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Friday, September 4, 2009


Finally, it is time for some updates. Oh, time flies, and now it is the month of September. We are left with one-third of 2009 and it will come to an end. Two weeks to go will be mid-semester break together with Raya holidays. Few days after, here comes October. Things just keep time passing by very fast, huh?

It has been a busy week ever since Independence Day. My little Reader Digest Diary was so packed with stuff: assignments, quizzes, tutorials, tests, reports and the list go on. Everyone is facing similar situation. As usual, on-call status, two impromptu meetings have to attend in which I was just informed moment ago this week. Can’t really plan my time fully, I would say because things will just pop up in no time. I wonder what comes next.

If to include the H1N1 break, this is the 7th week of lecture. Half of second semester has gone, left with another half before it ends. It seems like I keep on saying things are going to an end. Well, just accept it because those are the truth.

Nothing much to say, really. Will update more later. Stay tuned.

*Always enjoy the conversation with you. Wish to have more time for this. ^.^
(quote from someone: it is always nice to chat with someone special rather than with anyone else)
**Gosh, I fall in love with Lady Gaga’s songs. Her songs are really good! Currently addicted to “Lovegame” and “Eh Eh (I Have Nothing To Say)”.

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