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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Luxurious Meals

Was hanging out with my friends yesterday, Chiang Jinn, a junior from Daro and Siew Ching, my classmates since form 1. We went to Ipoh Parade (IP) as the girls wanted to shop for their new shirt, new shoes, everything. I tell you, it was tiring to hang out with girls because they just shop, shop, shop but then after browsing through for a certain period of time, they didn't buy anything. =.= Well, I am kind of get used to it already.

Talking about meals that we had yesterday, it was the most luxurious meal that I ever had which is not available in UTP. lol Upon reaching IP, we went to Starbucks for our breakfast.

I had Hazelnut Hot Chocolate! It costs around RM12.50. It tastes bitterly sweet.

As for lunch, we went for Sushi King!

I have 2 plates of Salmon Fish which costs a total of RM10 and a bowl of ramen which costs RM12.90. Spicy Jigoku Ramen is my favourite now!

By the way, IP is lacking of food franchises. For me, the only good things there are Starbucks, Secret Recipe, Body Glove and bowling! =D

Before heading back, we went to Secret Recipe cake for our tea break!

I ordered chocolate cheese cake. Super delicious! I wanna try all the cakes there! >.<
Oh, Chiang Jinn and Siew Ching were a bit "sakai" when I asked for skyjuice which turns out to be only cold plain water. lol!

Fully utilized my money on food yesterday.It is not even up to RM50. If I were to eat like this every day, I don't really mind since I am struggling to gain weight. haha. Just realized that we went to all food franchises which initialized with letter "S". Seriously, we didn't plan it, AT ALL. It just happened. lol

It was tea time back at night, in UTP. =)


Chiang Jinn said...

lolz..sorry lo u have to accompany us for non-stop shopping. Girls mmg like that de la when comes to shopping. By the way what is "sakai"?? again another stupid as : what is skyjuice?? haha~

Steward Baba said...

i say i get used to it lo.. i don mind. haha

"sakai"... iban word la.. which means something like "bagai rusa masuk kampung"... hahaha