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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Friendship Circle

Have you tried the latest product by Google, none other than Google+? It is very, very similar to Facebook, isn't it? Just that it cannot support third-party applications, I think. So, for those who's on Facebook for "The Weather Report" or "MouseHunt", I guess Google+ might be not for you. Lol, just kidding.

Google+ Homepage

Personally, I like the "Circles" where you can group your contacts into. Circle, personally to me, it means unity. There is no finite edge in a circle. Metaphorically, friendship circle means friendship knows no boundaries, and hopefully, there is no ending. Oh well, that is my point of view though.

Circle of Friendship

Reminiscing my midsem break, I have lots of fun when I went down to KL. Departed on 6th July, in which we nearly missed our ETS, we made our first stop at Midvalley. Went Manhattan Fish Market to have dinner with Chua, Hon and Molly. Boy, it has been such a long time I didn't have my meal there. There is none being opened in Ipoh. *wanted to go Delicious Alexis, actually*

Flames Seafood platter!

For the next 2 days, Wai Choong was my tour guide to explore around KL. The trios (me, him and Yen Hua) visited KL Bird Park as our first agenda on 7th July. Always saw the ad in Travel 3Sixty magazine on AirAsia flight for the past 3 years but never really have the chance to visit it. It's claimed to be the world's largest free-flight walk-in aviary. We were welcomed by I-don't-know-the-name birds which fly around us. There are so many species of birds that I never saw before. Get to see newly-hatched chicks (real chicks) in the incubators. Overall, it was an eye-opening visit. "Ok la~"

The birds were busy having their breakfast.

Entrance of the bird park

Next we moved on to Royal Selangor Pewter Factory. Frankly, I never pay attention to its outlets wherever I saw them around KL. It changed after the visit. I am still in awe to know that some of these items are actually hand-made! Carefully crafted by senior employees whom I really respect their diligence and persistence in making every fine piece of work.

Pewter miniature hornbill

The gigantic mug outside the factory

Cendol and Rojak at Melawati for our high tea before our next destination!

Last stop of the day was Batu Caves. My first-time visiting the place, climbing 272 stairs to reach the top and have a look at the sacred place of Hinduism.

Step 1...

...Step 272

inside Batu Caves

The world tallest statue of Murugan, a Hindu deity


It was a really "birdy" day, have to say.

Wai Choong's parents brought us out to supper. Get to try the popular local hawker stalls, eating naan. Rested ourselves at his place for one night.

8th July: Wai Choong and his dad brought us to go for hiking at the hill nearby. Due to time constraint, we didn't reach the peak but get to see the pond which happened to be water catchment area (kawasan tadahan hujan).

Nature dam!

Having Yong Tao Foo for lunch (Ampang's famous local cuisine), we spent our evening at Pavilion.

Lingering around until 3pm for our movie, Transformers in 3D!

Not really a fan of Transformers, I find it is a little draggy and the flow is rather sinusoidal. Lol. I guess it takes more than just special effect to impress me but don't get me wrong, I do like the effect. Only if it comes with a better storyline (perhaps better script and acting), I could have loved it a little more.

Last shot at the main entrance

The day ended when I went back to Subang later at night to prepare for my last day of the trip.

9th July, I went to Sunway Pyramid to hang out with another friend of mine, who will be leaving to US soon for student exchange program. Having lunch at Sushi Zanmai, karaoke-ing at Redbox and dinnering at Italiannies. Shopping for clothes but my stylist-friend says not much of the shirts suit me. T.T

Sushi Zanmai is currently my favourite sushi outlet!

Spaghetti & Meatballs at Italiannies! *nyum nyum*

Sze Mei, Shian Ee and me

*clubbing session was canceled. Damn frustrated*

That's the end of my midsem break. It was short but enjoyable.

Get to watch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 last Friday. I am not much a reader myself so I don't really know how the story ends, actually. Personally, I like this better than Transformer's finale. It goes very well till the end and spells casted by the characters are damn creatively epic. I wonder who could write it any better than JK Rowling. It's a must watch and I don't mind re-watch. I'm suck in doing movie review. -.-

10 years since the first installment of Harry Potter and now it all ends. Time flies.

Week 9 commences tomorrow. Another 2 months before leaving for internship. Going to cherish the remaining time to the maximum before parting. Before the time when I am unable to stay, unwilling to leave~

"I invest my utmost trust and sincerity in our friendship,
hoping you will understand me a little,

but not hurting my feeling."


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