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Monday, January 21, 2008

A Whole New Beginning

12 January 2008
Agenda: First day in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS and first day steps into a university. [Err… Not really because before this I have been to Universiti Putra Malaysia kampus Bintulu for community service few years back (Don’t want to tell any further!), a visit to Curtin University, Sarawak Campus in Miri, and of course, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) for my EduCamp or interview last year, in December.]

Well, I felt rather sad than excited because frankly, I am kind like a family type of person. Never separated from a home for a long time. (Hehe….. honestly, I am not keen to apply for UTP actually, not to mention to get here because deep inside my heart, this is not what I really want. BUT, I’m here now. I guess I have to bear it for 5 years. I think that’s the main reason why I felt sad, I suppose. If not…Oh ya! I miss my mum. Love you, mummy!) She cried before leaving me here. So did me. So sad. I’m a boy, though. Should be tough, shouldn’t I?
Obviously, typical, I have to undergo orientation for one whole week before going for my first lecture. Gosh! I was glad it was over now but that time was not easy though. With packed schedule, “good” seniors, boring talks… I thought I was going to die (So dramatic, am I? No? Never mind!!!).
My most “memorable” moment will be during the Fire Drill. Guess what? I did hear the bell rung but I didn’t escape because I can’t wake my room mate up. I can’t just let him die there. What happens in the end? I got sprayed with cold water, during cold night, under the shining moonlight. Hehe…. No pictures to show you. Hahaha……

Nevertheless, my favourite slot during the whole orientation a.k.a. Minggu Aluan Siswa (MAS) will be the Moral Activities with the non-Malay seniors (I hope the others may not get offended. I’m just merely saying it, there is no hidden meaning). Unfortunately, I don’t manage to get any pictures for that. L Anyway, I get to know lots of our seniors which some of them are also international students. Penny, Jeffry, Henry, Jared, Sharlinie, Subarna, Kuhan, Somfong, Tidha and so on. Really fun to get to know them though I know after this everyone will be busy with their own coursework, all that. (Sorry if there is any mistype of the names, at least, they sound almost the same, what??)

Of course, I have new friends also. First of all, I get to know my roommate from Sabah, Fakhrullah bin Mawardi which is also my course mate. Hmm... Both of us come from overseas, the island of Borneo and reading the same course. What a coincidence. Haha! Want to know him? Check on my friends list in my Facebook. Ya, I have a Facebook account. Feel free to add me up if you want to know about me. (Oh, I also have FRIENDSTER)…

You know what? Hon Lian Hung, as NOT expected, is my course mate also. We have been class mate since primary five. And now? However, I never know him much. He is unpredictable. (Hon, if you are reading this, don’t get offended. I am just being true to myself here!) Chua Wee Kheng, from Bintulu too. I’ve seen him during EduCamp but I never know that he applied for the same course as mine. Hmm… It’s time to know him better. Oh! Three of us, Hon, Chua and I manage to befriend with an Ipoh guy, Chan Yi Herng. Apparently, we get along so well and have set up an unofficial group for ourselves. One more thing, he takes Chemical Engineering as well! Fuh! What a destined occasion for four future chemical engineers. Hahahaha……… (Ok, may be just three. Don’t get it? Go back to the top for answer)

I also get to know some of Peninsular friends, Tamil, Jonathan (aka Jenny), Shanggar, Kuhan, Xiao Ci, Jia Lin,… Same goes for those come from my home state, SARAWAK; Serena, Sze Mei, Stephanie, Jion Sean (friend already actually, class mate also, same case with Hon but she takes Mechanical Engineering), Chrispian, Lawrence, Graham, Kerry …

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