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Saturday, January 26, 2008

First Lecture, First Impression

After the horrible orientation week, finally I am going to attend our very first lecture. To be frank, there is no much different compared to secondary school. We just sit there and listen to the boring lectures and accompanied by slides. The only difference to me is that the lecture hall is air-conditioned. Haha! Oh ya, we also have international lecturers like my Physics lecturer come from Sudan. On my!! I just remember that I hate Physics so much when I was in secondary school. It has never been my cup of tea at all. I thought it WAS over when SPM was over. I guess I was so wrong.

For your information, I take seven subjects for this semester which are English, Engineering Mathematics (combination of Mathematics and Additional Mathematics, I think, for those who are taking Malaysia Education Certificate aka SPM sure know what I am talking about), Physics, Chemistry, Thinking Skills (??), Moral Studies (Ya, we learn it AGAIN!) and co-curriculum also, which is compulsory. I take Sport Science which I am so regret. 100% THEORY!! No sweat is involved. What the heck!!

Fuh! I just know that the so-called lecture notes are derived from the lecture slides, it is just that in hard copy form. Sigh~~ To me, this is kinda LOW standard to me. I don’t know, this is just how I feel about it.

Food? There are 11 café around UTP but the choices of food is not really that myriad. Since the majority of the population here is Malays, for sure Malay food is the most served here. HOT! SPICY! Western food is also available. But I miss PORK!! Ya, obviously, they don’t have it here in UTP. Always sneak out of UTP and have some. Haha! I am not trying to be sarcastic here…

(Yes, you are!)

[NO, I am NOT!!]

Facilities? I just don’t understand why they leave air-conditioners and lights on in every lecture hall, tutorial room and lecture rooms even there is no one in it. Hey, we are talking about more than 50 air-conditioners and hundreds of lights here. What wastage of energy! [for Malaysian readers, mentang-mentanglah PETRONAS kaya…]

And I more thing, I guess this is crucial also. I know the good intention of UTP to water the grass here to make the surrounding greener by installing sprinklers, but operating under the rain. Oh my! Another kind of wastage is going on here.

This is all I can say about my first impression come to UTP. Oh ya!! Kinda dusty also. Why?? This is simply a lot of construction are still going on. Haha!

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