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Monday, December 14, 2009


Semester break has been nearly 3 weeks now. Despite of doing the same routine staying at home, holidays are just getting better! CHRISTMAS DAY is coming in less than 2 weeks time. It will be on next Friday to be exact! Our Christmas tree is now risen again. Lol!

One week after that will mark the end of 2009. Life moves on, still. Let welcome the whole near year, 2010!
Lol, again.

By the way, I just don’t feel like writing review of my last semester studies like I used to do for the past semesters. All I can say is I am done with my first year. The beginning of first year has been exciting since we are now into our degree program but the journey was not easy and it is still the same, I guess. Last semester I almost drowned due to projects, reports and events’ commitment. Fuh, I thought I won’t survive. Mum was so worried that I may want to give up when I voiced this to her. Well, I won’t. Hope this does not affect my academic performance badly. Okay, I am nervous over the result now and I even have bad dream about it. T.T

Shoot! Why am I talking about this now? I shall embark my second year in 6 weeks time. I am looking forward to the new semester! Woots! Time flies, huh? Yeah, guess so, when you sleep at 4.00am and wake up at 2.00pm, almost every day. My biological clock is so distorted, ever since last final exam. Any solution? I can’t keep on living like this. (-.-")

Anyway, with more things are coming up after this, I just love the holidays. Hope things go well as planned. =)

I guess I am really addicted to Lady Gaga’s songs now. Despite of the controversy about being a bisexual, illuminati girl and with all those exaggerating costumes and weird videos, she is really good in what she supposes to do, that is to ENTERTAIN. Not to mention she is a talented musician. Her songs are real good. I love her live performance. She does not lip-sync.

Furthermore, she has five nominations in the upcoming Grammy 2010. Wish her all the best! Go GAGA!

Screw those haters! =D

"caught in a bad romance..."


nn said...

lady gaga is soo talented! love her too. she might be wacky. but look at mj. wacky people makes a lot of money :DDD

Steward Baba said...

Yeah, totally agree! hahaha