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Thursday, November 24, 2011


"No point in crying over yesterdays,
Because we are yet to see the best of days"

It's been a while I didn't stop by. Interning in MGP is just the same like working here in any way. Despite of the fact that my jobs here are projects-based as I don't have daily tasks, the naps routine that I usually have in campus is really killing me here as I will always get tired whenever I am home. Vendor machine is my best friend in MGP, to get my snickers bar and a cup of hot coffee to keep me alive. Cooking for dinner, online, watching series, playing games and sleeping; routines after back from work and it repeats for every weekdays. I was too demotivated to blog as these hours are the only time that I can have for myself, until today.

It is coming to the end of November before tuning into the last month of the year. I have to write something. Lol. As you can see from the photo above, frost starts to form. It was taken earlier today. It's just getting colder than before. The temperature barely makes it more than 10degrees. Autumn is ending soon and all of us here are wondering when it is going to snow. As much as we are excited like a group of "sakai" kids waiting for it, pray hard it won't jeopardies our end of year vacation. My colleagues say it is nice to have snow for a week but after that, everything will be just miserable since you hardly can travel. I'm yet to get my boots!

Anyway, since we are given two cars, we have been travelling around during the weekends. Weekends are the most awaited days in the week which keep us going during the weekdays! Has visited few cities around England. This country is big enough to explore and there is so much to offer! If you have checked out my album on Facebook, you will know where I have been to.

Week 1: London
Paying  20pounds for train to London, which includes the use of tubes (underground train) to travel around the city.
Eye of London 

Palace of Westminster and Clock Tower (Big Ben) 

Tower Bridge

Week 2: Oxford
I really love the architecture here! 

Radcliffe Camera 

 Christ Church College, one of the settings for Harry Potter film

Week 3: Alton Towers
One of the largest theme parks in UK!

Week 4: Northampton

These lights were up for Light Night, a marathon for charity 

Week 5: Stonehenge and Stowe Landscape Garden
Desktop wallpaper, eh? This shot was taken by me, though. Lol. Paid 7.50 pounds just to be this close to take the photo.

This garden located at Buckinghamshire.

The building ahead happens to be a school. A school in a garden. 

Week 6: Nottingham and Bleinheim Palace 
There was a Malaysian Food Festival held at The University of Nottingham!

 The campus

 Had Sarawak Laksa! It didn't taste similar but it's good enough for me to consider I am here.

Exploring the city of Nottingham. The traffic here is really twisting!
The Ghost Walk - getting to know the paranormal stories of the town 

Robin Hood statue! 

Bleinheim Palace
Greatest Britain Palace 2011!

Week 7: Birmingham
German Christmas Market! An annual event in which we were lucky to have a glimpse of it. The crowd was overwhelming! Human congestion!

Birmingham is definitely a paradise for shopping enthusiast! 
While enjoying my every weekend adventure, I'm just so, so excited counting down for the upcoming re-release of my beloved movie which will be on the big screen in April next year! The best part is I am going to watch here (hopefully),  in the country where Titanic departed 100 years ago for its fatal maiden voyage.

Life is a never-ending adventure. Cherish my every second on this lovely country. I shall stop here. See you~

*I miss you. Do you miss me? :)

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