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Galloping Horse @ Soft Opening - 31st January 2014

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

No Match

"May be there is no matching position yet," she said. It's either the roles are way too easy or too difficult for me to handle, I guess. I don't know. This remains a mystery, unsolved x-file. I am always puzzled but still managed to naively put things together. Ah well, positive way to look at this whole situation is the opportunity to come back tougher and stronger.

Anyway, moving on, this project is long overdue. The idea to make this video is more than a year old but it was never realized until recently with all the free time that I have at the moment and my brother's making video skill. Compressing seven-month journey within a ten-minute clip is not an easy job.

MAMGP Family

It's been more than a year but the memories are always fresh in my mind. We have our good times and also bad times but most importantly we went through them all together. The seven-month truly changes our friendships to a whole new level. "Kawan susah senang" indeed.

Reminiscing one of the best moments in life to keep me going.  


Joycelyn Tan said...

I think maybe the department that you preferred is currently out of vacancies? because i think ure having same situation like Teck Ming. He aimed to get into E&P, and lately only got vacancy in that particular department. So, yea, good thing is always worth waiting =)

Steward said...

I should hope so. :)