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Monday, June 9, 2008

Don't let EMOTION get on your way!

Haha! I don’t expect that my blog receive good response from my readers. First is from my friend and then my teacher. Is my blog really that good? Haha! It’s up to you to judge.

Interestingly, besides from the compliment, my teacher also has commented that I am being too emotional. I guess I exposed too much of my real self by letting out all my feeling in the blog. I am just being true to myself here, actually. (Am I or am I not??) After thinking for a while, I really think that my emotion really has blinded my perception towards my surrounding. It is just hard for me to let go sometimes. I tend to think of the dark side and worse case scenario of everything. It’s just typically me to think that way. Yes, I do realize that is not good and because of that, I need to change myself to be more optimistic, may be little or might be more. At least by that way, I will not that sad or depressed anymore.

BUT ONE THING, isn’t crying a good thing? Let all the sadness that hidden beneath my heart free rather than keeping everything inside. It is not that I cry all the time. I mean it has been a long time I don’t cry. (The one get spanked by my mom is not considered here. That serves me right! Haha….) Well, at least, I have found a good reason for me to cry that night.

By the way, it has been one week semester break has started and I am going to be home soon. I already really to let it go and start to accept whatever that happens. I myself merely cannot control it. I cannot manipulate destiny. It is up to me how to deal with it.

:Don’t always question why.

:Just keep holding on and will never be wrong.

:There is always pain in life but joy is there too.


:Let love leads the way…

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