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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Greeting from UK!

"Language is not the barrier of communication.
The accent is."

A dream that I never dare to dream before come true when I am least expecting it: the opportunity to intern at Mercedes GP PETRONAS Formula One Team which based in United Kingdom! First time stepping out of Malaysia, I gave my very first step to England.

The month of October marks the beginning of my 7-month adventure. The journey began when I took 10.05am flight to London on 1st October 2011. Even the 13-hour flight itself was a new experience. I am used to fly to and fro KL and Bintulu but this flight was a little different. I was wondering what could I do to kill the time, thinking that even a 2-hour flight could actually bore me to the max until I was informed that the plane is equipped with electronic gadgets enabling us to watch movies, listen to songs. I watched Rio and August Rush, which occupied 4.5 hours of the journey. Remaining time I was listening to songs, taking naps and enjoying the scenery out of my window. Get to have a glimpse of parts of the world that I never see before.

First time on a big plane. A little sakai.

This view amazed me. Somewhere between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Leaving the mainland...

... and reaching England!

Finally touched down at Heathrow International Airport after being on air for 13 hours!


Heading to a suburb named Banbury which is 1.5 hours away. Staying in Banbury House Hotel for few nights as our host company didn't manage to find a house for us yet. When we settled down, it was already night time. 1st October 2011 was stretched for extra 7 hours for me due to the time difference. Funny, jet lag didn't really affect much. Perhaps it was due to the fact that I am used to stay awake at night back in UTP. Never knew it could help me in this situation. Lol.

View from my room.

Hunger strikes and it is our mission to hunt for food in the foreign place. As expected, it was freezing cold outside. The temperature gets below 20 degree Celcius, colder than a typical air-conditioned room. Well-prepared with my sweater, we walked down the street of Banbury and eventually stopped by at Pizza Express, our very first meal and dinner in UK!

A dinner that cost me 6.30 pound.

A thing that we shouldn't do when we spend money here is to convert to MYR.

Next day:
Good morning, Banbury, UK.

Our hotel, Banbury House Hotel

Grilled Bacon for my very first breakfast.

Equipped ourselves with camera, it's time to do a little exploring around the town before heading to our work place on the next day. Let the photos do the talking. *lazy to type*

Street view along the road

Going down the street

Catholic Church

Banbury Landmark: Banbury Cross

The "Fine Lady"

Another church.
Saw this in the church's compound.

We are lucky to have a glimpse of the annual event of Banbury Canal Day which will be held on every first Sunday of October!
*ignore my hand*

Exhibitions, the crowd of people. It was really happening in this small town.

Saw these horses passed by on our way back to hotel.

Have to say, even this suburb has so much to offer. I am looking forward to explore the land of Big Ben for my 7-month stay here.

Familiarised ourselves with Banbury, it's about time for our main intention coming here: internship. Being chauffeured to our work place, all the way in Brackley, we get to see our host company for very first time.

Signage at the entrance

The main building. Reminds me of UTP, a little.

My desk

That's all for now. More stories in the next post. *Daily report is a nightmare. A requirement by SIIU.*

I start to love it here! I miss my friends back in Malaysia. Take care, everyone! =)

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