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Sunday, June 12, 2011


Well, it has been a week I am back to my beloved Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (Petroleum?!). Attended my very first lecture of Engineering, Economics & Entrepreneurship and lecturer was teaching chapter 4. Engineers in Society lecturer happens to be my former Engineering Team Project supervisor (He gives our group an "A", yay!). Process Plant Design lecturer is superb: a master of Separation Process and Reaction Engineering. Malaysian Studies is exactly (or nearly) similar to SPM History but the class was a little turn-off. A Canadian teaches Corporate Communication, the most unusual lecturer ever.

A total of 5 subjects for my first May Semester in UTP, there is no labs and tutorials this time, only lectures, 2-hour lecture. Mostly are conceptual and theory courses, urgh, I can foresee this semester is going to be a hard one for me as I am not really into reading kind of subject. It's not my cup of tea. Hard and boring. Struggles await. I would prefer struggle solving Maths problem rather than punching myself for not being able to memorise the details in the textbook. Seriously.

Anyway, my third year first semester has finally come to an end when the result was released on Thursday (in which supposed to be Wednesday but UTP Registrar was unable to be efficient enough to deal with the registration, add/drop and result at the same time, so....). It's better than I thought, though. It dropped but I am contented enough lo. For the first time ever that getting a "B" can actually make my day. Haha, I am not joking. Maintain in Dean's List, I have to work harder this semester before leaving for internship. (Waa, interns soon! >.<)

Tomorrow will be the actual commencement of Week 1 of this semester. The new season officially begins. =)

*Last Friday was the craziest day ever! Thank you, DJ! XD

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