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Monday, July 15, 2013


Blogger has become more like a space for me to vent recently. The posts can be too personal and not even real life friends can comprehend what I actually feel but all I need are just listeners (or readers). Advice won't really work on me, most of the time. I am usually the one who cheers others but little thing I know whether it has helped them in any way.

Earlier this month my external hard disk crashed which contains lots of files, which include photos from my internship. Unlike hundred GB of videos and series that I have downloaded for past five years which are redownloable, the photos are irreplaceable. Hard disc failure is not as depressing when you are not able to recover back those moments. It will be too costly to recover from a big-size hard drive. If I have the mean, I won't mind going for it. (Thankfully, the photos are saved because there is a backup copy in my home desktop.) Still, I tend to grow sentimental over virtual stuff that I have kept for so long. 

Today, my 4-year-old laptop kept on crashing. I have tried to save it but the effort went down to the drain when in the end the system happened to freeze every time after it started up. My friend who worked in IT industry told me this might due to RAM failure since the laptop managed to start up so it can't possibly be software failure. Surely, my main concern is the files stored in my laptop. I have lost my stuff from my external hard drive and I don't think I can't afford to lose more stuff right now. My friend convinced me that these files can be recovered since they are still accessible before the system freezes. But, I just don't have any budget for that right now. Sigh.

In my own opinion, these are merely small issues which can be easily fixed, as long as you have the money. Nonetheless, these are the little things that trigger a near-miss breakdown. This constantly reminds me for being unemployed and in a way, my disappointment with certain entity. Trying the hardest everyday to diminish the negative feeling but things like these will always remind me. The more I talk about it, the more depressing it is. Okay, change topic.

Just found out that Cory Monteith, the actor who played the role as Finn Hudson on Glee died. I was so shocked when I read Kim Kardashian's tweet. I thought it is a hoax but after googling and I get to know it's true. This news is rather shocking. Before my hard drive died, I managed to have a "glee-athon", rewatching the whole series from the beginning until the very last episode. Glee has been inspiring in its ways together with its cast and hence his death is deeply felt. Gone too soon, may he rest in peace.

The cast come and ago throughout the series but his absence will be deeply felt when season 5 commences this September.

This, reminds me, that life is fragile. 

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