religion (Christianity in particular) bla bla bla. From wearing meat dress to using fake blood as prop for her performances. She really likes to trigger controversy by producing songs like "Judas" or her "Alejandro" music video which include the symbolism of religion. The most common one is Lady Gaga claims to be an Illuminati puppet, as one of her popular gesture is showing the "All Seeing Eye" by covering one of her eyes.

Seriously, Gaga is still dust in God's eye, just like everyone (well, to those who believe in God). Why would anyone getting so intimidated by her if they have real faith in God? Since when we can judge someone whether he/she will go to hell? That's God's job, not us. I really can't stand seeing these comments pop up. These haters are just plain LAME, trying to get attention by posting such comments. These are the real attention whores. Gaga, well, I never deny the fact she is an attention b***h but she does it beautifully. Lol. I see Gaga as a great entertainer. I enjoy her metaphoric music which can be so inspiring. By the way, haters keep on saying she's copying Madonna. I mean, where's Madonna? I didn't hear she's complaining. Another thing what I like about Gaga is she never lip-sync when performing, which makes her a REAL entertainer, which happens to write or co-write her own songs as well. =D

This makes me ponder though. No matter how sweet you are like Taylor Swift, how decent like Celine Dion, how innocent like Justin Bieber, they all have one thing in common. They all have haters. So, I guess Gaga realises the fact that no matter what she does, there are groups of people will always be displeased. So, she pushes a little beyond the limit to do what she likes, in which I happen to enjoy them. Paws up! (")('')

I miss this Gaga. Though.

It's the new generation..
Of party people...
Let me introduce you..
To my party people..
In the club...

Lol, this happens to be the intro of one my favourite JLo's songs. Not really a fan of JLo. The truth is that her songs barely made any hits previously, in my opinion. That has changed when her latest single, "On The Floor" was released 2 months ago. Incorporating latin beats and with a sample of "Lambada", this video has garnered more than 150millions views currently, surpasses Gaga's "Born This Way" which was released about the same time, earlier actually. This song makes me wanna go club! XD
On the other note, she still looks incredible in her 40's. Having 2 children, she is a truly hot mama. LOL. Her vocal is really not that powerful but she definitely can sing. Tracks from her Love? album are quite good, I would say. "I'm Into You" and "Papi" have that catchy beats that keep me hooked!

Other than Gaga and JLO, I have this another song keeps wondering in my mind.

"Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom....."

Hehee, enjoy!
p/s I can't adjust the snap shot, I think...

Have a nice day! =)

*Enjoying my semester break and won't be back to UTP that soon although new sem starts on Monday. I am being a bad boy now. Quoting from Dr. Nurul, my dearest TP lecturer. :)
**Waiting for the time to unleash all these....


Anonymous said...

innocent like justin bieber? really? hahaha

Steward Baba said...

innocent as in... he is just 17. hahaha