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Sunday, October 24, 2010

That Special Feeling...

Love is a very vague subject to be discussed. When people talk about love, the common first impression would be "couple", "lovers", "Jack & Rose" and so on. Well, not to deny that they are completely wrong with their ideas. Love is a topic that is always open to everyone for individual interpretation.

Forbidden love between Jack & Rose, eh?

Wikipedia defines love as the emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. Affection simply means the feeling of fondness towards someone. Attachment, on the other note, refers to the relationships between people. From this definition, it is clearly seen that love does not evolve around romance only. When I talk about love (personally), I would not really relate it to the popular perception. I am not the one who would exclaim "eeyeer..." when love topic is being raised. Not that I am not matured enough to really fall in love but in my own way, love is much more than that, which is simply hard to be put into words.

For this special post, I would confine my love within special relationship, friendship. =)

My circles of friends, from hometown to UTP!

Friendship, how would we define it? It is a relationship between two or more persons which requires no conditions to be built upon. We need not trade anything for the friendship we make. All we need is only, well, ourselves and I would say above all is, sincerity. Some are just being mere friends. Some become close of yours, and some turn out to be special ones that you treasure so dearly. Some, well, become more than just friends. There are many level of friendship, I can say. Even so, that does not mean, we cannot care for all. We can. We always can. It is not the matter of time, how long you have known each other or still stay in touch. Friendship comes purely from your heart, the sincerity of making friends. It is the matter how much you still care for one another. This is the principle that I uphold when making friends. That's the idea, at least.

Love in friendship, to me, is a special kind of love where sometimes it is hard to express. May be it can be done but not directly, I suppose. Love cannot be shown by single gesture. There are so many factors to be considered in conforming the love that you have is the true sincere one. Don't get astray though. I am still talking about friendship love. If you start to get different ideas, that means we are not of the same frequency. Or may be it is me that is being abnormal?

For a single person (but not available) like me, I am not really into romance relationship right now because it requires high commitment to make it work (as if I know a lot but I do observe people).

Instead, I prefer to have some close friends that I can count on.
The ones who listen to my stories.
The ones who heal my sorrow.
The ones who will give their shoulders for me to lean on during bad times.
The ones who shares happy stories with me.
The ones who doesn't mind I am troubling them in the middle of the night (hope so)
The ones who accept whatever I am doing.
The ones who can bear with my bad habit (in which I should take the initiative to change)
The ones who really understand you.
The ones who will always be there for you.
The ones who wait for you, without complaining.
The ones that, without him or her, you will be feeling empty.
The ones who you are mad at and yet still can care about at the same time.
Above all, they are the one who give you that warmth feeling in the heart.
You might be alone sometimes, it's that special feeling that accompanies you.
That special feeling is simple as friendship love.

The journey in getting a special friend for yourself isn't that easy. Among all the things that I handle, relationship is the hardest one to keep up with because humans are just unpredictable, don't they? If the other side doesn't make any move, you have to take the initiative. If the other side doesn't look for you, so it's you should be the one who do so. It's hard, I know but that is how it works (at least to me). Just like what Celine Dion says, "that's the way it is".

You need not to walk alone with that feeling of loneliness anymore.

Love comes in many ways but currently, this is the one I am holding on to. It's hard sometimes, full of ups and downs but that is what makes the friendship really special. It is truly incomparable. It is that special feeling...

I am contented that I found that special feeling in you...

*Disclaimer: Just want to clarify that when I used to update my blog quite frequent back in my first year of studies, I post a lot on relationship matter. So, if you browse through my old posts randomly and found the similarity in this post, it is still truly yours.
**Some of the photos attached. Credit given to Google images.

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