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Galloping Horse @ Soft Opening - 31st January 2014

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Freshie me

Just browsing through my old photos in my lappy and found this. Gosh, it was taken like 2 years ago, back in 2008 where I just entered UTP. It was when I stayed at old V5. Miss the time there. Bring back all the memories.

This is just so random.. lol

I have been busy with stuff lately even though it is just second week. I know, it is insane. I hardly have time off now. Almost every night is occupied with meetings. Note the letter, "s". Yeah, guess I need to learn to say no. Since I already promise to help, I shall keep it.

Anyway, posting this up just for the sake of updating. I promise a more detailed update in later post. See ya!

*Am going back for mid-sem break. *excited*

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Seh ich auch so