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Monday, June 27, 2011

Shoot Me!

Thought I already get over it after one night sleep. Somehow or rather, I was wrong.

I thought we are friends. Is there any need to hide things from me? You think I will mind or mad or something? I tell you, hiding things from me will make me even madder! I’m tired of people hiding things from me. Lying to me. If you want to lie, if you want to hide, seriously, do it well and don’t let me find out. I will still be stupid enough to not to be mad at you.

Our friendship is nothing, is that it? You make me feel that I am a part but by doing this thing, you disappoint me. It’s funny if you want me to mention what you did. To most people, “aiya, small matter..” but when the so-called small matter accumulates, it ain’t that SMALL anymore. I am kind enough to tolerate once, twice, thrice…. I FEEL SO LEFT OUT.

May be I am too naïve. I guess our friendship is all about having fun ONLY but there is no room to tell the truth.

Is it just me or I always face the same issues again and again every year. It’s my own problem kot but well, at least, I tried to change just to get along, without losing myself.

Till the end of the day, I would prefer to have a friend whom I can pour my heart out and just tell him/her everything. Although it means we won’t spend lots time together, it’s the quality of that particular moment matters. The happiness is at least more genuine.

Just a thought.

p/s If there is something you dislike about me. Seriously, say it. I have been flamed before and I don't mind another shot.


HeXagon said...

Lol, quarrel with who this time? By the way I have a suggestion, instead of saying what hurt you perhaps you can also include what specific action you expect him or her to take. Point out the problem and propose a solution. Then everybody can be happier.

Steward Baba said...

I thought it's pretty straight forward. I hate liars. I hate people hiding things from me. So, don't do it. =)