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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Friendship Day

It is first Sunday of August. Not many people actually aware the existence of this "Day". Other than second Sunday of May and third Sunday of June, this day is one of the days that I am looking forward as well. :)

Friendship has its ups and downs. It is just the nature of it. Sometimes it just remains down when no one is willing to give in. I would always wonder why my friends are having conflict and unable to reconcile. When I was in the same shoes, just realised, it wasn't that easy to get out of it. When self ego consumes yourself too much, refusal to compromise, thing won't revert back to when it used to be. Been there, done that.

I guess I am pretty sentimental. I don't know how many times I have involved myself in problems (as if I want to, lol) and despite of the resentment that I have in these friends, over time, reminiscing the memories that we have, slowly, I forgive all their wrongdoings and move on as usual. The period of recovery may differ and we may not be able to relive moment as much as we used to have, I still regard them as my friends. On the other note, this makes me to learn to tolerate better, overlook their mistakes, hoping to keep the friendship. =)

Cease to believe that friends should spend lots of time together to be close. I believe that regardless of the boundaries, time and distance, friends who are being true to another are sufficient in becoming real close friends. No one can be a perfect friend but the least we can do is being a true one. :)

*Remaining 40 days* Looking forward for more great moments for great memories!

Friends Forever! =)

"I know I'll see you again I'm sure
No, it is not selfish to ask for more
One more night, one more day
One more smile on your face
But they can't never have yesterday..."
-Yesterday by Leona Lewis


SengYee said...

haha...i saw my picture..XD

Steward Baba said...

haha.. of coz la.. the bowling gang ma. ^^

love forever said...

it was a really nice reading your blog. i like the your style of writing:)

Steward Baba said...

thnx for visiting!