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Monday, August 15, 2011

Let's Be Honest

How often that you have been honest in your life? Seriously? I am speaking in terms when you have the feeling of resentment towards someone, or something, do you express it directly or choose to hide it? More often than not, we tend to keep everything and suppress it within ourselves, despite of the fact you dislike (or detest) it. So-called want to "jaga hati orang". =)

Well, I do have friends who sometimes speak their minds without being filtered and usually, the words will give you the silent "ouch" moment. These people are being critical and generally pretty firm with their own stands and like to pick up an argument when we are of the different frequencies. Sometimes I just choose to ignore and move on with my own point of views. Lol, I know it sounds like an act of a coward who is so afraid to fight back but hey, I am kind enough to let you win, am I not? Not to mention that it will be a complete waste of time if there is no one is willing to give in. I choose to be the one. Anyhow, everyone has their own personal perspective in certain things and you don't expect everyone to have the same mind like you do.

Talking about people at UTP, to be honest, I have come across few people that sometimes I don't really like. Be it among the committees of events or in the circle of friends. There are just people seem to be not "ngam" with you. As the chinese saying goes, "yuan jia lu zai", you keep bumping into these people quite frequent (more frequent than bump into people that you like. Just saying! XD) and have that awkward moment. Fortunately, the period only lasted for a short while and you can tolerate. The worst part is; we will all continue "gossiping" after that. Lol. What if he/she would have stayed longer, what would you do? Will you just "chao" with some excuses or continue to entertain? If next time you come into another accidental meeting, "oh man, the annoying guy again", your mind whispers but not your mouth. Honestly, it happens to me. =/

But seriously, if some people say such thing to you, how will you react? I mean, they are just being honest, no? As much as I don't like people lying to me, I will also be a bit offended by those who are being a little too honest. There is a wide range of vocabulary, you can choose the nice words and yet, you choose the one that hurt people's feeling. Come across a quote saying that "telling the truth and hurting people's feeling are two different things" is indeed very true. We can always be true to one another as I believe, hiding the truth doesn't permit the need of telling lies.

But being honest to a person that is not worth to be true to? Oh well, we just tolerate then. Real friends can handle the truth. =)

"There are things not meant to be changed.
Instead, they change us."

Final round of tests and assignments for the remaining 2 weeks! Have good news to share (some of you already know) but I need to wait for it to be really confirmed first then I will let you all know. Hope it doesn't give me false promise.


To end this post, I have this video to share with you all. Enjoy! xD