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Monday, February 15, 2010

Lets us "rawr"


It is Chinese New Year again. How time flashes by in which I still remember last year I was joining my roommate back to his hometown all the way to Melaka, meeting all of his family members, having reunion dinner, receiving angpau and stuff.

Not this time though. I choose to stay in campus for the 4-day holidays. It was quite peaceful here since most of the students going back home. My block was a bit empty. I feel a bit lonely. T.T

The truth is, I don’t really celebrate CNY in the first place. I am just half-chinese. According to IC, I am an Iban, actually. =) Enough with Christmas in December and Gawai in June (still, not many people wish me Gawai compared to CNY. T.T). Most people, here in UTP especially thought that I am Chinese if they don’t get to know me. Perhaps I speak too much mandarin already. I keep on being asked by the same question, “Not going back..?”, “Tak balik kah” =.=

Anyway, wish all my Chinese friends a Happy Chinese New Year. May all of you be blessed with prosperity and opportunities. Let “rawr” this whole New Year.

The celebration is a bit special though since it was held together with Valentine’s Day. Urgh, single me don’t have the loved ones to celebrate with. Anyway, Valentine is not totally about lovers though. It is also about celebrating relationship. Still, we shall always treasure the relationship that we have, not just only on that one particular day. It is one of the hardest things to keep, I would say. You will never know what get into your life next.


Alright, I guess it is about time to blog about this. It is already third week of my new semester and I hardly have time to blog. My blog is sort of corroding. My daily schedule is damn packed with stuff and my weekends are sort of being taken away as well. Even if I have the free time, I choose to sleep because I NEED them, like real badly.

Back to the point, finally I am in my second year in Undergraduate Studies. Can’t believe that I have been in UTP for 2 years already. I still have another 5 semesters to go plus another 8 months of internship I will be done! Wah, somehow I am not ready to get into working world yet. May be I will pursue Master. I don’t know, the planning is still so blur due to some complications. >.<

This semester I am taking 6 courses which include 3 courses of 4 credit hours! *pressure*
1. Separation Process I (SEPRO)
2. Process Heat Transfer (HEAT)
3. Thermodynamics (THERMO)
4. Professional Communication Skills (PCS)
5. Computational Method (COMET)
6. Modern Music 1

So far I am enjoying THERMO, PCS and COMET class the most. COMET is a mathematics subject but it involves too many calculations which are up to 6 decimal places. Imagine hitting your calculator again and again with all those numbers which seem to reach infinity. =.= Still, I start to enjoy this course. PCS is kind of scary though since it is somewhat similar to public speaking but it demands more from us. I like my lecturer. Hope for the best. *cross fingers* THERMO, hmm, as the girls claim, our lecturer is hot. LOL.

HEAT lecturer sucks, I feel damn bored in the class. Feel want to skip all the classes but I don’t think he minds. =D Yet, the course is 4-credit hour. Can’t take it easily. *dies* T.T
SEPRO, the lecturer was my physical lecturer back in first year first semester. Monotonous tone…

Modern Music, I am playing trombone! Looking forward to enjoy this class as well.

Guess that is all I can say for now. I am not sure when will be the next update but one thing I can assure you that I will be FREAKING busy once this holidays end with all the events and academic stuff that I have to deal with. Perhaps can only catch a break during mid-sem break which is coming in 4 weeks time. *excited*

Till here for now. See you!

*Been to club last week to celebrate Sze Mei’s birthday. First timer. Frankly, I enjoyed it! I like the stress-free feeling. Loud music, dancing (lol!), drinking (only 2 bottles of Carlsberg)… Let do it again! =D
Don't stop, make it pop.
DJ blows the speakers up.
Tonight, Imma fight.
TIll we see the sunlight.
Tik Tok, on the clock.
But the party don't stop.. no...

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