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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hometown Food - Hunger for it!

Not that I like to eat a lot but I do enjoy eating food. Nothing can stop me from eating what I want. (Unless I am broke, and that will be different story) Secret Recipe, Big Apple, all those shops, I will never miss the chance to stop by and have a break. (Usually “tapau” and go to avoid service charge. I know it’s not much but still MONEY! Anyway, thanks Chriss for telling me this.)

Nevertheless, wherever I go, I will always crave for hometown meals. Nothing tastes better than home-cooked meals. (Should I put exception for this one?)

"asi chelup" or Black Rice

Hot Plate Kueh Teow
"one question: Is Char Kueh Teow the same as Fried Kueh Teow"
(Hint: Char means fried in Mandarin)

Laksa Sarawak
"The best Laksa that I ever had.
Am I being sarcastic here? May be. :p"

Teh C Peng Special
"My favourite drink whenever having eat-out. Never find it in Ipoh so far. Haiz..."

"What makes this so special since barley is everywhere?
Well, I do it myself!"

Pearl Milk Tea
(but I always ask for chocolate one)
"Ipoh may have such drink but never see one."

There is one more actually:
Mi rangkai as in Iban
Gan Mian as in Mandarin

I heard they do have here in Peninsular but not original at all and much more expensive.

Caution: Some of the food may not be halal.

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