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Monday, June 16, 2008

Everything On A Rise

Now, everything is on the rise. Car petrol, groceries, transport fee…..

Somehow all these stuff are directly proportional to one another. If one ups, others follow correspondingly. As citizens, all we can do is only to sigh.

I am not expert enough to criticize but I wonder why the government needs to raise the prices of everything? Can anyone make a clear explanation to me? Almost everything in my mama’s kitchen now costs double than it used to be. What a gigantic shock. A typical rice that we used to buy last time WAS RM27 but now has become RM47!!! How rational is that?

ONE THING, how about the salary?? When they are going to double or triple them to stabilize with the increment of others?? We need to reach a dynamic equilibrium here. Come on!!

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fazlee said...

err, hi? first tyme opening a blog, so a bit awkward... BTW,. about the price hike, well, i too was questioning the rationality of these astronomical hikes, but then i jus open my mind n think positively. At least, people will now consider learning to save money n be more conscious about their spending. As u can see, hard as it may seems, life in malaysia is considered a heaven compared to myanmar or iraq right now, so b grateful. For me, the real question now is is malaysia going to be a DIVIDED AND CRIPPLED NATION in the near future? I'm getting worried n ultimate sick of all these political drama n the fact that the opposition is gaining the upper hand in controlling the nation. Man, i can only hope that we will stay an independent country. Sigh, that's quite a lot. Nway, thnks Stewart for inviting me to ur blog, Happy holidays! ^^