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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Journey to the West

*A post of only words.

"To travel is better than to arrive. It's the journey, not the destination."

It all began when I submitted my resume to Student Industrial Internship Unit (SIIU). The initial deadline was set at the end of February. At the time, I was yet to complete my resume and hence, I missed it. In fact, I didn't have the intention to go for it. I just felt like want to go back to where I belong to. Attended the internship briefing and there is one part the officer was talking about the overseas placement. Talking about the allowance and all. Wasn't that interested to listen to the slot. For next few weeks, friends have been talking about seniors going abroad to have their practical. Oxford, Germany, Austria and so on. Never imagined I would be in their shoes. Seriously.

Checked the elearning. Guess what? The deadline was extended to end of April. By the time, I have done my resume because I planned to submit it during Technology, Education and Career (TEC) which was held in the same month. After giving it some thought, I was like, heck, why wouldn't I give it a shot? No harm applying. Plus, I always believe that things happen for reason. Lol. During the semester break, I get the news that I was shortlisted for an interview to be shortlisted for becoming potential candidates. Meaning, once selected, I am yet to have a placement but I would be considered and the application is all done by SIIU. I passed the interview. I remembered that I have to reschedule my slot because I was having 2-week study leave.

The waiting began. One by one, my friends were getting placement. Getting called for interview and everything meanwhile I didn't receive anything. Japan, Austria, Germany, France etc. All the placements were occupied. I was like, oh, perhaps I have out-listed. Wasn't really have high expectation though. Plus, I already have a placement back in my hometown. Have been considering the pros and cons for both choices, if I get any, going to intern in MLNG is not that bad at all. The time I was ready to stop hoping is also the time when I received an email from SIIU to attend an interview. Okay, there was a glimpse of hope again.

Doing a little research on the company to prepare myself for the interview. There were 20 interviewees and they only required 8. 40% chance to be selected. The interview session went quite smooth though. Frankly, I felt good about it. The thing is, the other students that I met who have been interviewed felt the exact same way. I didn't feel good again. Lol. I didn't put my hope high so that I wouldn't crushed as much. Though hope is frail, it is better than none. Good news came in 1 week later. =)

A little adventure began when I need to have my passport in the first place because I don't have one. Since I came from East Malaysia, I need to have a birth certificate if to apply in West Malaysia. I did bring along my birth cert along with me to the campus so I thought it wasn't a big deal until I realised I have misplaced and forgotten where I have put it! Nearly ransacked the whole room and I couldn't find that piece of paper. No choice but rushing to the nearby Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara to retrieve a new one. The officer mentioned it would took one week to process since I am not from local. Great, SIIU officer has requested the passport details in one week time and I was stuck with this. To make thing worst is I heard from my friends that even the passport would only be done in one week time too. What choice do I have anyway? Back to the campus that day, when I have calmed myself down a little, cleaning up the mess and boom! The birth cert appeared! LOL, it appeared in a file that I thought that I wouldn't have put it there. I went to Immigration Office on the next day itself.

I have visited the office thrice just to get my passport done. First visit was to fill up the application form where the officer said it required 5 working days of investigation before they can process it. Waited for a week and I came to the office for second time. By right I can have my passport done on that day but the machine or whatever they call it, break down. Did I mention that the Immigration Office is quite far away from my campus? I was really thankful to my friends who were willing to bring me there just to do my passport. 2 days later, my third visit, which was on 21st August 2011, finally, I have my very first passport in my hand!

Next was the Visa application. We have to wait for offer letter and supporting documents from the company before applying and we only managed to get them during exam week. Earlier, we have been studying the UK Embassy website. The website is kinda confusing. I was having a hard time to identify what I need to do. From online application, online appointment, payment mode, Visa photo requirement and everything. That's a lot of things which couldn't be taken lightly. Asking from seniors and friends who have been doing this last time lighten the stress a little. After having all the necessary documents, after exam, we went down to VFS Global Malaysia, a UK Visa application centre which located at Wisma MCA. The application went smoothly. No interview was needed for my case. It took a minimum of 5 working days to process and eventually, it was approved.

Okay, I realised this is the account from the time I submit my resume, interview, passport and Visa. Oh well, the adventure of a lifetime, it didn't come by just by a snap of finger. It is kinda grueling as when everything is not confirmed, you would always be haunted by doubt and uncertainty. It is not cool.

Just for your information, I will be doing my internship at Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Limited which based in Brackley, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom. A small township which is 1 hour and a half drive from London. Mixed feelings right now as I have the chance to go for a journey of self-exploration and learn more new things but also, being separated from the beloved ones here in Malaysia for 7 months. Well, this is just a temporary part of process in learning. This bounds to happen someday, may be not now but perhaps in the future. For me, now is the beginning of this part.

This post will be the season finale and last post here before embarking my new chapter of life somewhere. The month of October marks the beginning of a whole new adventure, not just for me but also to my friends. Hereby I would like to wish my batchmates all the best in their internship. Thailand, Japan, France, Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, United States and of course, not forgetting those in Malaysia. See you all in Final Year! ^^

I start to miss home now. Miss my family. Miss my buddies. Miss my friends. Hoping that later, I will get tired of missing so that I won't be too emotional to fly off this Saturday. Lol. Take care, everyone! See you when I am back! :)

*This post is scheduled to be published at 6.50pm, the time of departure from Bintulu to Kuala Lumpur, beginning of the new adventure! *saje*


SengYee said...

Good Luck Steward..All the best there..go Jalan-jalan around London..:p

Chiang Jinn said...

safe journey and enjoy ur internship ^^

SengYee said...

Haha..Steward..Good Luck for ur intern..:D