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Galloping Horse @ Soft Opening - 31st January 2014

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Chinese New Year is here!!

It’s Chinese New Year season again. But, sadly, I can’t go back home due to the limited days of holiday. In fact, it is not economical to spend money buying flight ticket for the sake of this. Anyway, I am gonna meet my family during the mid semester break in March afterwards. (Haha, I already book the ticket!!)

I follow one of my friends, Chua Wee Kheng back to his home in Puchong, Selangor. He just moved here last year. So, not many friends to visit over. (Actually, he does not have the chance to meet one!) Eventually, instead of staying at home, we went out. We went to Mines Shopping Mall and Mines Wonderland on the first day. Have a little boat ride which is so boring and walk around the mall, obviously. What a coincidence there is a special exhibition from China in conjunction of this year Olympic in Beijing. So, lots of things to see. And of course, we have the opportunity to see the performance from China as well such as dances, acrobatics, ballet and so on. Besides, we also spent those CNY days at mall, Midvalley Megamall. Kinda having window shopping and oh ya! Having my first Burger King meal there. Well, I guess this year CNY celebration is a whole new experience to me. Haha!

Hey, I am not sure what is wrong but everytime I would like to insert the caption at the center of the picture, it always moves to the side after being posted. What a new and OUTDATED guy I am.

Anyway, back to the pictures:

Top: Reunion dinner

Center: At the entrance of the Mines Wonderland

Bottom: Me, Chua Wee Kheng, Hon Lian Hung, in the snow house. SO COLD!!

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