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Friday, April 19, 2013

You Jump, I Jump

On the night of 14th April, 1912, somewhere in Atlantic Ocean, a ship hit an iceberg and foundered two and a half hours later. The shipwreck was discovered in the year 1985 and later, it inspired the production of one of the highest grossing films of all time in 1997. It is none other than Titanic. It's been 101 years since the tragedy but it continues to captivate the hearts of many by its stories. Okay, my heart at least. *imagine My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion is playing in the background*

Fascinated by the historic event, I can only wish the fictional love between Jack and Rose can be realised in real life. I mean, can you really find true love within a week? Jack and Rose first met at the stern on the night Rose attempted to commit suicide. Following day, both of them shared their stories to each other and later at night, they have dinner with other first-class passengers before Jack brought her to the real party at the steerage. They were "flying" on the next evening, the last day Titanic ever saw daylight. Rose was supposed to be on the lifeboat but she ran back to Jack, a scene that always brought me to tears. Jack and Rose tried their hardest to stay until the last moment before the ship finally went to the bottom. If my calculation was right, up to the point that Jack died, their relationship only lasted for three days. Regardless, Rose was ready to give it all to Jack.

If you are the movie enthusiast, you will notice in the last shot of the movie depicted photos of Rose during her younger days where she did all the things that Jack told her when he was still alive, getting married and having kids. She might have move on but Jack has become a part of her that she couldn't let go, even after eighty-four years.

True love and loyalty in relationship are usually only real in movies. Director has the liberty to plot the stories at his/her whims and fancies. In real life, we are the writers of our own stories but there is a twist, there are inevitable uninvited co-directors give you their so-called directions. If you are persistent, you can have it your way (Just like Burger King, lol). Otherwise, you are bounded to live up to what others think is right.

I never been in real relationship so I don't exactly fit in those lovers' shoes. I couldn't figure what could cause couples to break up despite they have been together for more than years. I thought they should understand each other better to accept their differences and all. Naive thought of mine, may be. Nonetheless, I can't help to feel envious of the joys and sorrows they get to share with each other.

Photo taken in Titanic Belfast, Northern Ireland

I guess I have been alone for too long. Wishing to live the love story of Jack and Rose. =)

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