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Friday, July 22, 2011

Will You Stay?

“A true friend never walks away
A true will always stay
A true friend looks out for you”
— A True Friend by Ashley Montgomery

Just now my friend asked me to list down five friends that I think I am closed to, in 10 seconds. He said that there's a theory that I can see myself in these friends. I always believe that when you are closed to someone, somehow or rather, you will assimilate his or her personality, without losing yourself, hoping to keep the friendship longer.

1. I totally understand what kind of life he is going through because I have gone through it myself.
2. I am trying to be open as he does, to tolerate with everyone around me.
3. I wish I can have more fun, like him, to be more positive about life.
4. Only if I can be like him, overlooking all the mistakes in others and still treat them well.
5. I treat my friends seriously, just like how she treats hers.

These are the friends whom I can share everything with because they understand me.
No matter how things change, just promise me that you will stay although we won't get to see one another every day. :)


The schedules are getting hectic now. Done with week 9 and now we have another 5 weeks before lecture weeks end. These deadlines are really grueling, a typical norm when it enters the second half of the semester. Talking about industrial training, I have already a placement back in my hometown, at Malaysia Liquefied Natural Gas (MLNG). My dad even suggested that he will bring me along, following his shift, working inside the plant. Been there once, it's damn huge inside. A good exposure since I am interested to major in process plant engineering.

I am not sure if I want to continue to wait for overseas placement though. I mean, most of the positions offered are doing research. I don't want to waste my 7-month of internship on something isn't going to be useful in my future career. Have to admit that one of the main reasons that I am applying for it is to have the chance to step out of Malaysia, for once, to explore the outside world while doing work at the same time. But the jobs offered are not the ones that I want. Boy, am I picky?

Decision is very hard to make. Only if it is as easy as tossing a coin. Both choices have their pros and cons. It's the matter of which outweighs which. Despite of the dilemma, deep down I know what I want. When the time comes, it will manifest itself.

Have a good weekend! :)

Oooh, before I end, due to the busy-ness of life that I am having now. I signed up to Tumblr. This site will be a platform for my brief daily update, since I won't have much time to do writings unless I am free enough as I am now. This blogspot remains for my lengthy thought and My Thought. My World is used when I am too lazy to type. :P

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