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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Penang Trip

The Penang trip was held by our Penang friends (on 18 until 20 February). I can say almost everyone from Moral Studies class came along for the trip. This is my first holiday with a big group of people, which is about 20 people. And of course, there are no parents to watch us. We are free to do anything. Haha!

First day, we went to Prangin Mall to have some shopping spree. Typical, I only have some sorts of window shopping. No much money to spend. At night, we have some sorts of BBQ at the beach and a little surprise for birthday girl that night, Liang Yi.

Next day, we went to Queensbay Mall and is much bigger than Prangin Mall. We went for a bit of sport by playing roller skates. I fell few times on my butt and it hurt!! I can feel that my muscle tear off! Akai….. (Iban exclamation for pain). At night, we went to Gurney Drive (I guess, not sure about the place’s name) to have dinner. Yeah, right….. Having Wan Tan Noodle, Laksa Penang and Ice Cendol. What a splendid dinner I have that night… and it’s raining yet still HOT!

Last day, we went to some restaurant (don’t know the name) for lunch, eating Nasi Kandar. Haha…. RM 15 for that. This makes me spend about RM200 for these three days where majority is on food.
Haha…. Can identify the pattern of the above three paragraphs? No? Never mind, just asking....


At the hotel lobby upon arriving.

BBQ at the beach

Birthday girl, Liang Yi

Me, Chris, Chua

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