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Friday, August 5, 2011


"everytime I breathe I take you in
and my heart beats again
baby I can't help it
you keep me
drowning in your love..."
-Drowning by Backstreet Boys

Really drowning right now with all these assignments. They ain't those small assignments; 30, 40, 50-paged report to be done. One due next Wednesday, another on next next Friday and the final one will be the last day of the semester. These exclude the mini assignments, tests and quizzes. *and yet I am so free typing this post right now* But this isn't the post that I want to rant about my busy life. Rather, I use this channel to escape from those commitments for a while.

I hate it when it comes to sleeping time because I can't just fall asleep directly like some people do. It takes so much time for me before drowning into my dreams. I just tend to think and ponder about the days that I have been living through: The choices that I have made. The people that I have interacted with. Have I hurt anyone? What I have said? I have to admit: I am an over-thinker. I guess I shouldn't be so mindful of what I or others have done. Sometimes I just want to let go but it is not easy. It's irony to know that deepest scar is not caused by your worst enemy but is by the one who you thought were your dearest friend. Just saying. :)

*switching subject* Parting is a part of life, no matter among family and friends. No one can stay forever, not just due to the fact they are not immortal. Something will surely pull them away from you. I start to believe that parting is necessary, as it will make you to learn to appreciate one another better and enhance their presences within yourself, even though they are not physically with you. People just tend to grow apart and when they are apart. But not when you carry them in your hearts, and hoping that they will do the same thing, too.

This is so random. Happy weekend!

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