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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Blatant Emotion

Finally, fever of 13th Malaysian General Election is over, or is it not? Days and nights, my Facebook feed was and is still occupied with this issue. Well, it only happened once every five years. Prior to 5th May, my Facebook friends were so outspoken about which party they were supporting. It was very prominent that majority of the virtual world community were up for "Ubah". On the other hand, I can count the number of previous government supporters using only fingers. Up to that point, it was apparent that the opposition would actually win this time in becoming the federal government, or so I thought. When the result was announced after midnight yesterday, my Facebook was becoming a mourning site which didn't happen since Steve Jobs died in October 2011. Everyone started to change to their profile picture into black to join the mourning for the so-called death of Malaysian democracy as they claimed the government won via dirty tactics. Accusations were all over the place. Today the feed continues with both positive and negative perceptions of the result. I have been reading lots of feedbacks from all sides, from the statuses, notes, photos that were shared by my friends. Frankly speaking, these have given me views on this issue from more than one perspective.

I am rather neutral in my stand because I may second the idea of changing the government but it does not mean that I detest another party. Reading the immature comments on social network websites, it is such an unfortunate and sad phenomenon to witness that supporters of different parties were bashing one another. This was where people started to share whatever information to bring down the opponent party, convincing the others to change their minds. The share button on Facebook was abused blatantly. There was one incident yesterday where people started to accuse one Malaysian as a foreigner just because he was of dark skin by chinese name. (this was heavily due to the rumor of foreigners were being imported into the country. I used the word rumour because I cannot be 100% sure it is true) When it turned out to be otherwise, apology posts followed. People should realise that by spreading unverified information is just the same as giving proofless accusations. It is like someone accused you for stealing but you persistently denying it but the news already widely spread before you are proven innocent. No matter what you do, you wish to take them back, damage is already done. Imagine how that individual felt for being heavily falsely accused? Conclusion: Read more to know more even from the sources that you hate to get verification and more perspectives.

Following the announcement of the result last night saying the previous government retains for next term, virtual riot occurred. The word "magic" kept on appearing on my Facebook news feed. There were even "memes" of our Prime Minister being a magician. Bad news definitely spreads faster than good news. Most were preaching and claiming the death of Malaysian democracy. Some even claimed shame to be Malaysians, non-stop ranting about how unfair and dirty the election was. They started calling their names. What an ugly side to observe there. I thought you were fighting for better government but how about your attitude and maturity in handling the whole thing? They were so emotionally driven when they post those statements and their friends were going along by liking those statuses. You cried for "ubah" but what kind of "ubah" when you can't even watch your own words. You claimed the politicians were being dirty but you were verbally dirty. There is a saying, "an apple does not fall far from a tree". I seconded an article that I read mentioning, if you want to "ubah" the government, you should "ubah" yourself first. If you wish to vent, get better channels without offending anybody because for some posts, I was really offended, near to provocation but I managed to tone it down. Knowing they were too emotional because we are Malaysians, it is our nature to "cepat melatah". And we wonder why "freedom of speech" is pretty much restricted in this country. 

I vented this much because I was just rather taken aback by the behaviours of the voters. I never said that the party was right all the way but it didn't give me the power to accuse and calling them names. I believe there are more mature ways to rectify the situation. There is no need to add oil into the fire. Just stay calm and be more rational. Isn't that the reason why you can only vote at the age of 21 but such acts don't reflect your maturity. 

The only thing that I can firmly say against our dear Prime Minister for his remarks using the word "Chinese Tsunami" in defence of their loss in certain states. After all the allegations he is facing at the moment and he still has the guts to give such controversial statement after winning the election, when the opposition supporters who were still literally raging about his so-called dirty victory. I am not sure whether is that plain stupid but I really, really hope the politicians should stop unnecessary stir among the citizens. Be wise with choice of words. And so do you!

I have done my vent and deep down I hope everyone will stay cool and do the right thing the right way, with dignity.

Let's pray for another 5 peaceful years of Malaysia. We shall begin with small steps for big changes.

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