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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Zero Point Five

Half way through my very first May semester in UTP. 4-day midsem break has now come to an end. Even 2-month holidays could just pass by within the blink of an eye, not to mention this petty short break. Nevertheless, the academic-free days were fully utilised to the max as I went down to KL to meet my brother and hang out with my buddies. Enjoyed it very much.

7 weeks of lectures, 9 days of study days and 11 days of exam season, 2 weeks of holidays before leaving for internship. No placement at the moment but I am pretty positive I am getting one back in my hometown, it's only matter of time to get the confirmation. Applying for overseas internship placement as well, I can do nothing but waiting for the news. Be it any kind of news, I just want to receive it. Don't really hope to get one due to the tight competitiveness but what's matter to me is that I am deserved to be considered in getting one.

Reading the news about Bersih Rally which was held yesterday. It is overwhelming to think that I was only 30minutes away from the riot in the heart of KL. The intention of asking for a fair and clean election is a good cause but I am not sure about the rally. Malaysia is a so-called democratic country but to think again, will democracy really work for Malaysia? Just a thought, though. Government rely on people and it is not other way round. People have the right to fight for themselves, wishing there are better ways. Still, I admire the 1Malaysia spirit among the protesters. Despite of the teary gas and water shooting by the police, it's touching to know the protesters of different races were actually united and helping one another to fight for the cause.

Embracing the spirit of 1Malaysia, I am now pumped up for the next half of the semester. =)

Location: KL Bird Park

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