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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Separation Process 2

I wonder how many times I have revised my study timetable again and again. I guess the current timetable that I have now is the third time I rearranged it. This is simply because I can't really discipline myself to follow it. Or rather, the timetable just acts as an comforting agent to calm me down so that I won't get stressed easily when the exam is approaching. As I mentioned in previous post, it just to make me feel that I have enough time to study, although not really so. -.-

Separation Process 2, one of the core subjects for this semester. I have all the energy and momentum to study until just now. I guess I just reached my limit and my mind is now saturated with those concepts. Referring to the so-called summary provided by our lecturer, it makes thing worst. It is a real summary of everything of what she has taught. It is not even tips or anything. Giving me false hope. -_-

I wonder why she loves the theory part that much since she included in both of our tests and I screwed up both. Somehow I do believe the reason she is doing this is to make us read everything, rather than just targeting certain subtopics to score in the subject. To a certain extent, I agree with this because my principle in studying is to read everything, whether being tested or not, because that is the main purpose of the education, is it not? My two cents. The only issue is that she allocates quite high weightage on theory while setting the questions. This one, I don't agree. >.<

Mumbling here to kill my time since the mood of studying is not around. And to express my dissatisfaction. I guess the most free time to update blog is during this period, huh?

Using my roomie laptop to update this blog. Asides from deactivating my facebook, I am putting my laptop away as well. "Crazy kah?" my friend responded. I really need to reduce the dependency on laptop now. Back in high school, I didn't even have personal computer at home. Study life was less stressful for me, I have less things to worry about. Less distractions.

Back in idle mode. Ciao~

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HeXagon said...

Hahaha keep own laptop but using other's laptop instead? no difference a xD