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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Come to a Close

I think the effort of reviving this blog proves to be a failure. To make matter worse, I am now laptop-less. Contemplating to get a new one but not in the nearest time. Truth to be told, I am doing pretty good without the need of having a laptop. With smartphone, I can still do what I usually do with laptop but updating blog will be a different story. *Updating this blog from my house desktop in Bintulu*

Trace back to my previous post, so yeah, I am finally done with my convocation ceremony. Didn't expect that I am able to graduate with first class honour. It is truly a blessing, not for me but for my family, and to those who have put their hopes in me. Without their supports, I may not be able to be at where I am today.

 Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) Chemical Engineering - First Class
Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia

I still keep the dream of pursuing Master and PhD. Only time will tell when it is going to be. For the time being I just wish to focus on settling down with my current employment, in which I am still trying to get a clear picture of it. Process engineer, production engineer, field engineer etc are rather explanatory but I always have a hard time to tell others the nature of my job where people always have the "huh" moment when I told them that I am a hydrocarbon allocation executive. Okay, to make it simpler, I am a planning engineer. This might not be the job that I ever wanted but actually it is better than I expected, provided I seize the opportunity that is given to me. Life can offer you more than you ever imagined.

3 more days before this season is coming to a close and I can't believe this year is nearly over! It's 363rd of 2013 already! This year didn't start well with the passing of my beloved grandpa in January which was soon compensated with the news that I am recommended to work for PETRONAS. Despite I waited for 8 months before my employment commences in September, I get the chance to do what I truly passionate about - teaching, when I home tutored four students during my grape-planting days. After joining the company, I get to know more about PETRONAS in which I am still familiarizing with. It is more than just an oil & gas company. You work with PETRONAS, you contribute to the growth of the country. :)

That's pretty much about it for now. Hopefully next year there will be more happenings, more travelings! See you next year!

God's willing.

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