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Galloping Horse @ Soft Opening - 31st January 2014

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Opening Post of 2010

Alright, today has been the second day of this new year 2010 and this is my very first post. My countdown was done at my grandma’s long house. You may think it sounds boring but you have no idea how the night was. Long houses are getting so modern now; it is the youths nowadays modernize the lifestyle in a place which is away from civilization. Lol. All my peers there were dancing, drinking, and singing, just like what you do in a club, I would say, just that different atmosphere. I didn’t join them though. And, I can’t stand the firecrackers played by the small kids; it is not even fireworks. I wonder what is so addictive about the “pop” sound, it is just so irritating and it pollutes the air.

Oh well, that was on 31st December 2009. We are about to enter the 3rd day of this year. Clock won’t just stop tick-tock-ing, will it? Stop looking back but I will dearly miss the great moment that I have last year. Moving on, hope for the best out of this year. I am not sure about my resolutions but I do know about things that I want and not to mention the things that I need.

First thing first, I want a camera! lol, any recommendation? I am just so outdated now since I don’t have one now. Camera seems like to be a necessity at the moment. I have few models in mind and they cost like around RM800 up to thousand. Guess I start to have my saving, again for this. I am going to get myself one by the end of this year. Hah, this is one of things in my want-to-have list. I don’t mind if it is given as my 20th birthday gift. =)

I hope I can be more positive in my thinking and stop being too emotional. Well, I guess it is okay to be negative once in a while, I can’t pretend to be strong all the time. At least I will be one when I am alone, when no sees. Lol. New semester is coming in 3 weeks time and hope that I can work harder this time. Damn, I keep on saying the same thing before every semester but I never really get it done. Anyway, pray hard for my result which is expected to be released on 15th Jan. Good or bad, I have to deal with it. *nervous*

What else? Hmm, just let it pour out when the time is right, shall we? That is all for now, for this opening post of the year. Again, wish you all a Happy New Year 2010. May this new year brings all the best out of you all. To those who are returning to school especially my dear brothers, good luck in your studies and your journey is still long way to go. To my high school friends wherever you are, wish you all the best in your endeavors. To my Uni friends, see you all in UTP! Counting the days now, another 16 days! =)

Oh ya, before I end this. I will be going to Miri this Monday, resume unfinished Sarawak Trip back in July. Lol. If Air Asia does not cancel my flight, I will be in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah from 5th until 12th January. Most probably will be backing home again on 13th. Really looking forward for this trip and feeling super excited now!

Okay, see you!

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