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Galloping Horse @ Soft Opening - 31st January 2014

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Autumn is back!

3rd October seems to be one of the dates that is hard to be forgotten. How should I? Doing those progress and internship reports and seeing this particular date appeared on very front page keeps on reminding me the first day when I started my internship in Mercedes AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team (it was Mercedes GP PETRONAS Formula One Team back then). Remembered the first day we were first greeted by Ross Brawn while waiting in the reception (in which we have no idea who he was at that point!), meeting our fellow supervisors and not to forget our big sister, Emily Landon. Never been surrounded by so many English people in my life. Lol.

Welcoming dinner with managers and chief operating officer

When we first reached England, the autumn was just about to start. Throughout my internship, I get to experience nearly all seasons. Summer, I have it since I was born here in Malaysia. For the first three months, we traveled every weekends using the pool cars that were given to us.

How often you get to drive Mercedes cars? Hehe. I miss our cars. :(

Why am I reminiscing all these moments? Just want to pen it down before the memories diminish off my mind. More to come!
Embracing the arrival of autumn!

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