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Saturday, September 26, 2009

From Past until Now

It is now 7th day of Raya. Within the blink of an eye, it has been one week ever since the festive season begins last Sunday. How fast the fasting month was ended how soon it is month of Syawal passing by. Mid-semester break or holiday is nearly reaching its end, too.

Despite of all the pending works that have to be done during this time, I hardly touch them to be frankly speaking. I am just lazy. Break really means break to me. Well, at least I get one of my assignments done. Supposedly I have to do research online. I spend more time in Facebook instead. Temptation of Facebook is real strong and unavoidable, unfortunately. Oh well, after sorting all my tasks, somehow I just realize that there is not much for me to do. Furthermore, datelines are not so near for me to complete them promptly either. So, why not I enjoy the remaining free days before heading back to hectic schedule, soon, perhaps?

Most of my dad’s colleague back to their kampong this year, so there was not much Raya visit. How sad, I didn’t even get any duit raya! Anyhow, I did have the chance to visit my former classmates’ houses for the occasion. They are Azfar and Fazila, whom I didn’t get to see for nearly 2 years ever since SPM ended. This celebration truly brings everyone together and makes us stays connected. =)

Me, Azfar, Premma, Fazila (all of us were classmates)

So, only two houses this year. Hmm, at least I get to eat. Haha.

I really have to thank Facebook again and again because finally, I get to trace back my old primary school friends back in Kedah after being separated for almost 9 years. One by one, I get to reunite with those whom I was close with way back then. Miss them a lot, although I always was bullied, those have been sweet memories of mine. Really hope to see them again one day. All of them still remember me despite some of them didn’t know me well enough. Because, I was being special. Special as in I was the only Iban friend they ever had there, way back then. In UTP, no one finds any Iban (or any other races from minority group) friends so. We are just a bunch of minority and no one really remembers.

4A, 2000

3A, 1999
A small yet significant part of my childhood's memory.

As you can see, I changed my header again. Yeah, I know. There is no much different compared to previous one just that I replaced some pictures. The people in the photos are those who I treasure as dearly as they play a big part in my life. Life can be as unpredictable as in the one who are close to us right now, may not be so in the future. Sometimes, it may happen in no time, with no sign at all. The least we can do is to immortalize these memories in the photos. Other than that, it is beyond our control.

Somehow I find it is quite hard to really mix with my Uni friends. Perhaps we are not close enough or what so ever. I just can't get crazy with them as I used to be with my former classmates. Guess it is just a matter of time, to find someone you are really comfortable with. Well, this is for my case, not necessarily yours though. :)

*I will always try to hold on, no matter what. =)

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