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Sunday, June 8, 2008

My High School

All of the sudden, I just miss my school friends so much. I may not have the chance to meet all of them after this. This post is specially made as to immortalize them in my memory no matter what happens. FRIENDS FOREVER... :-)


Top: Aw Yong Ghie Hshien, Azfar Shazwan, Connie Tiong, Cornelius, Damia, Edgar, Ellydia, Fazila, Freddrix, Fiona, Hon Lian Hung
Center: Hii Shi Ling, Jacky Lee, Jane Phung, Joanne Tan, Kam Kui Lin, Leong Yee Shan, Lucas, Margaret, Molly Kueh, Pau Jion Sean, Patrissa
Bottom: Premma (aka "Lau Po"), Rebecca, Samuel, Shirleen, me, Susye, Tan Siew Ching, Tang Hui Yun, Ting Kai Loong, Victoria, Wong Pik Sien

Madam Bannun, our form teacher

Our dear dedicated Additional Mathematics teacher, Madam Tay Siew Kheng

We all in this together!!

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