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Wednesday, July 9, 2008


The picture shown above is TITANIC: DELUXE COLLECTOR’S EDITION DVD that I have mentioned before. It costs me RM79.90, my own money. Well, if you love something so much, I guess you won’t really care how much money you spend as long as you get it in the end. (or it’s just me doing that? Whatever…) Plus with the VCD, in total I have spent nearly RM100 due to my obsession. That’s only a small amount if compared to all those Hollywood stars who spend millions for collecting all those cars, shoes, outfits, diamonds, bla! bla! bla!

Anyway, as I said, it was a long journey to get the DVD. After I saw the advertisement on the internet, I went to town for a look out. They didn’t have it, I guess until today, they still don’t have it. What can I say, Bintulu town will always be Bintulu town.

When I was going to Miri for Robotics Competition (I was form 4) in the month of July, all the participants were given time to shop around first before the big day. We went to Boulevard Hypermarket. I managed to spot the DVD in SPEEDY. I was so excited at that time but something brought me down. The price. I didn’t bring enough money. Kinda disappointed. At some point, feel wanna cry. :-(

Toward the end of the year, lucky for me, my family went to Miri for doing all those shopping spree as we used to do. The first thing in my mind is the DVD when we reached Boulevard. I browsed through the rack and THANK GOD! It’s still there! What do you think happening next? No need to tell more!

JULY – DECEMBER (6 months – my patience paid off!)

The DVD seems to be completing my obsession at that time. It has all the things that I crave for. Behind Scenes Mode, Music Video, Deleted Scenes, Videomatics,…… I have the chance to see how they make the movie. Just for your information, if the deleted scenes were included in the final version of TITANIC, it would have 45 minutes longer.
Wish to know more? Get ONE!

(this is not included in the DVD)
Do you know?
Matthew McConaughey is among the candidates for the character Jack Dawson. Obviously, he didn’t get it. Somehow, I cannot imagine him kissing Kate Winslet and all those scenes in the movie. He has good body but I think Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet really made up the most ideal couples that I have seen.

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